5 Essentials To Follow While Using Kitchen Knives

The presence of knives in the kitchen makes it way too easy to do your duty as a cook. Cutting fruits, meat, and vegetables is fun to do when you have sharp knives in your kitchen. But you have to ensure that you are taking care of the knives in your kitchen.

If you are not careful, your knife can end up hurting you or the people around you. Your knives should be sharp but also be handled properly for increased safety. In this article, we will share with you the five actionable tips that can help you use your knives properly – keep reading!

1.      The Basics

Working with a knife in a kitchen requires special attention. Keep in mind that you are the supervillain of some movies when working with your knife. It’s your job to ensure that you have your collection of kitchen knives.

Don’t use someone else’s knife in the kitchen. Have your name engraved on your knives, so it’s easier to identify your knife from the others. Stay focused while using your knife and put it back right away when you don’t need it anymore. Make sure that you buy your knives from trusted stores like imarku chef’s online store.

2.      Proper Sharpening

Sharpening your kitchen knives is important from time to time. Continuous usage makes a knife dull and makes it impossible to use it. And if your knife is not sharpened properly, it might hurt you in one way or the other.

It’s your job to ensure that all your knives are sharp and you have no difficulty at all working with them. You can either sharpen all your knives yourself or can send your knives to knife sharpening services. It’s better that you trust professionals instead of sharpening your knives yourself.

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3.      Cleaning Is Important

Maintaining proper cleanliness is your duty as a chef. If you are not cleaning your tools and don’t get rid of the food items you no longer need, your kitchen will turn into a haven for diseases in no time.

Many chefs around the world don’t understand the importance of cleaning their knives. Instead of following in the footsteps of careless chefs, you have to ensure that you clean all your knives regularly. Spare some time at the end of the day to clean all items like your kitchen knives so you can use them the next day.

4.      The Safety Procedures

Using a knife is not free of any dangers. The sharp blades of knives can easily produce serious injuries. If you are not careful about using your knives in the kitchen, you or your colleagues might end up in the hospital.

You have to ensure that you follow all the safety guidelines while using your knives. Don’t use force if a knife is not sharp. Don’t pass on your knife to someone else in the kitchen without wrapping it with a cloth. Keep the blade down when you are passing your knife to other chefs.

5.      Secure Storage

After you are done using your knives, the next thing you have to do is storing them safely. Proper storage will help you ensure nobody gets hurt accidentally by a knife. The best way of storing knives is by putting them in the personal drawers of a chef.

Keeping a knife stored in a secure place ensures that the blades are safe. Make sure that the place where you store your knives is clean and free from any pests. Wash the clothes in which you wrap your knives regularly, so there’s no chance of bacterial growth.

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