Best Ceramic Knives: A Guide For A Well-Informed Decision

Like finding out the best carving knives, searching for the best ceramic knives is not a straightforward task. With the abundance of the brands and models available, each claiming to be the best, reaching the right decision are never easy. Some of you might decide on the basis of what is the cheapest, but this is never a wise thing for you to do.

In the rest of this guide, we’ll share some valuable insights, such as why ceramic knives are great and how to choose the best. Most importantly, we will identify five of the best products you might want to consider, as well as the features that make them stand out from the rest.​

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Why Ceramic Knife?

This kind of knife is made from a hard form of ceramic, which is commonly zirconium dioxide. It is harder compared to carbon and stainless steel. Need reasons to be compelled to choose ceramic knife above the other types? Below are some of the benefits that you should know:

  • Incredible Sharpness: Some people might have hesitations when they hear that it is made from ceramic. It may not look like it, but this is a super-sharp knife. Also, it is a good thing that its sharpness stays even after a long time.
  • Purity: This is one advantage over the knives that are made using traditional steel. Because the main material is non-metal, you can expect that the foods will taste pure and they will not be prone to metal ions. This prevents the presence of a metallic taste.
  • Lightweight: Another good thing is that ceramic knives are lightweight. They make the perfect companion for a variety of kitchen tasks, especially if you have to do it for an extended period. It will minimize fatigue.
  • Durable: The rigidity of zirconia is another good reason to choose this knife. It is made using the hardest known material. In fact, it is said that it is already as hard as diamond. This means that you can expect that this knife will withstand the test of time.
  • Hygienic: If you are concerned about your health, you will also love ceramic knives. Another advantage is that it is not contaminated by oils and juices. Unlike other knives, there is a lesser likelihood that you will suffer from cross-contamination.

Below is a short video that tackles more about the benefits of using ceramic knife:

Essential Factors To Consider

In choosing the best ceramic knives, the following are some of the important considerations, which will be instrumental towards making the right choice:

  • Reviews
  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Cover
  • Weight

Ceramic is a material that is lighter compared to steel, but this does not mean that all ceramic knives are lightweight. Choose one that comes with minimal weight, which will make it easier for you to handle the knife.

Types Of Ceramic Knife

The type of ceramic knife that you should choose will depend on the intended use. With this, the following are some of the options that you will have:

  • Chef’s Knife: This is one of the most popular knives in many kitchens. With the use of this knife, you will feel like a professional chef as you can easily accomplish some of the basic tasks, such as slicing, dicing, and chopping.
  • Utility Knife: It is a smaller type of knife that is perfect for more delicate tasks. It has a narrow blade, which can be used for removing excess fat, coring fruits, and trimming vegetables, among others.
  • Paring Knife: One of the smallest knives in the kitchen, do not let its size fool you. It is a steady knife despite its size, which can be used for precise cutting of small fruits and vegetables.
  • Santoku Knife: This is almost similar to the appearance of a chef’s knife, with one major difference being the drop point tip. The latter is a good thing because this means that you can cut with better precision.

Top Picks For The Best Ceramic Knives

In this section, we will identify five of the best products available in the market, as well as some of the features that you might love.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



–   Ergonomic handle

–   Elegant design

–   Blade has exceptional sharpness


–   Does not work well with bones

–   A bit short

  • The black blade of this ceramic knife is one thing that gives it an edge above many others. It is not only stylish, but it is also elegant. It will surely be a great addition to the kitchen because of its aesthetics.
  • One more thing worth highlighting is the fact that it comes with a ceramic blade that has been ground to microscopic precision, making sure that it will stay sharp even through the years. This is a reliable kitchen companion because of the strength that it can demonstrate.
  • Its handle comes with an ergonomic design, which also makes it impressive. It is perfectly balanced and well-weighted leading to a higher level of comfort. This also lessens fatigue, regardless if you have to use the knife for an extended period.
  • Lastly, while you can sharpen it with the knife sharpener produced by the same company, you also have the option to mail it to the manufacturer. In turn, they will be the one to sharpen the knife to restore it to its peak condition.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+   Has exceptional edge retainment

+   Lightweight

+   Satisfaction-guarantee


–   Can be very fragile

–   Hard to sharpen

  • In terms of sharpness, this is one option that will be almost impossible to rival by their stainless steel counterparts. This will make it easy to create masterpieces in the kitchen and stun everyone with your skills.
  • For those who are conscious about their health, this can also be a promising choice. It is BPA-free, which means that it does not contain chemicals that can be possibly toxic for the body. There is also no need to worry about chemical leaking. Best of all, it resists the presence of germs.
  • The manufacturer includes an EdgeLast Diamond Dust Sharpener and a Sharpening Cradle. While such is a good thing, be prepared to exert effort in sharpening as it is definitely not the easiest thing to do.
  • If you are still not convinced, one thing that might change your mind is the satisfaction-guarantee that is offered by the manufacturer. This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can have it returned and they will issue an unconditional refund.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+   Comes with a set

+   Durable construction

+   Ergonomic design


–   Handle can snap

–   Does not stay sharp for long

  • One of the best things about this product is its ability to provide the best value for money. This can be attributed to the fact that despite its affordable price, it is already inclusive of three knives. It has a chef, slicing, and paring knives.
  • The ergonomic design of the handle should also be noted. Even for a long time of holding the knife, it is unlikely that you will complain of discomfort. It is also non-slip. However, you have to be careful when handling it as there are some instances wherein it accidentally broke.
  • More than just functionality, the knives have a distinct style that will add a hint of character in the kitchen. It looks elegant. These are not the type of knives that you will have to hide in a cabinet.
  • Planning to give this as a gift? You might also love how it is inclusive of an elegant magnetic box. This will also be a good way to store the knives in the kitchen.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+   Comes with a set

+   Fun and funky colors

+   Sharp edges


–   Sharpening can be expensive

–   Can be prone to chipping

  • If value for money is what you are looking for, this is one option that should definitely be part of your list. It comes with an economical price tag, yet it is already inclusive of the knives you will need in the kitchen, including paring, fruit, utility, and chef knife.
  • The ultra-sharp edge of the knife is another thing that is worth highlighting. With this, they can deliver superior functionality in a wide array of tasks. This also means that they can survive for several years without the need for sharpening.
  • Although it might seem like a small thing for some people, we also liked how it already comes with four portable covers. The latter will provide protection from external damages, making sure that it will not be easily prone to wear and tear.
  • Like other ceramic knives, it is also hygienic. It will never be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria as it can resist their growth. With this, even for food preparation, you can use these knives with confidence.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+   Comes with a holder block

+   Has stainless steel scissors

+   Comfortable to handle


–   Blades can easily chip

–   Not as sharp as other ceramic knives

  • Similar to the last two products that have been mentioned above, this can also provide the best bang for the buck because it comes as a set. Aside from having four knives, it is also inclusive of a block holder and stainless steel scissors.
  • It has comfort grip handles, which make it ergonomic. Even when holding the knife for a long time, discomfort is unlikely to happen. This also helps to significantly lessen fatigue. The handle also extends below the base, which reduces that possibility that you will press your fingers on the sharp edges of the knife.
  • Lastly, it also has a well-balanced design. Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you will not have a hard time holding the knife while still having the assurance that you are in complete control.


Indeed, the best ceramic knives can deliver an abundance of benefits. They have incredible sharpness and strength. They are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to handle. It is also a good thing that they do not contain metal ions, which does not lead to a metallic taste in food. Given all of its benefits, it is one of those knives that you should have in the kitchen, whether you are a seasoned or casual cook.

If there is one that I can personally recommend, it would be Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife. It has an elegant black blade that is hard to rival. It also comes with an ergonomic handle and a well-balanced design, making it extremely comfortable to use.

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