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5 All-Natural Cleaning Hacks for a Sparkling, Chemical-Free Kitchen

When you think about going organic and chemical-free, the kitchen is among the places you want to start with. While this may come easy with groceries and other foodstuffs, cleaning can be a bit challenging. But does it have to be that tasking?

Actually, when you know the right ingredients, you can have your kitchen sparkling with readily available kitchen cleaning remedies. Ready to get a grip on a few of these tips? Read on!

All-Natural Kitchen Cleaning Hacks?

Yes, and they will clean your kitchen and its components and help disinfect the kitchen. What could bring a sigh than a properly disinfected kitchen? After all, this subsequently leads to your health. Anyway, let’s cut the chase and get into the main business;

  1. Warm to Hot Water

Usually, whenever we see a stained cooker top, working area, or even sink top, we rush to think of strong scrubbing and cleaning detergents. But did you know that hot or warm water (of course, depending on the surface) could loosen the sticky food materials?

You only need to pour some water onto the dirty surface, then wait for about 2-5 minutes. The sticky material loosens, even if it is oily, and you can easily clean it off. Even better, you may find that the stain leaves the surface so clean you won’t realize it was a challenge before.

You can use this tip for sticky microwave and grill surfaces as well, and the result will surprise you.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda makes a great chemical-free scouring and disinfecting agent. Sometimes you have surfaces and utensils discolored by hard water. Other times you find that the sink has a stench, especially after draining a lot of cleaning water. Other times you want a chemical-free method to clean kitchen rugs and towels.

In all these situations, baking soda comes in handy with impressive results. You mix some amounts with dishwashing soap for utensil cleaning. If you are washing the kitchen rags and towels, you can sprinkle baking soda into the cleaning water. Sprinkle it in the kitchen sink to scrub and disinfect the sink. Additionally, you can also book a stress free cleaning service to make them shine again.

  1. Vinegar

There’s nothing as disappointing as a greasy kitchen, especially after a large house event. The grill, oven, kitchen countertops, and cooktops are all screaming for you to do something.

You don’t have to rush to harsh chemicals that will end up destroying your chemical-free routine. Just mix white vinegar with water, 50/50 for more delicate and porous surfaces.

Then, use a towel rinsed from the mixture to take care of the grease. Other than cleaning, vinegar will eliminate the odor.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is most effective when you want to disinfect a surface. You only need to squeeze it on the surface you want to disinfect, such as chopping boards, for satisfactory results.

  1. Olive or Vegetable Oil

The two have amazing results in cleaning polished surfaces, such as wood and plastic. For instance, if you just made a baking flour dough and are having difficulty getting rid of the sticky dough, apply some oil. The oil will easily loosen the dough remainders, easing your cleaning task.

Parting Shot

Ready for all-natural cleaning hacks for a sparkling chemical-free kitchen? With the above five tips, you now have a start.

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