Top 3 Best Portable Miter Saw: Review & Top Picks [2021 Edition]

The best portable miter saw is a versatile hand tool indispensable in every carpenter's DIY kit. It will contribute to solving your repair work in the least effort. There are many portable miter saw models on the market today. Do you have only a bit of knowledge in this field? 

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 3 best portable miter saws on the market. Let's read on to discover! 

The Best Portable Miter Saws You Can Buy on Amazon

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1. Bosch CM8S - Best for Overall

BOSCH CM8S 8-1/2

Product's highlights

Bosch is the world's leading brand in the field of manufacturing machine tools. Bosch comes with many products that are highly appreciated and favored by consumers.

Bosch miter saws always meet the highest quality standards. The manufacturer has applied modern technology. As a result, they ensure the most effective, comfortable, and durable user experience for customers.

The Bosch CM8S miter saw possesses many outstanding advantages. It can cut on many different materials with high precision and controllable cuts.

It is easy to customize the speed and adjust sawing. The machine operates smoothly and is durable, so you can rest assured to invest. In addition, the product has a sturdy, compact design and ensures safety during use.

Bevel scales are available to help users adjust the saw more precisely. This saw has good cutting power while being relatively light in weight.

The optimized design down to every detail reduces its weight to just 37 pounds. You should also have no problem moving it.


  • Nice and precise cut

  • Easy to operate

  • Lightweight

  • It's easy to move


  • High rate 

2. Metabo HPT - Best for Woodworking

Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Product's highlights

Metabo HPT is a brand from Japan. This brand specializes in providing quality machine tools with durable performance. So it is also highly appreciated by many consumers.

The Metabo HPT circular saw possesses the advantages of a compact, lightweight, but extremely sturdy design. 

It also has substantial capacity and stable performance. The saw machine ensures the safety of the user.

The Metabo HPT miter saw can cut various materials such as sawn wood, plastic, plywood, metal, etc.

The depth of the cut creates professional and precise cuts to every inch. Large battery capacity helps you to cut about 230 cuts on one charge. In terms of noise, it is not as noisy as conventional saws. 

Vibration and noise are at least 10 dB lower than other brands in the same segment.

The handle is good anti-slip. Moreover, it is easy to operate without causing hand fatigue, ensuring safety when running.

The price of the Metabo HPT miter saw currently ranges from about $1000. It's not cheap, just affordable. With the above features, it is a great support tool for making furniture products. Since it's pretty light at just 34 lbs, it shouldn't be trouble when carrying it to the job site.


  • Super lightweight, easy to carry

  • Excellent battery

  • Perfect and durable machine

  • High precision

  • Prestigious Japanese brand


  • It is still high-priced but worth

3. Milwaukee 2733-20 - Best for Battery

2733-20 M18 Fuel

Product's highlights

Milwaukee is also one of the leading names in the tool industry. It has a history of formation, development, and product quality and reviews as good as the two brands above. The Milwaukee 2733-20 miter saw has a meticulous design in terms of design, features, and performance.

The base of the machine is made of metal material with good impact resistance. The high-quality plastic shell ensures electrical safety. 

Rubber coated handle with a D-shaped design makes it easy to operate. When you hold it, you will feel extremely secure.

The Milwaukee 2733-20 miter saw has dual bevel functionality. Its design is well suited for the needs of professional carpenters and remodelers.

Many people evaluate that this miter saw is robust when working on the construction site. It produces high-precision cuts. And yet, portability and excellent performance are also something that users love.

The Milwaukee 2733-20 miter saw is relatively compact and weighs only 31.9 pounds. Therefore, it is one of the handiest and best portable miter saws.

Also, this saw is the best in terms of battery. Just charge it once, and you have 600+ cuts. This best miter saw for beginner is a beneficial investment for carpenters or repair people.


  • Portable miter saw for job site and home

  • It offers diverse of different cuts

  • Super durable battery, you can cut 600 times per charge

  • High performance


  • Out of stock very fast


In this article, we have introduced to you the best portable miter saws today. Confidently, these shares are helpful to you, and you are finding the most appropriate miter saw at

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