6 Food Delivery Apps You Must Try in 2023

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet night in, or want a house party with your friends, ordering food indoors is always the best option. Moreover, with the prevailing effect of the pandemic, dining outside is not a safer option as well. Hence, to help you with a hungry appetite and sprinkle a mouth-watering thrill on your taste buds, food delivery apps have been generous at your doorstep by availing of all the favorite dishes you love. Whether it’s a classic, vegan, or paleo menu delivery, you’ll have it right away. And the best part is most restaurants are tied up with these apps at great discounts!

While munching on a palatable platter you may count up engraving discounts ordering via these apps such as using Postmates coupons you may not just snap $25 off on your order but can also avail yourself of a 30-day free delivery. In the case of Doordash coupons, you will get 50% cash back on the first two orders! So, do you need any other extravagant deals despite these? So, let’s count six food delivery apps suggested for 2023.

6 Food Delivery Apps You Must Try in 2023

The following are some of the best food delivery apps that you can try out this year:


One of the most efficient food delivery apps, available both on Android and iOS. There is a subscription facility for $9.99 a month wherein you get free delivery for all your orders. With Postmates, not only can you get the dishes of your choice from your favorite restaurants but also can avail of other benefits namely getting deals on grocery or alcoholic beverages from your nearby outlet. The app offers comprehensive facilities with multiple pros along with timely delivery, which makes it a popular choice among many.


The giant delivery outlet, available in over 800 cities across the US, easily connects you to your favorite restaurants in a wink. Its user-friendly app offers quick and efficient delivery. There are numerous restaurants that you can check out, depending on your location. As a better combat against the COVID-19 pandemic, Doordash is also offering a contactless delivery facility wherein you do not have to take your parcel directly from the delivery executive, but they will simply drop it off at your doorstep Doordash also allows the delivery of alcoholic drinks from the available outlets near your location.


UberEats is another largest food delivery app that networks numerous restaurants and offers their menu at your doorstep hence eventually becomes one of the most reliable podiums to pivot and node famous and local restaurants together. You may encounter a flair range of Uber Eats coupons available on the website. The standard delivery values vary according to the distance of the restaurant from your location but you might just chance upon a free delivery coupon!


GrubHub is another food delivery app next to UberEats which also has enticing restaurant networks. It is available in over a thousand cities across the United States of America and offers hassle-free service. One can filter the restaurants that they can avail themselves of by choosing the dish or cuisine of their choice. The ordering process is a matter of only a few clicks on a user-friendly interface. The delivery fees vary from one restaurant to another and depend on the rates that have been set by the particular restaurant.


Much like its name, this food delivery app does provide seamless delivery of your favorite food items to your doorstep. It ensures fast delivery of your orders as well as takeout facilities. There are numerous outlets that charge no delivery fee for ordering via it’s app and even provide discounts and coupons for many purposes. This ensures you can get the best service and food within your budget. The top restaurants and cafes in your local area are also given special discounts on Seamless. It is one of the oldest food delivery apps which ensures the best service and most reliable services for all times.


goPuff is the go-to app for all cravings and food-related requirements. Not only can you order delicious dishes from your favorite restaurants, but also can place an order for alcohol and related beverages from your nearby stores. The shipping cost for delivery through this app is only $2 which is just negligible compared to other services. Moreover, it is widely available in most major cities with a wide variety of restaurants that deliver through it. The app is easy to use and well-customized to suit the needs of all customers as you can search by product brand as well as its name.


Food delivery apps have always been a blessing which has been most astoundingly cherished during this pandemic. These offer a hassle-free and safe delivery of your favorite food items accompanied by maximum hygiene and comfort. From all the listed apps above, you can browse through any of these to find the restaurant or food item of your choice. Almost all of these provide jaw-dropping offers and discount coupons that are stable almost year around which helps you save up for more! So, let’s not crave hunger more, take your phone up, scroll any of these and place the order! Enjoy the hot, smokey, and luxurious meal!

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