Best Grills Under 300 For The Perfect Grilled Steak!

It’s getting warm outside and that only means it’s almost grilling time! I admit this may be one of my favorite things about warm weather, getting together with family and friends and enjoying a beautiful day with a good cookout.

​I know not everyone has time or money to invest in a good grill–myself included–so I decided to put together a list of the best grills under 300. Though still an expense, these grills are definitely worth the money and will give you great results.

​While you can certainly buy all sorts of grills, getting one under $300 is having a reliable grill where you can cook your favorite meats and even crab legs during summer. Don’t worry these grills are also easy to use and install, which means you can use them almost everywhere.

Before you dig into what grill is best for you, I’ll show the benefits of using a grill, and everything you can do with it. Ready? Let’s get grilling!​

Why Grill?

​Grilling refers to a form of cooking that involves dry heat, and often direct heat, when cooking meat. By cooking meats and foods this way, you not only cook meats faster, but you also get a distinctive aroma and taste.

Best Grills Under 300 For The Perfect Grilled Steak

Using direct heat can expose food to temperatures up to 500 degrees F, which is why a grill and open space is needed instead of a regular stove.

Different Grilling Styles

Here are the most common grilling techniques that you should know about:​

Direct heat grilling​

​This is the most basic and common grilling style. Food is placed over direct heat and get cooked. This can be done over charcoal, gas, wood, or any other type of grill.

Indirect grilling​

​With this method, the food is cooked with reflected or indirect heat. While the food is not placed over direct heat, the lid is closed most of the time. If the food is placed on top of the heat source, then the temperature is kept very low to allow food to cook “indirectly.”


This technique involves cooking food at a very low temperature in a closed chamber and for a long time.​

Though there are more “unique” ways of grilling, these three are the ones that actually involve the grills we are focusing on today. Of course, each method is different, and you may need some tips on how to grill, but once you start, you won’t want to stop.​

Different Types of Grills

As with the technique, the kind of grill is also important. Here are the type of common grills you can find, some of which are in fact under $300 as well:

​Gas grill

​This is one of the most convenient ways of grilling, as it is said to be a “no mess” type of grill. However, it is a bit more pricey than charcoal grills. While there is little assembly required, with this grill you need either liquid propane, natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas.

Wood grill​

While this one requires more work, it is now widely popular because it has a very particular flavor. With this grill, you use wood as a fuel. In this case, you can use a pellet grill, which is not only easy to use, but the best way to smoke foods.​

Charcoal grill​

The most traditional way of grilling, this type uses either lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as fuel. You can use indirect or direct heat.​

Benefits of Grilling​

Cooking your food over the stove or in the oven may see like the healthiest option, but don’t be fooled, grilling has its advantages too. Here are the most significant benefits of grilling your food:​

Best Grills Under 300 Reviews On The Market Today

Less Fat​

​When you grill your meats, the excess fat will drip off the grates, which means you’re getting rid of all the extra fat that you can’t avoid when cooking in a pan.

Grilled Vegetables Are Healthier​

When grilled vegetables retain most of their vitamins and minerals, especially those that have low water content. Simply putting your vegetables directly on the grill, or wrapping them in foil, is overall healthier than frying or boiling them.

​Meats Retain Nutrients

​When you place meats over fire, they tend to retain more riboflavin and thiamin than when cooked in a skillet. These two nutrients are vital for a healthy diet.

Less Butter​

​Since the grill locks in more moisture, there is less need to add things like butter or other condiments. By keeping things more simple, you are consuming fewer calories and fat.

Grilling is Fun

Grilling is almost always done outside, which means spending time with family and friends. While you cook, you can have a conversation, maybe play some football, or ju`st relax with your guests.

To keep things easier, you may be looking for the best gas grill under 300, but remind yourself that a good grill is all that it takes for your meal to be better. So, now you are ready to grill your favorite meat and veggies, but first, let’s find you the best grill under $300.

Choosing Your Own Grill From The Best Grills Under 300

Warning: These grills might be not really sold at prices under $300, because their prices change very often everyday. However, most of the time, they are listed under $300.

Best Grills Under 300



+ Flat top griddle for more cooking styles

+ One-touch ignition button

+ Large cooking surface

+ Easy to move


– Hard to get hot under windy conditions

– Grease drip overflows easily

  • This outdoor Blackstone outdoor gas grill ensures the best quality restaurant style grilling.
  • When you buy this, you get 720 square ft of flat top grilling, which may work well for you if you like using the grill for all sorts of cooking, from breakfast eggs to quesadillas, and even Teppanyaki.
  • If you prepare food for many people at once, this grill may be better for you as it has a bottom shelf for extra storage and two side shelves for storage and cutting foods.
  • With an easy assembly and electronic ignition, you can begin cooking from the first second. With just a push of a button, you grill is ready, and with no mess.
  • Sometimes with outside grills, our biggest worry is how to move it and accommodate it, with the Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill, you can transport it easily as it has wheels and fold up legs.
  • Also, the stainless steel burners and the steel cooktop are easy to clean and remove grease. These burners are also independently controlled, each one is 15,000 BTU, and all add up to 60,000 BTU.
  • When you choose to grill, you may choose it because you want to avoid the extra fat, with the built-in grease channel, you can catch all the grease and clean up after.

Though you can move the grill easily and it gives you a larger cooking surface, it does take up some space, and you shouldn’t remove the side shelves because these support the frame.

Best Grills Under 300



+   Four burners plus smaller side one

+   Side shelves

+   Temperature gauge


– Heavy

– Plastic wheels

  • This Char-Broil gas grill brings you four 40,000 BTU burners as well as a 10,000 lidded side burner for cooking sauces and side dishes.
  • You also get 480 square in. of cooking surface with porcelain-coated cast iron grates, plus 180 square in. of secondary cooking surface.
  • Like the Blackstone outdoor grill, with the Char-Broil, you also have two side shelves for extra space and food-handling.
  • The stainless steel handle, lid, control panel, and covering add durability. You can also start this grill easily with the one-touch ignition system.
  • Though heavy, this grill does have wheels to make it more mobile and easy to place around the house. The lid-mounted temperature gauge allows you to keep track of pre-heat status as well as the inside of the grill.
  • While the entire grill is sturdy, the wheels are plastic and not very stable, so you may not want to fully rely on them when moving this grill and ask someone for help. Also, keep in mind that the coating on this one is delicate and can rust or scratch easily.

Best Grills Under 300



+ Highly portable

+ Versatile cooking

+ Easy to disassemble


– Rusts easily

– Small cooking surface

  • This Coleman versatile portable grill allows you to interchange the cooktops for a larger variety of cooking options. You only need to press one button and no need to use a lighter.
  • Since this grill is built for the outside, it comes with a PerfectFlow technology that provides consistent performance in all conditions.
  • If you want something you can take with you on road trips, or that you can store after a cookout, then you may want to choose this option.
  • With a collapsible stand with wheels and slide-on side tables for your tools and food, this grill is highly movable and easy to use.
  • Made of cast-iron and porcelain-coated, you can clean up quickly and by removing the grease tray, you can make sure the grill works well. You do need to make sure you clean it often or it will begin to rust.

Keep in mind that if you want a grill that lasts long and that works well with large BBQs and cookouts, this may not be the right choice. Think of this option as ideal for a small home, small family, and trips.

Best Grills Under 300



+ Affordable

+ Easy to clean

+ Easy to use


– Smaller cooking surface

– Delicate coating

  • The Weber Original Kettle offers 363 square in. of cooking space. Made of steel and coated with porcelain, the bowl and lid are made so that the heat circulates consistently inside.
  • Also, the damper system on the lid allows for control inside the grill without opening the lid.
  • If you prefer to grill using charcoal, you may want to go with this Weber grill because the charcoal grate can withstand any heat. You can access this grate to manage the charcoal without moving the food.
  • You can clean up easily with the One-Touch Cleaning System, which works when you rotate the handle and the three blades in the bowl move ash through the vent and into the ash catcher.
  • Then you only have to remove the ash catcher and clean it out, and the bowl will be much easier to clean too.
  • This grill is versatile enough for smoking and allows you to cook for a long time without worrying about heat. If you instead want faster cooking, you can place the food on direct heat without any issues.

Best Grills Under 300



+ Affordable

+ Easy to clean

+ Indoor and outdoor cooking


–   Smaller cooking surface

–   Electric heat isn’t as powerful

  • The George Foreman grill is built to be used both outside and inside, and since it uses electric heat you can easily begin cooking. You also get to adjust the temperature from low to high.
  • To make things easier too, you can remove the grill plate and the patented fat-removing slope for a simple clean up.
  • If you want to cook inside, you can place the grill on the removable stand and make it countertop-height in no time. Also, since you are already cooking inside, you can just put the grease tray in the dishwasher.
  • You have 240 square in. of cooking surface that lets you cook over 15 servings for your friends and family.
  • However, if you plan on cooking for a larger group of people, this grill may not be large enough nor heat up as quickly and evenly as you need it to.
  • Something to consider is that because it relies on electricity, this grill doesn’t provide any of the smoky flavors from a gas or charcoal grill. This same heat source isn’t as strong and may delay your cooking.

It’s Grilling Time

​Ready to take out the steaks and veggie kabobs? I would say so! But first, which is the best grill from the best grills under 300? I’d say the Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 4-burner - Propane Fueled - Restaurant Grade - Professional Quality.

By choosing this grill, you will get a very large cooking surface, variability in cooking styles, and a portable grill that allows you to store better. Though big, this grill will last longer and provides you with more than enough capability for your next BBQ.​

What do you think? Ready to get grilling? Let me know!​

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