4 Reasons Why Sandwiches are Some of the Best Meals Ever

One of the best things about the modern times is that different cuisines are now very easily accessible in various parts of the world. In the US alone, you can easily take a trip around the world through foreign cuisines in just a day in most cities. You can have French for breakfast, Indian for lunch, Korean for some snacks, and maybe some Peruvian for dinner.

However, for most Americans, sandwiches continue to be the top choice for lunch. There’s just something about these food items that make them perfect for folks of all ages – from school children to working adults and even seniors.

Why? Let’s look more closely at this classic lunchtime staple.

They’re very easy to make

One of the most defining things about sandwiches is the fact that they’re very easy to make. You only really need some bread, a spread, veggies, and some filling ingredients and you’re good to go. You can whip up one in seconds if you already have the necessary ingredients on hand.

The fact that most sandwiches don’t require cooking further proves this claim to be true. Even those who can’t be trusted to fire up the stove can make great tasting sandwiches in a jiffy. With these said, there’s a very good chance that almost everyone is capable of making a sandwich.

However, it should be noted that not all sandwiches have to be very simple as well. In fact, there are some very complex ones that offer a whole new take at such food items. Usually referred to as gourmet and artisanal sandwiches, these options serve tasty dishes in good bread so they definitely take the basic sandwich concept up a few notches.

They’re easy to eat wherever you may be

Since they are served in bread, sandwiches can be eaten with just one hand and without your full concentration. This makes them very easy to eat since all you really have to do is to bring the food to your mouth and bite into it. They don’t require utensils and portioning to get the best bite.

And because sandwiches are very handy, it’s also easy to eat them anywhere you may be. You can definitely chow down on one while reading something on your desk or table. You can enjoy one while you’re outside sitting in a picnic blanket or while dining al fresco at your favorite eatery. You can certainly eat one while walking a few blocks or while sitting at the back of a cab to your next destination.

If you choose a sandwich that isn’t oozing with sauces and meat juices, you can conveniently eat it anywhere. If you choose that’s juicy and flavorful, you might have a harder time eating it but it shouldn’t be as difficult as eating something that requires the use of a fork.

There are lots of choices available

With how commonplace sandwiches are, some people tend to dismiss the fact that these food items come in a very wide range of options. There are so many different ways to make a sandwich that you can go on for a very long time without having to eat the same sandwich twice.

For example, Jimmy John’s alone has 23 menu options while Subway has about 20, depending on the location and not counting the customizations that you can make. Quiznos have 21, Jersey Mike’s 26, and Schlotzky’s 18 among many many others. While many of these places offer similar sandwiches, they can still be counted as different options since they don’t really share the same ingredients.

These examples don’t even include chef-made and gourmet sandwiches yet. Since those options are more creative and adventurous when it comes to pairing breads, meats, and vegetables, they also offer way more options.

They’re filling

It’s going to be very hard to argue against the fact that sandwiches are quite filling. With the bread alone, you can quickly feel full after finishing it all. Combined with other ingredients, you’ll surely find yourself satisfied from your convenient meal.

The fun thing with sandwiches is that how they fill you up can greatly vary. Since sandwiches are very easy to customize you can also easily switch up the ingredients to make them more satisfying for you.

For example, swapping out regular white bread to whole grain or sourdough breads will make your sandwich a lot more filling. Putting in protein-packed ingredients will also make it heavier in terms of consumption that you don’t have to worry about feeling hungry after one sandwich.


Don’t worry too much if you’re a big fan of sandwiches but still want to consider yourself to be someone who is adventurous with food. These food items may not seem like it but they can be quite bold and unique, depending on how they are prepared. They’re definitely not boring, so don’t be shy about your adoration for sandwiches.

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