Best Glass Electric Kettle: Guide On Top Picks And How To Choose

Whether it is for tea, soup, or hot chocolate, even kinds of coffee: espresso, cappuccino and latte among others, the best glass electric kettle can prove to be a handy appliance in the kitchen or even in the office. With the latter, you can quickly and conveniently prepare hot water. No need for a stove or waiting for a long time!

While there are many options for a glass electric kettle, not all of them are the same in terms of their quality and functionality. If you need help in making the right choice, keep on reading the rest of this post. Learn more about some of the top picks that are available in the market.​

Benefits Of Using Best Glass Electric Kettle

Why do I need a glass electric kettle? If you think that this is an unnecessary investment, think again. The following are some of the good reasons why this type of kettle is a must-have:

  • Convenient: This is perhaps the best thing about glass electric kettles. This is compared to traditional kettles. You can heat water within a few minutes, or even few seconds, depending on quantity and performance of the electric kettle.
  • Visually Appealing: Compared to other materials, glass is chosen by many because it is excellent when it comes to visual appreciation. Especially for blossoming teas, you can use it to serve the drink directly on the table, eliminating the need to transfer it in a teapot.
  • Safe to Use: Unlike stovetop kettles, the risk of fire is significantly lesser. Safety is one of its biggest advantages. Many have built-in features that can give you peace of mind, such as protection from overheating.

Choosing The Best Glass Electric Kettle

With the abundance of the options that are available, making the right choice is never easy. With this, below are some of the most important factors you should consider, increasing the likelihood that you will end up with a decision you won’t regret.

  • Aesthetics: The decorative aspect of the glass electric kettle is one important consideration. Be sure that it perfectly complements the interior of the kitchen or room. If it looks beautiful, there is no need to keep it inside the cabinet when not used.
  • Size: Do you need a kettle that is good for personal use? Or maybe, one that is good for a large household? Most of the glass electric kettles have a capacity of 1.5 to 1.7 liters. This will be more than enough for ten cups.
  • Cord: Corded or cordless? A better option is cordless glass electric kettles. They often have a base where it heats up. Once done heating, you can lift it from the base and bring it anywhere you need the hot water.
  • Safety: You should also consider the safety features that are integrated into the kettle. One of the most important is automatic shut off, which will prevent overheating. This will also prolong the functional life of the components of the electric kettle.
  • Handle: Take time as well to evaluate the quality of the handle. It should be large enough so that you can hold it easily. It should also be ergonomic, and more importantly, should be non-slip.
  • Warranty: This will be indicative of the confidence of the manufacturer about the quality of their product. Most products will have a one-year warranty, but others are longer. A better option would be one that comes with more extensive warranty.
  • Durability: Glass is a material that is easily prone to breakage, which is why it is important to consider durability. See to it that all other parts are durable. Make sure the glass will not easily shatter or crack, even with demanding use.

Care And Maintenance For Glass Electric Kettle

Even if you have the best glass electric kettle, its functionality will decline through the years. It is important to take care of it. With this, here are some of the most important things you have to keep in mind:

  • Use mild acids like lime juice and vinegar. They will be effective in the removal of deposits or buildup from hard water. Minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are present in tap water, can get hard and may be difficult to remove.
  • See to it that the kettle is thoroughly dried. There should be no extra water inside the kettle. If there is, this can speed up the presence of mineral deposits. Always empty any remaining water from the kettle.
  • At all times, do not completely immerse the kettle in water. There are electrical components that can easily get damaged when they are submerged in water. This can shorten the functional life of the appliance and can lead to electrocution, among other risks.
  • It will also be a good idea to use a limescale catcher. The latter will be effective in the prevention of limestone buildup inside the kettle. This will be also effective in creating softer water, which is free from foul odor and taste.

Here is a short video that shows an easy way to descale your glass kettle:

Top Picks For The Best Glass Electric Kettle

Clueless about which one makes a great choice within the product category? If you cannot decide, below are five products you might want to take into consideration.

1. Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle, Black


This is one of the choices that you may not want to miss in your search for the best glass electric kettle. It comes with an affordable price, yet it can deliver quality and functionality that can be comparable to many higher end models you can find in the market.

With this electric kettle, heating can be accomplished in a snap. You do not need to wait for a long time. This can be attributed to its 1,100-watt motor. To add, it is also a great thing that the heating element is concealed, which can prevent mineral buildup.

In terms of capacity, it comes with a 1.5-liter tank. The latter is good enough for most people, although others may find it quite bulky, especially for a small kitchen. The container is made from borosilicate glass.

When it comes to aesthetics, you might also find this to be an impressive option. There is a blue LED light when the water is already boiling, which does not only look good but also provides you with immediate notification when water is ready.

Lastly, the design of the handle is also worth noting. It comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to hold the kettle. It is also a good thing that it stays cool even after boiling water.​


  • Affordable price
  • Quickly heats up water
  • User-friendly


  • A bit bulky
  • Not fully glass

2. Hamilton Beach 40865 Glass Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter


Hesitant in buying this product? One thing that might change your mind is the fact that it is made by Hamilton Beach, one of the most popular brands in the market for kitchen appliances.

One of the things that you might love about this product is the cord-free serving. There is a base that heats water from the container. When done, you can lift it from the base and pour water directly into cups without worrying about the cord.

If you are concerned about safety, you might also want to consider this product. It automatically shuts down, which will prevent overheating. This will also be excellent in prolonging the functional life of the components.

The unit also has soft blue illumination, which adds up to its aesthetic appeal. For sure, it will look great in the kitchen.

Lastly, the wide mouth is also a great thing. This does not only make it effortless to have it filled with water, but it is also exceptional because it is easy to clean. You can easily brush the interior of the pitcher to get rid of mineral deposits.


  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Cordless serving
  • Comes with a built-in filter


  • A bit heavy
  • May take quite a while before water boils

3. Oster 1.7L (7-cup) Illuminating Glass Kettle with LED Indicator and Auto Shut Off


Among other things, one feature that can convince you to choose this product is the 360-degree swivel base. With the latter, you can place the container in any position and be sure that water will heat up.

More so, it also comes with boil-dry protection, which is good not only for safety but can also be instrumental towards prolonging the useful life of this appliance. With the latter, the unit will shut off automatically once water has already reached its boiling point.

The cord storage is also a good feature. When you are not using the kettle, the cord can be reeled and will be hidden from sight. This is a simple and effective way to keep the countertop organized and neat.

Lastly, it can also be exceptional because of the materials that are used. The glass is heat-resistant, which can help to make it durable. The base, on the other hand, is made from premium stainless steel.


  • Excellent base
  • Generous capacity
  • Safety features


  • A bit expensive
  • Can be easily prone to rusting

4. Royal Electric Kettle (BPA-Free) – Fast Boiling Glass Tea Kettle (1.7L)


From the first time that you see this glass electric kettle, you might be easily captivated. It has a distinct style that may want you to not keep it in the cabinet. It has stainless steel accents that perfectly complement the simple yet appealing design of the electric kettle.

One feature that makes this an excellent choice is the indicator technology, which will provide you with an immediate notification once water has already reached its boiling point. This is also excellent for safety.

The cordless technology in this product is another thing you might find great. When water is hot, you can lift it from the base and pour water even far from the source of power. You will not be limited by the length of the cord.

In terms of safety, one feature that you might love is the anti-slip grip. You can be assured that you will have a solid grip of the kettle. As slipping is less likely to happen, liquid will not spill and you will not get burnt.


  • Stylish design
  • Generous capacity
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Has silicone plastic
  • Lid can be unstable

5. Molla Puro Cordless Glass Electric Water Kettle, Ultra Premium SCHOTT Glass


Although the price is a bit steep, you may still want to include this in your list of options because it is a feature-rich alternative. It has a simple on/off switch in front of the unit, which makes its operation straightforward.

The 360-degree swivel base can also be a good thing. This means that you can return the kettle on the base in any direction. Regardless of the angle at which it is placed, it will be attached directly to the heating element.

Since it is a cordless kettle, this can also be exceptional when it comes to convenience. Pick the kettle and carry it wherever you need to pour water.

Lastly, you might also love how it comes with an anti-calcium filter. The latter will aid in the prevention of mineral buildup.


  • Operates quietly
  • Heats up water quickly
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive price
  • Short cord


With too many options for the best glass electric kettle, making the right choice is never easy. From the five products briefly reviewed above, if there is one I can personally recommend, it would be Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle, Black. It comes with an affordable price, yet it can deliver quality and functionality that will be exceptional. It has a capacity of 1.5 liters and has a 1,100-watt motor, which is basically the reason why you can expect that it will heat up water quickly.

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