7 Best Coffee Maker for Kitchen: What You Need to Know

You must have heard about Starbucks, I mean who hasn’t. They are most popular for selling coffee and sells over four billion coffee each year. In reality, many of coffee lovers can’t afford to buy coffee from Starbucks each day.

So, most of the people make their own coffee at home. If you want to make your very own coffee at home, then you should definitely look into coffee maker for kitchen.

There are plenty of coffee makers on the market now and picking your favorite can be a hectic job. Every type of coffee maker will give a different texture regarding taste and smell. That’s why to help you out; I’ll be sharing insights on different types of coffee makers and let you make a choice.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Different Types of Coffee Maker for Kitchen


This is one of the oldest and popular coffee makers from the 19th Century. At early times, it was mostly used in the USA, but now you’ll be able to find it everywhere.

Percolator coffee makers focus more on the safety and brew coffee in a convenient way. This coffee maker can make coffee from four to 12 cups at a time. At most times you’ll see aluminum as the build, but makers with stainless steel and copper are also available.

For it to work, you would have to fill one section with water and another with ground coffee. Some manual maker would need a heating source, but there are inbuilt heating devices attached too. For those to work, you would have just to plug it in and start the machine.

Moka Pot

It’s one of the coolest ways to make stove top expresso coffees at home. As you already guessed this one is a manual coffee maker. This kind of coffee maker is mostly used in Italy. Moka pot mergers percolator coffee with the unique taste of espresso.

You will see three chambers in this pot – one for water, one for grounded coffee and another for the finished product. Once you get it on the stove, the water in the lowest bottom part starts to boil and travels through the coffee in the middle to the upper chamber.

With this, you’ll get a rich aromatic brew of coffee within a minute or so.

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French Press

Maybe you have a really short time to make coffee but you also a super strong one. In that case, the French Press could definitely help you out. This press was first introduced in 1958 back in France. The technique to brew the coffee is widely popular, and it’s one of the best portable coffee makers on the market.

To brew a coffee in this one, you’d need to pour hot water in it along with the coarsely grounded coffee beans. Then you would have to stir the mixture and marinate it for about three to five minutes. After that, you’d have to stab the plunger affixed to filter out any residues.

You could find a small amount of residue remaining in the coffee, but the strong aromatic flavor will surely amaze you.

Vacuum Coffee Maker

Judging by the name you might have already guessed that it uses a vacuum to make the coffee. This one requires a bit of patience, so you might have to consider the time to use this type of coffee maker. However, the result will surely amaze you in every way.

The maker has three basic parts. In the bottom chamber you’d have to pour the water, and in the top chamber, you’d have to hold the coffee. The tight seal creates a vacuum inside the maker. Once you start to heat it up, the water will create steam and then travel in the upper chamber and get mixed with the coffee. But once the lower chamber cools off the vacuum pushes the coffee through the filter in the lower chamber.

Your cup of coffee will be ready to serve.

Drip Coffee Maker

If you love drinking filter coffee than you should surely check out this type of coffee maker. This is a really simple to handle and make yourself a cup of coffee. It first originated from Germany back in 1954. Another fun fact about this technique is that many coffee lovers in the USA use this maker to make coffee.

The maker happens to have two different types of filters. There’s a metal filter which is permanent, and you’d have to clean it up after making the coffee. Another one is the paper filter. You would have to change it every time you make coffee.

In the automatic drip coffee maker, the water will pour directly on the coffee grinds. But ion the manual one you would have to pour the coffee yourself.

Espresso Coffee Maker

Modern-day espresso coffee maker might seem a bit intimidating, but if you like faster output, then you should definitely look into this type of coffee maker. Many people from Italy and the US love to use an espresso coffee maker to make coffee regularly.

Mainly this type of coffee maker comes with three different settings – Automatic, Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic. In semi-automatic, you’ll get a pressure method, and in an automatic, you’ll get the pump method. But in fully automatic you’ll be able to utilize both of these methods.

This machine will force really warm water to go through the coffee and then filter it out for you.

Thermal Coffee Maker

The mechanism behind a thermal coffee maker is really easy and similar to typical coffee makers. But in this case, instead of going into a cup or regular glass carafe, it goes into a thermal carafe. This makes sure that your coffee stays hot even after a long time.

So, if you have the money to spare you should always go for a thermal coffee maker instead of a typical one.


It’s a debate between whereas automatic coffee makers are better than manual ones. In one, you won’t have to do anything but only press a button. But in another, you’ll have to control the process making it tweakable to your style. If you are just only looking for a cup of coffee in the morning then going for the automatic ones would be your best choice.

But if you are a bit more involved in the art of making coffee, then manual ones should be your pick.

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