Buying The Best Coffee Beans For French Press Reviews

Coffee made in a French press is universally considered to have a better, well-rounded taste. This is especially true for people who enjoy really strong coffee. While French press isn’t the quickest or most convenient method to make coffee, it is one that gives you the most freedom to brew your favorite blend.

French press may be the best method to brew coffee, but it can’t give you the right taste if you don’t use the best coffee beans for French press. French press can’t be used with all types and grinds of coffee but needs a specific quality and concentration of coffee beans to give you the best taste. Read on to learn about the best coffee beans for French press.​

Characteristics Of French Press

French press coffee maker, also known as cafetiere, coffee press, and press pot, is basically a jug-like carafe that has a plunger inside it. It is very simple to use, clean, and maintain. All you have to do is adding the coffee and boiling water, pushing the plunger down to bring out the taste from the coffee, and enjoying a delicious, hot cup of your favorite blend. While the method is pretty simple to implement, it does take a little practice to get just the right taste of coffee. Here are some of the factors that affect the taste of your coffee:

Brew Time

Brew time indicates the time you need to keep the coffee immersed in water to bring out its flavor. This is an integral factor in making good coffee because a longer brew time will mean a stronger or bitter tasting coffee, whereas a shorter brew time may not bring out the flavor at all. You can use the standard brewing time for a full bodied coffee if you’ve just started using a French press. With time and practice, you will be able to realize the ideal brewing time for different types of coffee.

Ratio Of Coffee To Water

Another very important factor affecting the flavor of your coffee is the ratio of coffee you add to the water. Of course, this is also something you learn with experience and practice but you can follow the rule of thumb as well. The ratio also changes with your preference; you will add more coffee and less water for a stronger flavor or if you want to make sure that the flavor of your coffee isn’t diluted and vice versa. It also depends on the type of coffee you’re using; for coffee that is stronger is taste, you will need to use a little more water.

Grind Size

Probably the most important factor in brewing a perfect cup of coffee with French press, is the grind size of coffee beans. French press needs coarse grinds to work. If you use powdered coffee or a thinner grind then 

a) You won’t get the right flavor no matter how much you brew the coffee

b) Plunger won’t be able to push the grind down and your entire carafe will be full of floating coffee

c) You will need to use double filters to ensure the coffee residue doesn’t transfer to your cup.

Of course, the best way to ensure you get the perfect grind is to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself by using a suitable grinder. However, there are also some brands out there that produce coffee that is especially made for French press.

Type Of Coffee Beans

French press can be used to make any kind of coffee. We will discuss the different types of coffee beans in the next section but it suffices to say that, as long as you have the right grind, you can brew any type of coffee with a French press. However, every type of coffee will have to be brewed differently, so make sure you understand the nuances of brewing each type of coffee before you buy one.

Types Of Coffee Beans

While the kinds of blends you can brew in a French press are endless, there are basically four different types of coffee beans found in the market. These types are broad generalizations of blends based on the level of caffeine they have in them and the amount of time they are roasted. The market is full of different blends that boast exciting flavors, but all kinds of blends stem from these four basic types of coffee.

  • Dark Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Light Roast
  • Decaffeinated

This type of coffee, as the name suggests, has no caffeine in it. The caffeine is removed from the beans to make it healthier. Though there are many decaf coffee beans sold in the market, make sure to select coffee that has been decaffeinated without the use of chemicals.

5 Best Coffee Beans For French Press

We have reviewed many brands of coffee beans and shortlisted the five best brands for your convenience:

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Café Altura is a well-known brand in the coffee world. Their coffee blends range from dark to light and they also offer a mix of different flavors. Our favorite Café Altura blend is the Sumatran Dark Roast because it is just the right dark roast blend. It makes for a strong, well-rounded cup of coffee. The taste isn’t overbearingly bitter which means you can enjoy this coffee black. This is a 100% Arabica bean coffee that is planted in the company’s private coffee farm, grown with the utmost care. The beans are roasted to perfection to ensure a well-rounded cup of coffee.

What we love about this coffee is that it is grown organically, without the use of any chemicals. This is great because you get to enjoy a cup of Joe that isn’t marred with chemicals. It is also a coffee that goes well with milk and sugar and is equally great to have on its own as well. Also, the price range is really affordable.​

Speaking of organic coffee, it’s not just the use of zero chemicals that’s appealing. Organic coffee also contains tons of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It boosts your immune system while also naturally improving your energy levels. So if you’re likely to make the switch from regular to organic, Shalina Gourmet Coffee ensures you pick the most flavorful hence the most delicious coffee.

Things to consider: This isn’t the strongest dark roast blend out there. The coffee made from these beans isn’t as robust and the aroma is lacking. The milder taste didn’t bother us as much but if you’re a true dark roast fan, you might find this coffee a little lacking.​

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Koffee Kult is known for its strong coffees that boast quite a punch along with a rich, bold taste. This dark roast coffee is great for coffee lovers who like a strong coffee that isn’t bitter. The beans are oily which means they are roasted just before being packaged. The oiliness of the beans also assures that the grind is going to be consistent. These are gourmet coffee beans that are a 100% Arabica and have been sourced from Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra.

What we love about this coffee is that it has a complex flavor profile; it is strong with slightly sweet undertones that counter any bitterness in the coffee. It is a reasonably priced blend that is easy to grind and brew with a French press. When taken black, the coffee doesn’t become overpowering but has just the right amount of punch. Milk and sugar dilute its flavor undertones but still make for a good cup of coffee.

Things to Consider: The Koffee Kult packaging leaves a lot to be desired; it is flimsy and tears easily. It is supposed to be re-sealable but the seal usually breaks and you have to move the coffee to another jar. Also, Koffee Kult claims to be an organic brand but so far they don’t have any certifications to show for it.

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Kaffeine Koffee makes some of the best gourmet coffees in the market. They are famous for producing high quality coffee that tastes exquisite. This medium roast coffee is delicious to say the least. Just opening the package fills the room with rich, soothing coffee fragrance that does the job of pleasing your senses. This 100% Arabica coffee is roasted with care so that the tender flavor notes of the beans remain intact but the acidity goes away. The brand boasts a patented roasting process that is said to remove 80% acidity from the beans.

What we love about this coffee is the taste; it is truly divine. The rich aroma is enough to sate your coffee appetite, so much so that the taste seems to be an added bonus. This is more of a dark/medium roast, which makes for the best kind of coffee. The taste is strong but not bitter, so you get a good wake-me-up call and enjoy the slightly woody undertones as well. This is a very reasonable purchase.

Things to Consider: The packaging isn’t re-sealable which means you have to transfer the coffee beans to another container once the package has been opened. This coffee doesn’t ship internationally.

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Stone Street gives you the opportunity to enjoy high-quality gourmet blends at an affordable price. This light roast blend lives up to the Stone Street reputation for quality by being a blend that has just the right taste. This 100% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee has a fruity and sweet flavor with a nutty undertone. The taste is amazing and the aroma is remarkable. Stone Street boasts to be a Brooklyn based brand that takes very good care to get the highest quality beans and then roasts them lightly to ensure the maximum taste.

What we love about this blend is the amazing taste; the fruity sweet taste is just perfect to balance any sour taste hiding in the coffee. The nutty undertones are a surprise. The coffee also leaves a very pleasing after taste. Another quality that stands out is the very affordable price of this coffee. This really is a premium blend at a low rate.

Things to Consider: While this is a light roast coffee, it doesn’t seem to be as caffeinated as other similar blends. Since most light roast lovers actually prefer their coffees to be really strong, this blend might disappoint on that front.

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If you’re looking for a decaf coffee that tastes as good as the original, then No Fun is the way to go. It is a rich Arabica coffee that has bright citrusy undertones. The medium dark roast on the beans gives the coffee a well-rounded taste. These coffee beans are very easy to grind and brew. Jo coffees source only the best Arabica from around the world and use a careful method to decaf the beans. The brand is certified organic.

What we love about this blend is that it is organic and has been decaffeinated without the use of any chemicals. The coffee tastes great and is especially amazing for everyone who loves a light but full-bodied cup of decaf coffee.

Things to Consider: While this coffee is great for everyone who is a fan of Central American coffee flavors, the Columbian coffee enthusiasts may find this coffee lacking in flavor. It isn’t as strong or bold as Columbian coffee. It also has citrusy undertones that don’t bother us as much but may not be for you if you aren’t a fan of that slightly sour taste in your coffee. Also, the coffee beans aren’t as oily as some other brands, which affect the coffee’s aroma. This also isn’t the most affordable decaf coffee in the market.

Our Top Pick

Choosing a favorite coffee blend for French press is really difficult because there are so many variables to consider. The choice is so dependent on individuality that we had ended up picking a blend that all of us had in our pantries. The winner of the best coffee bean for French press award is the Kaffeine Koffee Specialty Gourmet Coffee Brazilian Medium Roast. We all love this roast because it makes for the perfect cup of pick-me-up coffee in the morning. It is strong enough to put life back into us and has a great flavor at the same time. The aroma is bold and soothing and this is such an affordable purchase. The beans are a dream to grind and brew in a French press.

Have you tried any other coffee blends in your French press? Let us know in the comments below.

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