In Knead of New Equipment? 6 Must-Own Appliances for the Beginner Baker

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has illuminated the joys of baking. Whether you are still at home or venturing out into the world, baking can provide much-needed stress release and creative output. From sourdough starter to a loaf of classic banana bread, baking has never had more attention. Becoming an expert baker takes time — but more importantly — it takes the right tools to get the job done. From a speedy food processor to a reliable oven, the tools of the trade are waiting for you to snag them and get baking. 


When baking the double-chocolate chip cookies your heart desires, your kitchen may become overrun with appliances. Especially when considering large machines like ovens and sinks, it may be best to bundle your devices to accomplish multiple goals in one. An oven is central to any baker’s experience, but a microwave is also essential for quick butter softening or chocolate melting. While you may think your kitchen can only accommodate one, consider a microwave oven combo that can offer the best of both worlds. With the additional microwave and counter space that a microwave oven combo can offer, you’ll be whipping up mouth-wateringly delicious baked goods (sans kitchen clutter) in no time. 

Stand mixer

A stand mixer offers the ultimate ease when starting your baking hobby, from smoothing rich buttercream to whipping perfect meringue. A stand mixer can combine ingredients in a hands-free, efficient manner. Once you begin throwing together recipes on a day-to-day basis, you will be thanking your lucky stars that you do not have to hold a hand mixture for hours or — even worse — whisk everything by hand. 

Food processor 

Food processors — often more so associated with creating savory dishes like pesto or salsa — are the unsung heroes of baking. As an alternative to hand-chopping, this electric, bladed machine can mince and cut in ways that a blender can’t and your hands would rather not. Whether you’re dicing dried fruit or combining a quick shortcrust dough, a food processor will make your life in the kitchen significantly easier. 


While ovens are usually the go-to for baking, a stovetop is essential in creating show-stopping sweet treats. A nice, evenly heated cooktop is fantastic for browning butter, melting marshmallows, and making your world-famous ganache. 

Waffle maker

Though your love of waffles may depend on other breakfast food loyalties, this sweet dish is a fan-favorite. Likely to please weekend guests and the pickiest of kids, a shining electric waffle maker is a must-have for your baking quarters. 


Every great bake starts with properly measured ingredients. The various additions of wet and dry ingredients can bamboozle even the most advanced eye-ballers in the kitchen. A scale ensures precision in a way that measuring cups can’t. Though adapting to using the metric system may take time, this tool is sure to make your baking better in the long run. 

Before you go 

Most experts recommend that if you are someone that is just starting to bake, you should not risk the same for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Given the extra pressure of performing, that too in a defined time period, there might be different things that can go wrong. A good idea would be to order from online cake shops until you feel confident enough in your new craft. This will ensure that any untoward incidents are avoided during bigger events. 

Whether you’ve been interested in baking for a while or just sparking interest in kitchen creation, try out a microwave oven combo or invest in that great waffle maker. No matter your baking prestige, setting yourself up for success with the right appliances will make you a confectionary icon in no time.  

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