How To Choose The Best Meat Slicer? Don’t Buy It Until You Read This!

Living in this extremely fast world, we barely have time to eat. So, it’s (literally) matter of life and death what tools are we using in our kitchen, to make our lives easier. In case you’re not sure what I mean, let me explain you. Tools like an espresso machine and a meat slicer are just what we must have in order to face every day challenges with a smile on our face.

That being said, buying a good home meat slicer surely isn’t an easy task, especially when you don’t have a clue how to choose the best one according to your needs. However, there is no need to freak out, because we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll talk about what you should focus on when buying and what are some of best meat slicers.​

How To Choose The Best Meat Slicer?

Here are some questions that we wanted to answer so you can choose the best one for your home.

Are you doing it right?

When it’s time for buying meat slicer, most of the people just look for wrong things. No, the color and design aren’t the most important things. Sure, it’s cool to have a nice-looking meat slicer, but I would say that it’s more important to have the one that will actually serve the purpose.

What you’re also doing wrong is that you’re not willing to spend more money on meat slicer and the things just don’t work like that. Buying the cheap one wouldn’t save your money at all because you’ll probably have to buy a new one in few months.

So, you have two options: buying a cheap and cute meat slicer or buying the one that is reliable, durable, safe and practical. Which one would you choose?

Now that you know what you shouldn’t focus to, let me share with you what will help you to choose a good meat slicer for your needs.​

What do you want to slice with your meat slicer and for how long you want to use it?

As crazy as it may sound, you don’t have to use the meat slicer just for slicing meat. Moreover, there is a variety of food that you can slice with this handy machine (that is actually its biggest advantage) but it’s important to understand that not all of them can be used for the same food.

For example, if you want to cut cheese you should have a stronger and more powerful slicer because the cheese is hard to slice. That being said, there are three types of slicers, from which you can choose the one that best suits you.

Entry level slicers

If you’re planning to use your slicer for two hours a day, you should definitely go with this type. It’s designed for simple operation, therefore it’s not recommended slicing cheese as this may decrease its functionality. Comparing to higher-end models, these models don’t have a lot safety features.

Mid-tier slicers

These models can be used for longer periods than the first ones. They are more powerful and have larger blades. Some models can be used for slicing cheese, so you have to check that feature before buying. If you want to slice deli meat, this model would be just perfect for you.

Premium slicers

With these models there is no joking around as they are beasts. Not only they offer fascinating slicing precision and safety features, but they are also designed for heavy-duty. You can use them for many hours plus you can slice your favorite cheese when you want.

Also, check the video below to know how to use your meat slicer safely and effectively.​

Is the size important?

If you thought the size doesn’t matter, you were so wrong. Before you buy a meat slicer, you should consider what are dimensions of meat and other food that you will be slicing. Needless to say, if the blade is smaller and you want to slice a big block of cheese, you are in a trouble.

So, take some time to think about what menu items you will be slicing and then choose the meat slicer that will enable you slicing all you need. Buying the one that you will use for many years certainly has to be a good investment.

How thick do you want your machine to slice?

A lot of people just forget about this feature and they end up being frustrated because they didn’t think the size of the blade on time. To avoid that, we wanted to remind you that before buying, you should consider to buy the slicer that will give you desired thickness of the food you want to slice.

Our Meat Slicer Reviews

According to our reviews, we’ve listed top 5 products, each of which has amazing features that makes your job easier and lot more interesting. Go through the list and find the best home meat slicer for you.


Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer



+ Slices a variety of foods

+ Durability and safety is guaranteed

+ Cleaning is easy and fast


– It’s too big which can be inconvenient if your kitchen is small

– A bit on the heavy side, too

  • The number one on our list is Chef’s Choice Premium Food Slicer- the monster that can slice everything, from meat to big cheese blocks, in a blink of an eye.
  • It’s no surprise why this one is favorite meat slicer among many people due to its great features such as versatility, durability, safety, and easy maintainance.
  • Not only that this machine cuts a variety of foods, but it also offer remarkable thickness adjustment so you can play with the size of slices. Whether you want to serve perfect thin slices of deli meat or you want to cut the cheese, you’ll do that with a smile on your face because it’s that easy.
  • As components are made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, you are sure to have a durable and reliable meat slicer that you will be using for many years. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about safety because this meat slicer comes with a handy button that limits access to blade when you don’t use the machine.
  • When comes to cleaning, you will be amazed at how fast you can clean it because the most important parts such as food defector and food pusher are removable.
  • The downside of this remarkable product is that takes up a lot of space.

EdgeCraft Premium Electric Food Slicer



+ Powerful motor cuts with ease and precision

+ Designed for constant slicing and every day use

+ The food will be sliced quickly


– Can’t slice paper-thin slices

– No much space between the catch tray and the blade so sometimes you will have to stop slicing

  • If you’re looking for a meat slicer that will make your job a lot easier and faster, this one is just what you need. Thanks to its powerful, cool-running motor, the slicer cuts with such a precision that turns each slice into a piece of art.
  • So, if you are throwing a party and you want to serve deli meat, tomatoes, and cheese, there is no doubt that the slices will look perfectly on the plate and everyone will love them.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel which means that the sharpness is just fascinating and you will be impressed how quick the meat is sliced.
  • The special design of food carriage and cantilever guarantee that slicing will be a piece of cake so you don’t have to spend a whole day slicing.
  • What we really love about this slicer, is that you can use it every day, for a constant meat slicing without thinking whether it will broke down or not.
  • The bad sides of this slicer is that you can’t get paper-thin slices and there isn’t much space between the catch tray and the blade so you will have to stop slicing to retrieve slices.

Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer



+ Durable

+ Versatile

+ Cleaning has never been easier

+ Easily removable parts


– The motor is too loud

– After slicing meat, you will have a lot of cleaning

  • Here we have another great meat slicer, that is just a perfect way to enjoy your favorite crunchy bread, cheese and meat. Whether you want to use this slicer every day or just for special occasions, you will be happy with its amazing features.
  • This meat slicer offers the possibility to slice your food from deli-thin to ¾ thick slices, you just have to choose what you love the most.
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum, it’s not surprising why this machine is a wise investment.
  • We all know that cleaning is the most important part when it comes to kitchen appliances.
  • However, you don’t have to worry whether you will manage to clean this meat slicer completely or not, because the parts ( food carriage, blade, food pusher, food deflector) are easily removable.
  • A downside of this meat slicer is that after slicing meat, you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Moreover, the motor is so loud that you can’t even hear your own thoughts.

ARKSEN Electric Commercial Deli Meat Slicer, Stainless Steel, 7.5-inch, 180-Watt



+ Powerful and sturdy

+ Cuts frozen meat with ease

+ Extremely safe


– Cleaning can be a little tricky

– The manual isn’t included

  • What better way to save your money than to buy this meat slicer?
  • In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, with this slicer you will be able to buy deli meat in the bulk, slice how much you need and then the rest you can put in the freezer, until you need it again. Thanks to 7.5" blade, frozen meat will be cut without effort.
  • Apart from that, what really makes this meat slicer stands out is definitely its safety. Sliding meat carriage will keep your hands on the safe distance so no need to worry about your fingers anymore.
  • One of downsides is cleaning, since you’ll have to use screwdriver to disassemble some pieces. Another downside is that the manual isn’t included so it will take you some time to figure out how it works.

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer



+ Perfect for every day use

+ Easy cleaning

+ The blade can be sharpened

+ Slices various kinds of food


– The plastic piece that holds meat isn’t very stable

– There is not much room for slices

  • It’s time to have fun and enjoy slicing smoked ham, cheese, or even some beef. There is no doubt that with this meat slicer you will be eager to get job done. Due to its functionality and durability, this slicer will be your best friend in the next 10 years (or even more).
  • Constructed in a careful way, with 7.5" blade, this slicer can be used every day, with different types of food. One of great features of this product is that it’s really easy for cleaning although you need to use the screwdriver.
  • However, what you will love the most about this machine is that the blade is not serrated, so you will have the possibility to sharpen it with a stone, when needed.
  • As the downsides are concerned, the plastic piece that is meant for holding meat should have more stability. Another downside would be that you will have to clear out the slices of food in order to make more room, which can be annoying if you don’t have a lot of time.

It's Time To Choose One

Hopefully, our meat slicer reviews have brought you new insights so now you can pick up the best meat slicer that fits your desires and needs.

Although we’ve listed 5 products and all of them are good enough, we’d like to single out number one, i.e. Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer, that is just a great choice for your home thanks to its pretty cool features.

Being so versatile, practical and durable it’s no surprise why many people finds it as a must-have product for their kitchen. There is no doubt that you’ll enjoy every second of using it (Who would think that slicing meat can be fun?).

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