Bean There, Bean Better

The making of a great day will usually depend on the making of a good cup of joe. In fact, people gave so much effort in having coffee to the next level that the coffee maker was created. Good job stating the obvious, right?

Coffee is the binding unit on whether a person will guarantee his full percentage of I actually give a damn on everything and everyone because his mood is magically boosted by the aroma of the bitter tasting agent, because for all you know the bitter, the better. The better, the happier. Who wouldn’t want to see somebody actually gave a care for once on something, right? Boom! Coffee, that’s why.

What do people know about coffee? It’s not just your one-way ticket to becoming an overnight zombie. Get the idea? Pros and cons.

How many ml in a shot

Health Benefits

With the regular intake of coffee, the average man gives no actual care on why they drink coffee besides that it’s a habit, it tastes good or it makes them feel alive. What they don’t know are its health benefits, that goes for ground or bean coffee. Instant coffee out of your coffee maker or the popularly known 3-in-1’s have hold different stories.

The bitter treat gives good reasons on why the intake. Coffee lowers risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and depression. It helps you lose weight, burns fat faster and improves physical performance, et. al.

Coffee drinkers gain a boost in energy. Once coffee gets in your system it triggers the most lovable substance in the world, caffeine. Such substance then travels in your bloodstream and it reaches your brain. There it gets to work and block inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain which then leads to a stimulant effect that leads to a boost in body performance, boosts energy and makes you smarter.

Drugged out of bed

The popular reason on why coffee is a hit on the masses is because of the fact that it keeps people awake. During work, school and other activities, the dose of caffeine is a joy. But how does it keep you awake? Caffeine increases the amount of fluid your body expels as it is both a central nervous stimulant and a diuretic.

The psychoactive drug is the most widely taken substance. Caffeine affects people differently and does not hold a constant effect on everyone, one cup might get one person going immediately while the other need more.

After ingesting caffeine, you might feel its effect in 15 minutes. The temporary boost in your body reaches climax around an hour and can stay within your system for four to six hours. One cup of joe may have gotten you from reaching your couch to get a power nap for two hours but when the effects vanish you might need two more cups to get you going as constantly consuming builds up tolerance in your body.

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Does too much caffeine exist?

Die hard coffee lovers would never approve of such. There are existing adverse effects of coffee and without the proper knowledge and care given to its intake it will then lead to such negative effects.

Caffeine is considered as the most popularly psychoactive world drug and it is not surprisingly, legal. With that given its production will never cease (who want coffee gone anyway?). There are more positive effects compared to the latter but then again, too much of everything is bad. Drinking more than six cups a day can cause anxiety and agitation and other similar effects.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach places more acid to the stomach and the consistent acid production in your stomach will damage it as well as your digestive tract.

With enough intake of coffee will trigger heartburn, the feeling where your chest is being grabbed by a fiery sensation that you only hope that will disappear.

It may be a world truth that the existing substance is a happy pill for millions around the world, being able to handle such drug responsibly is the road to a happier bean there, done that situation, so in the end you can say, bean better.

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Gregory Tumlin is the Editor of A Great Coffee. He is a Coffee enthusiast and love to share what he knows about this field. He is also a husband and father to two young boys as well as a master’s student.

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