How To Choose The Best Burr Grinder For French Press

Though automatic coffee machines have flooded the market, nothing beats the authentic, strong, full-bodied flavor of a coffee made in a French press. It may take more effort and time, but true coffee lovers always turn to a French press for their coffees because it produces the strongest flavor.

But a French press can only make good coffee when you use quality coffee beans, ground to perfection. For that, you need a good burr grinder. Buying a good burr grinder depends on a number of things. We have listed these things below, along with a guide to help you choose the best burr grinder for French press.

Why Use A French Press?

French press is probably one of the oldest techniques of making coffee. Though the modern day French press was patented in the 1920s, the concept of making coffee by letting it steep in water for a while isn’t a new one. French press method is popular because it helps you produce stronger, more well-rounded coffee than any other method.

You also get to experiment with many blends and get just the right flavor and strength for your coffee. Plus your coffee can be any temperature you want. Since the French press method asks for boiling water, you can even get really hot coffee. Another advantage of using a French press is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a machine, as a French press is basically a big glass container with a plunger inside it.​

As compared to automatic drip brews, the French press gives you rich, heavy coffee. The filters used in automatic machines don’t just stop the coffee grains but also absorbs essential oils from the brew that give it its rich taste. It steeps and saturates the coffee beans to the point of dilution. This is why the taste of machine made coffee is weaker.

How A French Press Works​

French press is very simple to use. You just have to follow a couple of simple steps to get your coffee ready. Now, getting just the right flavor takes a little bit of practice, since the coffee changes its flavor within seconds. You need the practice to learn how long you have to keep the coffee grounds steeped in water to get your desired flavor and strength.

​Essentially, a French press requires you to:

  • Ground the coffee beans to the desired texture and size. For French press, you generally need coarser coffee
  • Boil water. Different French press jugs have different sizes. So boil enough water to fill your container
  • Once the water is boiled take a little bit of that water and transfer it to the French press. Push the plunger down into the water and then pull it back up. Discard this water. This step acts like a pre-heating ritual.
  • Next place the ground beans at the bottom of the French press and put in just enough water to soak them. Set your timer to 30 sec.
  • After 30 sec, use a spoon to mix the coffee in the water and add the remaining water.
  • Wait for four minutes before pushing the plunger down slowly.
  • This is where the practice part comes in. You can pour the coffee immediately after the plunger step or you can wait for some time. Just remember that the coffee will keep turning bitter with time

Check out this method in action here.

Things To Consider When Buying A Burr Grinder For French Press

As we mentioned before, burr grinder for French press needs to be of high quality and you can’t just pick up any old burr grinder for the job. Consider the following things before buying a burr grinder:

  • Consistent Performance
  • Noise
  • Static
  • Maintenance
  • Price

The most important consideration for any burr grinder is that it provides consistent results. You need a burr grinder that is able to grind coffee beans into a coarse blend. Many burr grinders end up grinding coffee to a powder, but for the best tasting French press coffee, you need coarse grounds. If your burr grinder can’t be trusted to do that every time, then the taste and texture of your coffee will suffer.

Top 5 Burr Grinders For French Press

French press is one of the most famous methods of making delicious coffee. It helps you create strong, luxurious coffee that retains its authentic taste. Unlike coffee machines, a French press gives you the freedom to mix your own blend of coffee and choose the strength as well. But a French press only works well if you use well ground coffee beans. We have put together a list of burr grinders that will help you get the best ground coffee.

1. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder


KRUPS is a famous name in the coffee world; they have their own range of coffee machines. So, it’s no wonder that they released a coffee grinder as well. The F203 is a powerful burr grinder. It can grind up to 3 oz. of coffee beans and gives you the freedom to choose the texture of your ground beans. You can grind the beans lightly to keep them a little coarse or grind them for a long time to get a fine powder. In any case, you end up with ground coffee beans within minutes.

Using this grinder is really easy. All you have to do is add the coffee beans into the container, seal the top in place, and push the start button. Then you can let the machine run for as long as you want depending upon the size and texture of ground coffee you need.


  • This is a stylish and sleek burr grinder that doesn’t just ground coffee but can be used to grind spices and nuts as well.
  • This grinder can up to 3 oz. of coffee beans within seconds. These can make roughly 12 cups of coffee
  • It has a safety switch which means that the grinder doesn’t work until the lid is in place
  • It’s stain-less steel blades are easy to clean and the grinder comes with a 2 year warranty


  • This burr grinder doesn’t have a coarse control feature. This means that you need to run the grinder a couple of times to get a hang of how long it needs to run before you get your desired coffee consistency
  • There is no automatic shut-off button. This means you have to stand there and wait for the coffee beans to ground before you shut the machine off yourself

2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


The DBM-8 is an amazing burr grinder because it makes the process of grinding coffee beans practically hands-free. Since it is automatic, you can just select the size and texture of the ground coffee and the amount you want, and let the machine do the rest.

This programmed coffee grinder is also of good quality and at a reasonable price point. Once the ground beans are done the machine shuts off automatically and your coffee is ready to be transferred to the French press.


  • The machine has 18 different sizes and texture options for coffee grounds so you don’t have to worry about manually stopping the machine ones your desired grind is achieved
  • It also lets you choose the amount of coffee you want at one time. You can use the slide dial to choose between 4 and 18 cups
  • The machine looks great and offers very good value for the price


  • This coffee grinder is a little noisy and transfers static to the ground coffee. You can easily remedy the static thing, though. Just spray the inside of the grinder with some cooking spray
  • This is a disc grinder, not a conical one, so while it does a great job of grounding beans to powder, it doesn’t do just as great a job with grinding consistent coarse coffee

3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder


If you like having full control over your ground coffee, then this is the right product for you. Manual coffee grinders let you control everything from the texture and size of the ground coffee, to the amount. They are also handy and convenient to use and you can take them with you wherever you go. While this manual coffee grinder is the same as all the rest, we chose this particular brand because of its impeccable customer service.

The JavaPresse manual coffee grinder is made of stain-less steel and it looks as good as it works. It is a hand-held coffee grinder that lets you choose from 18 different click settings to get just the right texture of ground beans.


  • This coffee grinder is really easy to use and clean
  • It makes minimal noise and doesn’t require any batteries or power supply to run
  • Javapresse has excellent customer service and they offer 100% money back guarantee


  • This grinder can only grind beans for 1-2 cups of coffee at one time
  • The grind is a little inconsistent specially for coarser settings
  • There is no clip or nut to hold the handle in place. It doesn’t usually come off but you can’t leave it on once you’re done or it will simply fall off

4. OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


This coffee grinder combines the best of both worlds; it gives you the freedom of manually turning off the machine so you can be sure to get just the right consistency of ground beans. While at the same time, you have the choice of choosing one of its automatic settings to make the process hands-free. The best thing about this grinder is, no matter which setting you use, you get consistent results.

OXO is another famous name in the coffee world and their burr grinder lives up to their name. This conical burr grinder has a lot of capacity and it even calibrates the amount of coffee beans required to get your desired consistency.


  • You can set the consistency of the grind as well as calibrate the machine based on either the number cups you need or the weight of coffee beans you are putting in. You can even use the manual feature to turn off the machine yourself
  • It isn’t noisy and is easy to put together and clean
  • You can replace the coffee bean container on the top of the machine and the scale will simply recalibrate without delay
  • The machine always gives consistent results and is easy on the eyes


  • The machine transfers static to the ground coffee
  • This isn’t a cheap buy

5. Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder


Breville is no stranger to making coffee grinders and it keeps coming out with newer models that boast to be more convenient to use. The BCG800XL is one of the newer burr grinders in the smart grinder category. Smart grinders are automatic burr grinders that can calibrate the amount of coffee beans that need to be ground based on the number of cups of coffee you need. This technology is very convenient because you don’t have to weigh the coffee beans yourself.

This grinder has a whopping 25 grind settings to choose from, and you can go as fine or as coarse as you want. The quality of each grind is another matter, though. While it does a good job of grinding at certain consistencies, it doesn’t do such a great job on others.


  • The dosing IQ feature of this machine makes sure you don’t end up wasting any beans. It also assures that you get consistently ground coffee
  • The LCD screen is a good way to keep an eye on the settings. You can see how many cups you have entered and the grind settings
  • This is easy to assemble, use, and clean.
  • You can use a portafilter or filter basket in place of the hopper to minimize dust


  • This machine requires a lot of maintenance and has to be cleaned after almost every use to make sure no beans get stuck
  • This doesn’t grind really coarse coffee. It only consistently grinds medium coarse coffee
  • This is a really expensive machine

Our Top Pick

A good coffee grinder gives you consistent results every time and is easy to use. It also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can be used for a long time. Our top pick of the best burr grinder machine does all that and more. The OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is a dream to work with; it gives you so much freedom to choose the method you prefer for grinding coffee. It doesn’t matter if you prefer manual or automatic controls because it has them both. It also gives consistent results no matter which method or grind setting you prefer. It is a little expensive, but we think the value you get is worth the price.

What burr grinder do you like to use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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