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​Currently, I am building my content so if you are a writer or an expert who has specialized knowledge even just a lover with unique experiences about ​cooking, please send me an email via this address ​dungtran.fruitfulkitchen@gmail.com with the following information:

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How to be my partner:

Your article has to meet my following requirements:

  • ​The article is carefully proofread.
  • ​Sentences should be short and simple but make sure they are unique and informative.
  • ​The length of the article is about 1000 words
  • ​The maximum length of the title is 60 characters.
  • ​The article must have meta description (about 160 characters).
  • ​It suits with one of my categories.
  • ​The article is formatted well from bold, italic, underline to sub-headings.
  • ​I just accept high-quality images (850 x 442 Pixels) with the following attributes: title, description, alt, and caption.
  • ​Please don't include gambling or sex links.
  • ​I charge $20 a guest post