5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling    

The kitchen is often considered the heart of your home, so feeling like you want to spruce the space can feel natural if things are a bit outdated. Of course, a full remodel with all-new-everything would be fabulous, but on average a total kitchen remodel costs upwards of $12,000-to-$50,000. If you don’t have that kind of coin to spend, look no further for our top five ways to update your kitchen without remodeling.

Doing inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen can add value to your property as well! Consider getting a free home appraisal to learn how it can affect your home equity.

1) Fresh Paint

Painting the kitchen walls and cabinets can instantly refresh your space for an inexpensive price tag. Paint is always a go-to when it comes to making a big impact with minimal effort, and it’s often something most homeowners feel they can DIY on their own.

Some tips when selecting your colors:

  • Be sure the wall color you choose (whether you go neutral, or for that perfect gray) compliments the cabinet color selection
  • Look at Pinterest for color combination inspiration
  • Some kitchen paint trends for 2022 include pops of peach, deep blues, and soft greens

Once you’ve selected your shades, it’s important to be sure you have all the necessary tools to get the job done properly. You should invest in a nice paint brush, thick painter’s tape, a paint roller and roller cover, a paint tray, and drop cloths. Having these items will make the process go much smoother! If you’ve never painted before, be sure to watch a few DIY videos online, or ask a more experienced friend for a helping hand.

Honey oak cabinets are a tell-tale sign that the kitchen needs a spruce. Replacing cabinets can often become a domino effect of then needing to replace countertops, sink, and backsplash. Instead of the expensive remodel of replacing, just paint!

White or gray are always popular shades for kitchen cabinets, but it’s also a space you can add a fun, rich tone of color for a wow-factor in your cooking space.

Painting cabinets is a bit trickier than adding a fresh coat to your walls. Some tips before you dive into painting your cabinets are:

  • Wood is the best kind of cabinet for painting
  • Prepping the cabinets is just as important as painting
  • Start by emptying the cabinets, removing hardware doors and drawers (label them so putting the puzzle back together is easier), and giving everything a good clean
  • Use wood filler to perfect any holes or cracks
  • Sand all surfaces with a rotary sander (if cabinets are stained use 220 grit paper, if painted start with a 120 grit paper)
  • Prime all surfaces to ensure you get a smooth, opaque application
  • Spring for quality paint as cabinets get wear-and-tear and you want all your hard work to last
  • Avoid matte or eggshell finishes as they don’t stand the test of time (instead go for semigloss, gloss, or satin)
  • Be sure to do as many coats needed to get an opaque, smooth finish

2) Replace Appliances

Replacing kitchen appliances can be a pricey investment, but it is a great way to upgrade your kitchen without remodeling.

New appliances make the entire space feel new, even if you didn’t swing a hammer to get there. When selecting appliances, choose to have them delivered and professionally installed for minimal effort on your part. Doing it this way will also easily get rid of your outdated counterparts, as often the installation company removes the old appliances for you.

When selecting your new appliances, consider energy efficiency, and options that integrate technology for a truly updated and modern look.

It’s also fun to play with color and design. Shop around and see if anything special catches your eye!

3) Swap Your Faucet & Hardware

An old, dingy kitchen faucet and cabinetry hardware can date a kitchen space quickly. Think of these elements like adding jewelry to your outfit. These are finishing touches to a no remodel kitchen upgrade that everyone should include.

You can learn how to replace your kitchen faucet here! It’s totally a DIY project, but if you don’t feel confident, hire a plumber to get the job done.

When selecting your faucet and cabinet hardware, be sure to get matching metals and a modern design for an upgrade you’ll love for years to come.

Some trends in faucets and hardware include:

  • Opt for a single handle faucet for an elevated look
  • Brushed nickel is always a safe finish to select
  • Matte black is an on-trend finish that will give a real wow-factor to your kitchen
  • Consider oversized drawer pulls for a modern look
  • Gold or copper finish is another trendy look that can make your design pop
  • If you decided to paint your lower and upper cabinets different shades, it can be fun to include different pulls for those areas as well

4) Upgrade Your Kitchen Accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of pretty accessories in your space. Whether you opt for a playful runner on the floor or adding some green plants to the space for a pop of life, kitchen accessories can refresh your space without any remodeling at all.

Consider hanging some fun art on the walls to add some personality, upgrade your everyday items such as a paper towel holder or butter dish, or add some fresh flowers in a darling vase for an uplifted look.

5) Add New Lighting

Lighting is often an underrated part of anyone’s home. Lighting sets a mood and delivers a subtle upgrade you maybe wouldn’t notice until it’s there, which is why this is our final suggestion for fixing up your kitchen without remodeling.

Lighting in the kitchen is also extremely important for practical purposes when cooking and enjoying meals with friends and family.

Upgrading your main fixture can lend impact and an easy DIY spruce to the space. Plus, consider adding recessed lighting under your cabinets to make working at your countertop a dream. This also serves as pretty, ambient lighting for evening hours to set a mood in your refreshed space.

Recessed lighting can be achieved with simple stick-on puck lights with remote operation, LED light bars that are plugged in, or you can splurge for professionally installed options with your electrician.

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