6 Types And Benefits Of Gift Baskets 

Holidays or not, gift baskets are always a great idea when looking for something to give to your family, friends, or colleagues. Well-presented gift hampers are perfect even when you don’t fully know the person you’re giving them to. There’s always a kind of gift basket for everyone, which makes it all the more an excellent way to complete your shopping list.  

If you need a unique yet cost-effective gift idea for whatever occasion, look into the different types of gift baskets, and discover just why they’re the right kind of handout to every kind of person in your life. Below you’ll find different types of gift baskets and their benefits, to convince you to start shopping for them soon. 

Food Baskets 

Everybody loves food, and what else can you give that doesn’t involve sizing, patterns, or consideration of gender? Indeed, anyone would appreciate receiving a basket full of delectable goodies that’ll surely satisfy any sensitive tongue. 

If you’re from Australia, take a look at Purely Gourmet to have an idea of what kinds of foods to include in your food baskets. Anything is possible, really, especially if you’re to put in a great deal of creativity and spontaneity in every food basket you create. 

To give you an idea, some of the food options you can include or put in your food baskets are: 

  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Cookies and tea 
  • Spices 
  • Homemade biscuits and loaves of bread 
  • Different types of spreads 

If you know the person well enough, you can come up with a personalized food basket that includes all their favorite assortment of foods. The benefit of this type of gift hamper is that everything you put in there will indeed be enjoyed up to the last piece. The person who’ll receive it will surely appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness you’ve invested in coming up with a unique and delicious gift idea for them. 

Beverage Baskets 

Suppose you don’t fancy a food basket for any reason. You can always go the other way and choose a beverage basket instead. If your family is a coffee lover, you can put assorted coffee beans in there. For non-coffee lovers, there’s the option for hot chocolate, cocoa, and tea. Include a coffee mug, filter coffee bags, teacups, and saucers in your gift hampers to make it even more spontaneous. 

The good thing about a beverage basket is you have different options depending on what the person prefers. If they’re vegan, you can buy vegan and gluten-free types of cocoa drinks for them. There are also organic ground coffee for people who are going the organic lifestyle.  

Young woman holding new year fruit gift basket isolated on white background

Flower Baskets 

Who says flowers can only come in bouquets and vases? Today, you can send a flower basket, and have your special someone feel more loved and remembered than they already are. Fresh blooms will always be a timeless and beautiful way of professing your love and appreciation for the people in your life. Give them a flower basket filled with different kinds and colors of flowers to brighten up their day. 

Flowers are also a great way to express sympathy and emotions. If you have a friend or family member who lost someone in their life, sending them a basket of flowers will make them feel you’re there for them even when you’re miles apart from each other. The benefit of flower baskets is you can always find a way to send one through online delivery services even if you’re in a different country or continent. 

Wine Baskets 

There’s always a friend or family member who loves wine to the fullest. It’s easier to gift them something when you know what they’ll love to receive. In this case, a wine basket couldn’t be more perfect. Wine is also a symbol of congratulatory emotions and celebration, so it’s a great gift idea if you want to send your best wishes and congratulations to people in your life. 

To make the experience edgier and more delightful, you can elevate the indulgence by including additional items and accessories that any wine lover would appreciate. For example, you can add assorted cheeses like feta or cottage cheese, nuts, crackers, and cured meat. They’d love to have an instant cheese and wine charcuterie with your gift, and as they toast the night away, they’ll have you to thank for such a great night. 

Corporate Gift Baskets 

Gift baskets aren’t only exclusive to friends and family. You can also opt for this gifting idea if you’re a business owner who wants to show appreciation to your employees, clients, and colleagues. A corporate gift basket is more than ideal to deliver the right amount of gratefulness and well wishes that you want to send to everyone in your corporate circle. 

Aside from food and beverages, you can include gift certificates and cash cards in your corporate gift basket. It’s a unique yet professional way to remember your employees and clients. They’ll surely be looking forward to every event and special occasion where you’ll most likely send them another personalized gift basket.

Wellness Baskets 

Another gift basket idea is to send perfectly curated wellness products that anyone can indulge in. This type of gift basket is perfect for people who love spending on bath and wellness accessories such as scented candles, fragrant body wash and soaps, bath salts, and diffusers. Imagine the delight on their faces upon seeing a bundle of happiness delivered to their doorsteps. 

If you want to make it more customized and unique, you can add a loungewear robe, luxurious velvet pillows, and plush blankets to ensure they’ll have the best relaxation and indulgence. The advantage of giving a wellness basket to family and friends is that they can always reuse what’s inside and remember you each time they shower or light up one of the scented candles you have them. 

A Gift To Remember 

Without a doubt, gift baskets are the kind of presents that would make an impact on anyone who’ll receive them. You can customize each basket depending on who you plan on giving them to. You can also send hampers to anyone regardless of their location. The baskets are curated, well-presented, and reusable and would definitely remind them of how thoughtful you are in every occasion and event. 

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