The 5 Best Iced Tea Makers Reviews

Iced Tea is a summer favorite. Nothing beats the heat like this refreshing drink that instantly cools and rejuvenates your mind and body. Whether it is sugary sweet, flavored, or traditionally zesty, iced tea is loved by all.

While the best coffee machine is an indispensable tool to make the tasty cup of black coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino, the best Iced Tea Maker is an inspired solution to enjoying this delicious drink whenever you want. The reviews mentioned here will help you gauge which iced tea maker is best for you. We have also gone the extra mile to include a guide to help you understand how tea makers work and how you can choose the right one.

How Iced Tea Makers Work​

Iced tea makers are an ingenious way to enjoy your favorite iced tea flavors year-round. The market may be full of iced tea maker models, but there are mainly two types of iced tea makers:

1. Non-Electric Iced Tea Makers

  • As the name suggests, these iced-tea makers do not run on electricity. Essentially, these iced tea makers comprise a containing unit like a jug, which either comes fitted with a draining filter or packed with a filter that can easily be placed inside. The containing units usually have the feature of being air-tight so as to keep the tea fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Non-electric or manual iced tea makers come in various shapes and sizes. They offer a greater choice of colors and types than electric tea makers, but they aren’t as quick and efficient. One reason is that you have to boil the water separately before adding to the tea maker. What’s more, most tea makers will take 20-30 minutes to steep the tea and get the desired flavor, after which you will have to move the pitcher into the refrigerator (or freezer) to chill the tea to perfection.
  • Manual iced tea makers may take more time, but they do offer you more freedom to choose the strength of the tea. Another winning feature of these iced tea makers is that they are dishwasher- friendly and easy to clean. They are also a better option to choose when you want to mix different type of teas to get a unique flavor.

Here are some iced tea recipes you can try with a manual iced tea maker.

2. Electric Iced Tea Maker

Electric iced tea makers are perfect for brewing your choice of iced tea fast and hands-free. While the market is full of electric iced tea makers that come with all kinds of new features, essentially the machine has the following components:

  • An electric console that houses the filter and all electric components of the machine
  • A removable containing unit that holds the iced tea once it’s ready
  • An on/off switch and light indicator usually present on the console
  • Modifiable tea steeping controls
  • Automatic shut off
  • Timed brewing controls

Some machines offer the freedom to use both loose tea leaves and tea bags while most only allow tea bags. These tea makers are known for brewing a good jug or cup of tea in a matter of minutes. You can choose the strength of tea and the amount of brewing time you want to get the right flavor. Most machines have an automatic off switch that prevents over-brewing.

The removable containing unit is usually heat-proof and refrigerator-friendly, which means you can serve tea in it as soon as the tea is ready, or you can wait till it’s colder. However, containing units that come with electric iced tea makers don’t usually have air-tight storing features so the tea can’t be stored for a long time. Electric iced tea makers are not dishwasher safe; some machines have containing units that can be washed in the dishwasher, but the unit itself has to be washed by hand or washcloth.

Take a look at how an electric iced tea maker works here.​

Brewing Delicious Iced Tea

​The idea of brewing your own tea may sound daunting, but iced tea makers make the process completely hands-free and convenient. Before you plunge into the researching the market takes a look at how you can brew iced tea that tastes like heaven.

  • Nothing Beats Freshness

The number one tip for making delicious iced tea is to make it with fresh tea leaves or tea bags. The quality of the water you use to brew tea is equally important for making tea that tastes good and keeps fresh for a longer time. Use purified or natural spring water for best results.

  • Loose Tea has more flavor

The number one tip for making delicious iced tea is to make it with fresh tea leaves or tea bags. The quality of the water you use to brew tea is equally important for making tea that tastes good and keeps fresh for a longer time. Use purified or natural spring water for best results.

  • Follow Instructions for the best taste

Every tea is made differently. Premium quality loose tea usually comes with instructions on how to brew it and in what quantity. While you may choose to experiment with different flavor combinations once you have an idea of how each tea is made, it is best for beginners to follow the instructions.

Comparing Iced Tea Makers

When researching iced tea makers, keep the following points in mind:​

  • Check the capacity of the tea pitcher/containing unit
  • See if it is easy to clean
  • Check if it spills water
  • See if it has a sugar compartment, brew strength setting, and an automatic shut-off feature
  • Check if it has a reusable filter and if you can use your own pitcher with it
  • See the size of the machine and if it offers value for money

TheTop 5 Iced Tea Makers Reviews

​1. West Bend 68305T Iced Tea Maker

Our first recommendation is the West Bend 68305T because it is an iced tea maker that comes packed with all the features you can ask for plus a one year warranty. This green/white machine is perfect to brew your favorite iced tea blend in a matter of minutes. The plastic structure doesn’t take much space and is easy to move and clean.


  • Comes with a plastic pitcher of 2.75 quarts
  • Houses three baskets; one for sugar, one for loose tea, one for tea bags
  • Sweetener chamber is removable
  • Has adjustable brew strength and time settings
  • Uses 750 Watts and comes with a one year warranty


  • The pitcher is made of hard plastic that looks like glass, so it is both sturdy and suitable for serving
  • The plastic body is easy to clean and the pitcher is dishwasher friendly
  • It has separate baskets for loose tea and tea bags which is convenient
  • The three baskets are removable so they are easy to clean
  • This iced tea maker doesn’t take much space


  • You can’t pour tea with the lid on the pitcher without spilling it
  • The sugar/sweetener compartment has trouble mixing all the sugar in the tea.
  • Usually big chunks of sugar are left behind
  • The pitcher size is small
  • The water filling space isn’t conveniently placed

2. Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

This Breville tea maker is a dream for those who like a completely hands-free tea making experience. This fully automated tea maker leaves little to maneuver with features like temperature regulation, customizable dwell times, and a French press that actually moves up and down to manage the flavor of tea.


  • Stainless steel platform and glass pitcher with a plastic tea basket
  • Fully automated moving tea basket
  • Variable temperature and dwell time control
  • LCD Timer to view the steep and brew time
  • Works at 1500 Watts


  • The tea maker is fully programmable for brewing any kind of tea conveniently
  • The moving tea basket is a revolutionary feature for getting just the right flavor
  • You can add both loose tea and tea bags
  • Easy to clean


  • To get iced tea you first have to make hot tea in this tea maker and then cool it in the refrigerator. You cannot add ice cubes in the actual containing unit
  • If you don’t filter water, deposits will form at the bottom of the carafe, which is difficult to clean and will leave stains. The price point on this tea maker is really high making it a premium purchase

3. Mr. Coffee Fresh Iced Tea Maker TM70TS

Mr. Coffee is famous for making tea and coffee makers that are sturdy and convenient. TM70TS lives up to the Mr. Coffee reputation of quality by being an iced tea maker that makes delicious iced tea under ten min. The plastic body is easy to clean and care for. The tea maker is fairly easy to use and allows you to brew your favorite blends completely hands-free.


  • Two piece coffee maker; electric brewing base and a plastic pitcher
  • Pitcher makes 3 quarts of tea
  • Comes with adjustable brew strength settings
  • Has automatic shut- off feature
  • Comes in three colors


  • Tea making is completely hands-free. You just have to add the tea and water, enter brew settings, and just wait 10 min for the tea to be ready
  • The brewing pitcher has a spout so it is easier to pour your iced tea into glasses or serving jugs. The pitcher is also replaceable, so you can have multiple pitchers for brewing different kinds of tea
  • You can use both tea bags and loose tea leaves to brew iced tea
  • This tea maker is reasonably priced and you get great value
  • You can add ice cubes in the pitcher to cool the brewed tea quickly


  • The pitcher and electric base have to be aligned in just the right way to make sure there are no spills. Since there is no ‘click in place’ mechanism, the alignment takes a little practice
  • There is no sweetener compartment, which means you have to mix in sugar separately once the tea is made
  • You need ample counter space for this mechanism since the two parts of the machine align horizontally

4. Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is the gold standard of non-electric iced tea makers. This BPA-free plastic flask like tea maker is perfect for brewing your favorite iced tea blends. The long brew filter ensures quicker steeping and greater flavor. It also allows you to mix different tea blends together as the space is enough for any kind of tea to expand when brewed.


  • Made with BPA-free Tritan
  • Allows brewing both loose tea and tea bags
  • Makes 2 quarts of iced tea (eight servings)
  • Has an airtight lid which is perfect for keeping tea fresh for longer
  • Comes in four different colors


  • The ‘Flash Chill’ feature means you have more space to add ice cubes. So you don’t have to wait long for the tea to chill after its brewed
  • The long brew cup allows you to make tea quicker
  • Easy to wash; the filter and cup separate can be washed in the dishwasher
  • This tea maker is reasonably priced and you get great value
  • Easy to use; this is a no fuss iced tea maker that does what is advertised


  • This tea maker is basically for steeping tea, you have to boil water separately before adding it in
  • This is really tall, so it might be difficult to store it upright in refrigerators. You can lay it sideways but it does take up space
  • The manual steeping means you need to know exactly how much tea to put in and how much time you need to brew it

5. Mr. Coffee 2-in-1 Iced Tea Brewing System BVMC-TM33

Another Mr. Coffee iced tea maker turns up on this list because they have a large variety of tea makers to suit different needs. The BCMC-TM33 is fancier and has more features than TM70TS but offers the same functionality. This tea maker also has two pieces; an electric brewing base and a glass pitcher. This model also offers a water filter and brewing process that removes 97% chlorine from the water to make better tasting tea.


  • The pitcher holds 2.5 quarts of tea
  • Comes with a removable filter basket that has permanent filters
  • Offers brew strength regulation settings
  • Has automatic shut off feature
  • Water reservoir has a window to see the water level


  • The machine brews both tea bags and loose tea
  • The glass pitcher can be used for serving the tea as well
  • The pitcher is dishwasher friendly and the electric base can also be wiped clean
  • It brews quickly; you can fill one pitcher under ten min


  • The pitcher isn’t very sturdy and is prone to cracks and breakage
  • Though the filter is removable, sometimes loose tea tends to expand and overflow underneath the filter which is difficult to clean
  • Some recipes suggest to add sugar in the tea filter, but that just creates a big mess and doesn’t give the right taste

Our Top Pick:

​Though all iced tea makers in this list work really well and make for some delicious tea, our favorite is Mr. Coffee Fresh Iced Tea Maker TM70TS.

We love how it combines the best of both worlds; the tea maker’s electronic features allow you to brew your favorite blends quicker and more conveniently, but the machine still gives you the freedom to sweeten and cool your tea as much as you like.

It is easy to clean and maneuver, and it is reasonably priced. This machine lets you enjoy your choice of iced tea blends year-round.

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