10 Simple Tricks To Lose Weight Fast: The Secrets, Revealed!

While a lot are interested in losing weight, sadly, only a few people are able to achieve the reality of their dreams. More often than not, they end up giving up to temptations, and hence, failing. It may not be easy, but with commitment, it will be possible for you to achieve your target weight.

If you have tried a lot but none seemed to have worked, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share the secrets. We will discuss 10 simple tricks to lose weight fast. By keeping these things in mind, you will be one step closer towards being healthier and fitter.​

Prepare Your Own Meals

Many of us are living busy lifestyles. With this, we often tend to eat in fast food restaurants. Yes, these meals may be convenient, but do you know exactly what goes into your food? For sure, they are full of preservatives and short in terms of nutritional value.

Meal prepping should be part of your daily tasks. Get your meals ready ahead of time, probably over the weekend. There are many recipes available online. Look for those that make use of healthy ingredients. Also, proper handling and storage are necessary to prevent spoilage.

Find A Buddy

Almost everything, when done on your own, can be lonely. This is true even in the case of working out. Being alone in the gym or having no one to share your progress with can be boring and can easily derail you in your goal.

Also, it is best to exercise with your buddy. For instance, you can try Zumba and other dance exercises, which will surely be a lot of fun. Your fitness buddy should also provide you with constructive criticism.

Embrace Technology

We are living in an era wherein technology has overtaken a lot of aspects of our lives, including health and fitness. It made it easier for us to keep track of our goal and to stick with the weight that we wish to achieve.

There are many online applications and video tutorials that are available. You can use certain apps to count calories you took for the day, as well as those you have burned. This makes it easy to monitor your progress, letting you know if there is a need to exert more effort.

Drink Green Tea

For many years, green tea has earned a reputation as a miracle drink because of the many benefits that it can deliver. It is rich in antioxidants, which is basically the one that is responsible for preventing cellular damage that can be caused by free radicals.

If you want to lose weight, drinking green tea can prove to be a good idea. This is going to help in the improvement of your metabolism, which enhances the ability of the body to burn calories. In one research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it has been reported that green tea burns as must as 60 calories in a day.

Iron Intake Is Essential

Diet is one of the critical components of any weight loss regimen. In fact, it constitutes a bigger part of the equation than exercise. You need to be more intelligent about your food choices. Be sure to have the nutrients that you need while consuming foods in moderation.

Among others, your diet should include foods that are rich in iron. It provides the oxygen that is needed by your cells, and hence, being instrumental in the improvement of your metabolism. Some of the best sources of iron include soy nuts and lean red meat.

Take A Photo

This is one thing that you should do once you start committing to a change in lifestyle for the purpose of losing weight. Preferably, ask someone who will take a full body photo. From this, you will notice how unflattering your body is and you will also know the specific areas you are targeting.

Every time you feel like losing hope, look at the photo. Think about what you want. For sure, you will be inspired. This photo can provide you with motivation. If you are seeing no progress from the photo to your current state, this is an obvious sign that you should exert more effort.

Let Go Of Liquid Calories

It is also important to note that calories are not only obtained from your food, but you can also get them from your drink. Many of the drinks that you are used to are filled with sugar, which will be bad for weight loss.

Some of the beverages that have high liquid calories include beer, wine, canned juices, soda, and energy drinks. For the best outcomes, it would be best to stick to water. Adding lemon wedges is a good idea if you are looking for more flavor.

Below is a short video that tackles more about liquid calories:​

Have Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation does not only deliver negative impacts in energy and concentration, but they also have an effect on your weight. Specifically, it affects the hormones that make you feel full. If you stay awake for a longer time, the higher is the likelihood that you will have unhealthy cravings.

Through enough sleep, you will achieve better hormone balance. In turn, this will have an impact on the ability of the body to store and burn fat.

Watch Less TV

This is another simple trick that can deliver effective results. When you are watching TV, you tend to munch on salty chips or drink loads of beer, especially during sports programs. It encourages an unhealthy lifestyle.

Rather than being seated in front of the TV most of the time, it is best to keep moving. Clean the house. Dance. Walk. Bike. Or just do anything that will do away with the sedentary lifestyle. The more active you are, the better your ability to burn fats is.

Eat Slowly

Do not eat like you are always in a hurry. Food will not break down and will be harder to digest. In the same way, there is also a tendency for you to end up eating more than what your body needs.

By chewing slowly, you are giving your mouth the ability to absorb the flavor. It makes you full quicker. Also, to eat slowly, it will also be good to put down your spoon and fork right after every bite.


With the 10 simple tricks to lose weight fast that we have mentioned above, we hope that we have provided you with valuable insights. As proven by these tips, even through small changes in your lifestyle, you can achieve massive results in no time.

Is there any other trick that you want to share? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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