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Best Copper Pans Reviews – Don’t Buy Until You Read This Guide

Are you interested in refreshing your kitchen? How about improving your cooking? Or maybe, you’re just interested in never having to smell burnt onions, and spending hours washing their charred remains of your pan?

​Then you’re in luck because a copper pan is just the right remedy for your woes! Just read on to see why you should choose a best copper pan, and the copper pans reviews I have done just for you.

Why Copper?

First off, you may be wondering- why exactly copper pans not others like paella pans? There is a number of reasons, which we will list out in the following text. The most important factor is the heat conductivity of copper. Copper is the best heat conductor out there, discounting gold and silver.​

Unless you’re European royalty, I suggest you pass on getting actual silver and gold cookware and stick with copper. Now, you may ask, why is this important? Simple.

​The material actually transfers heat evenly all around and in every part of the pan, allowing you to cook your food evenly. The lack of heat spots (point in your pan that gather the most heat) will help you avoid burning your food or overcooking the center of your steak, while the edges might stay rare.

copper pans reviews

This will also reduce the need to constantly stir your food, as well as eliminating temperature fluctuations while cooking. If you’re OCD like me when it comes to scrambled eggs, you’ll know what I mean. As an added bonus, copper has some small antibacterial properties, a fact which keeps you extra-safe.

How to Choose The Best Copper Pans

The main one is that copper, when used often and at high temperatures, has a tendency to react to your food. This is not as scary as it sounds, as your body needs copper to function.

Unfortunately, if you use it too much, it can leave a little bit of extra copper that you do not need. This problem is magnified when you cook acidic foods, like dishes that need vinegar, or high pH produce like tomatoes.​

The Tin Lining

  • The second type is lined with tin. Tin has proven time and time again as being a fine material. It conducts heat efficiently, is slow to breakdown and even has natural non-stick properties. The fine, thin layer of coat on your copper pan will not influence how the heat is conducted in any way. It may even help.
  • This same layer will save you some grief as far as washing is concerned, and will even improve your health, as the non-stick factor will help you reduce oil and fat consumption.
  • However, I need to point out that you must not use metal utensils, as they can scratch and damage the coating. Also, while it is durable, it does wear out with use (albeit, from 15, and up to, 30 years of use for a regular home).

When Stainless Steel is Added to The Mix

Best Copper Pans

Copper pans lined with stainless steel are also a choice as nice as stainless steel rice cooker. These have been lined with a combination of steel and other assorted metals. They are much more durable than other variants, both in lifespan and scratch-resistance.​

​You don’t have to worry about scratching and damaging it with a fork. While you do have to use oil or fat for cooking, as its not non-stick, the stainless steel is still excellent as it can easily cleaned, by putting it in the dishwasher.

Other Factors to Consider

​A few more factors are weight, thickness, and the handles. The handles should be strong and sturdy, and riveted or even welded to the rest of the pan. Some companies tend to cut corners on things like handles. Best to check before buying.

​Thickness and weight are connected, and, honestly, the more the better. While heavy pans may be a bit more difficult to use, they are much more durable and conduct heat even better, as they also tend to be thicker.

​I should point out that induction stoves can’t be used in conjunction with copper pans, as they don’t interact well with magnets.

How to Properly Use And Take Care of Your Copper Pans

​If you have been using regulars cookware your whole life, then copper will be something you will need to get used to. You need to always keep in mind that copper heats up faster than other materials, which will obviously influence your cooking.

  • Do not expose your pans to more than 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Most are lined with some sort of material and this coating can be damaged. The above-mentioned number is a safe line, as most ovens tend to oscillate and go up or down for about 50 degrees during the cooking process.
  • Don’t scrub your pans if they have caked food on them. It’s best if you let them soak.

I suggest this video in case you need extra advice for cleaning your pans:

Best Copper Pans Reviews

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set

Via: Amazon.com


+ Non-stick

+ Ceramic exterior

+ A whole set


– Not everybody needs a whole set

  • This product offers you a whole set. For its low price, you get a fry basket, roast rack, the pan, a glass lid and a book with a great variety of wonderful recipes. You can use these items as a rice cooker, a roasting pan, a steamer, a stock pot and a baking dish.
  • There are just so many option and so much variety to choose from, I don’t even know where to start. Another factor is that the exterior of the product is made from durable ceramics and it even has a stainless steel induction base.
  • Even the lid is durable, as it can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees. All this will make your life easier and allow the set to be used in any kitchen.

Its surface has a non-stick coating, making cooking and frying easy, simple and fast, while at the same time being perfect for anyone conscious about their health. On the other hand, you can indulge and make your own French fries or whatever fried and fatty foods you want.

Copper Chef 9.5″ Square Fry Pan with Lid

Via: Amazon.com


+ Cerami-Tech non-stick coating

+ Stainless Steel Induction Plate

+ Dishwasher Safe


– Susceptible to scratching

  • This product is just perfect for anyone who loves copper cookware, but hates cleaning the dishes. Just take this set, put it into the dishwasher, and you’re good to go, without any fear of the coating disappearing, or the copper being damaged and corroding.
  • Did I mention that it has non-stick coating? That’s right, you won’t have to use a ton of oil and fat, and worry about how much water the dishwasher will need to clean it up. Your water bill and your arteries will be grateful.
  • The product’s stainless steel induction plate allows for more versatility as well, and may be appropriate for any kitchen. However, keep in mind that the coating may get damaged by metal utensils.

These scratch marks, besides being ugly, can ruin your pans and even let the copper seep into your food. However, if you’re careful, then you won’t need to worry at all.

Anolon 82525 Nouvelle Copper Hard Anodized Nonstick

Via: Amazon.com


+ Stainless steel handles

+ Oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


– Problems with induction

  • Now this product is incredibly durable. It’s oven safe to 500 degrees, which can let you make almost anything you want, without having to worry about damaging the pan. Just put it in the oven, crank up the heat and wait for your delicious meal.
  • Another thing that just adds to the overall durability of the pan are the handles. They are made from very fine stainless steel, wonderfully meshed in with the rest of the product, and, unlike most companies, this one did a thorough job and used high-quality material on every part of its product.

However, some have complained about the pan not being suitable for induction stoves. While it has an induction plate, it does not fare as well when used on regular stoves.

GOTHAM STEEL 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill Pan

Via: Amazon.com


+  High-grade ceramic

+ Dishwasher-safe

+  Good for cooking on stovetop and for grilling


– A bit shallow pan

  • The Gotham steel grill pan is an amazingly versatile product. Do you want to cook some sausages at home? Just put the pan on the stove and enjoy. How about going outside and grilling some burgers? Just bring your Gotham copper pan and enjoy the barbecue.
  • Its durable coating and build allow it to be used anywhere, and the ceramic surface and materials will make it last for a long time. This same durability allows the pan to be safely put into a dishwasher after a long day of grilling.

The pan is ridged, allowing you to make those wonderful grill lines, like a real barbecue, and it’s wide enough to make almost a whole meal in one sitting. It is important to note that the pan can be a bit shallow for certain recipes, but that mostly falls on your own personal preference.

Copper Chef 10″ Round Pan

Via: Amazon.com


+ Riveted Handles

+ Safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

+ Stainless Steel Induction Plate


– Coating tends to wear off

  • This product will help improve your cooking drastically. You won’t have to worry about heat spots ever again, as the copper will equally distribute the heat over all the food you put in this pan. However, what really sets it apart is the durability.
  • First of all, the handle is tightly riveted to the pan, and it will most certainly not move anywhere. You don’t have to worry or have nightmares about the pan falling apart during cooking.
  • Second, this pan is actually safe to up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very durable and strong. Even its induction plate is made from stainless steel, guaranteeing a product that will last for ages.

I should mention thought that while the metal will last a long time, the coating tends to wear off after prolonged usage. However, this can be remedied by either replacing it or have someone fix it. The repair itself is inexpensive, and in the most extreme circumstances (like a busy restaurant) will need to be replaced, at most, once a year.

A Few Final Words

  • I explained why copper pans are an excellent choice. You know what the different types of lining and coating are, why does weight matter and in general, why copper is such an excellent material. Furthermore, you have a description for all of these high-quality products, and you definitely won’t go wrong with buying any of them. Burnt and unevenly cooked foods will be a thing of the past!
  • While all the products reviews above are excellent and affordable, I suggest you go with the Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set. You get a whole large set of cookware, not just a pan that is durable, affordable and lined with a special coating that will prevent food from sticking to it.
  • Ease of use, lower chance of burning your food and easy to clean- what else could one want? Just get into the kitchen, and start cooking.

BONUS: I have done a review roundup for the best copper cookware, if you are looking for a whole set of copper pots and pans, it may help you out!

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We bought a Red Copper pan a few years ago and now it has scratches and something got stuck on it. I had to scour it with a copper scour pad to get it off. No soaking didn’t do it. I thought this stuff was supposed to last forever. I would rather use a stainless steel pan any day.


Copper Chef is a fraud. The pans burn in the center and do not cook on the outside of the center. They are just as big of a mess to clean as non copper pans.The customer service will not do anything to help unsatisfied customers.


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