Beef and Potato Kebabs


Hiiiii. Are you guys feeling this heat?! Abuja is hottttttt right now, is it the same in other parts of Nigeria? Everyday, I dread leaving the house-it’s as though the sun is trying to prove a point. The car ac is really struggling to keep up, and this fuel scarcity isn’t helping matters at all. Haba! Continue reading

Pork and Plantains…A Play on Gizdodo


One thing that always points out a good dish is the number of adaptations that are made from the recipe. Gizdodo is one of such recipes for me. The stuff is sooo good that, even when I don’t feel like eating gizzards, I can adapt the spices and the overall dish to fit in pork (in this instance), or goat, fish, and even revamp the whole dish to include yams and goat (stay tuned, that recipe is the bomb! Listed in my top 3 now, for sure). Continue reading

Smothered Catfish


Whenever I see the word ‘smothered’ in a recipe, I tend to visualize oodles of lovely, gooey melted cheese on top of whatever protein, vegetable or fruit in the recipe. This is different. The catfish here is smothered by veggies. Continue reading

Yummy Beans In Onion Sauce


This recipe is my mother’s recipe, almost verbatim. I have made something similar to this before, with kidney beans and tomatoes. You can find that recipe here. This one, however, doesn’t use tomatoes or kidney beans. I love this version-the beans are so soft, almost buttery. As I delve deeper into cookery, I’m finding that one of the easiest ways to add flavour to a sauce or stew is onions-LOTS. OF. ONIONS. Continue reading

Orisirisi Sauce a.k.a What To Make When You’ve Bought Too Many Vegetables


Have I told you about Nasiru yet? He’s the guy I buy vegetables from. This is one Hausa dude who can market his wares! I can never leave Nasiru’s stall without buying too many vegetables. The only time Nasiru has sold exactly what I need to me is when HACE goes to buy them, or I send my help. If I go to buy carrots only, be rest assured I’m leaving with cabbages, onions, parsley, potatoes, caulifower…Imagine that!!! Whenever he sees me, a smiles breaks out on his face, and I just know he’s thinking “my mugu don land”, and, even though I know he’s thinking that, I still ALWAYS fall the mugu sha! Continue reading

Vegetable Sauce…For Everything!


Happy New Year guys! I wish you the best 2015 has to offer. Now that the food splurge of the holidays is over, I know some of us are researching weight loss methods. HAHAHA! I know, because I’m number 1. Why does this keep happening? How do I manage to pack on 10 kilos during the holidays? I just don’t understand it (yeah, right!). Anyway, in my quest to lose the holiday weight, I have resolved to count calories.

The problem for me is this-How do I reduce my portion size without having to eat my hand in hunger? Solution? EAT.MORE.VEGETABLES.

That brings me to this recipe. I have another recipe for Vegetable Sauce, but I feel this one is more substantial, ie you can eat this as a meal, and be stuffed. I think it’s the ukpaka (sliced oil bean), but I can’t be sure, so, please don’t quote me. Continue reading

Another Yam Porridge Recipe


I bow my head in shame…I cannot even face you guys…Mea culpa…no excuses…I don’t know why I haven’t updated this blog in a very long while…please just eat this porridge and forgive me.

How are you guys? Seriously, I missed you, but I also didn’t really feel motivated to blog. During my hiatus, I still cooked (duh!), I just didn’t feel like taking pictures and blogging about the food. New Year (almost), new resolutions. One of my resolutions is to constantly update the blog. Continue reading