The Best Slide In Gas Range 30 Inch To Modernize Your Kitchen!

Aside from cooking, I love my kitchen. I love how it looks and how people feel when they are in it. This is also why I absolutely love having a slide in gas range, but most don’t know why these are better to have.

To me, cooking in my kitchen means being messy, improvising, and having fun. Obviously, though, I want to be able to clean afterwards without worrying too much. For my favorite recipes, I use my non-stick cooking ware, but I also look forward to using them with the best slide in gas range 30-inch.

If by now you are wondering what a slide in gas range is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’ve seen it, and you may even have one at home, but today I’ll show you the best 30-inch gas range reviews worth looking at, and which one you should have at home.

Let’s dig into this matter some more!

What Is a 30-inch Slide In Gas Range?

A slide-in gas range is a full-size kitchen range without any side panels. This style of range slides in between the cabinets from your kitchen and doesn’t cost as much to include as some of the custom designs do. Looking For The Best Slide In Gas Range? Look No Further Than This List Because these ranges slide right in, they create the illusion of being custom-built. You won’t see any spaces between the tile and the range, or the wall and the range, or the floor and the range. Usually, you can choose between gas and electric ranges.

What’s The Difference Between Freestanding and Slide-In Ranges?

There isn’t much of a difference between these two types of ranges, but the main thing is the location and style of the controls on the range. While slide-in ranges have a seamless look to it, freestanding ranges have a back panel with all of oven and burner controls on it. Slide-in ranges will have the burner and oven controls in the front, and they also tend to be a bit wider, so that they overlap with the countertop they’re placed in. Both ranges require a 30 inch cabinet opening to be put in. While freestanding ranges can be cheaper, they can lack certain features that slide-in ranges have and can leave space in between the wall and the kitchen cabinets, creating a less appealing look and a higher chance for dirt to build up. I’ll be covering only slide-in gas ranges, and as part of these reviews, you will find out what the best 30-inch gas range is. Don’t worry, this time you will definitely see the benefits of having a slide-in range and why they are worth a bit more. Best 30-Inch Gas Range To Modernize Your Kitchen

Benefits of Using a Slide-In Gas Range

For some, the price may be the number one factor to consider, but when you buy the best 30-inch gas range, you will find several benefits that make it completely worth it. Here are some:


By far, the best benefit in having a slide-in range is the aesthetic of your kitchen. The perfect fit between the range and the kitchen cabinets leaves no open spaces and allows your kitchen countertop to flow well.

Easy to clean

Since slide-in ranges leave no space in between the kitchen countertops and the floor, then there is less dirt and food caught in between. Overall, it is easier to clean your slide-in range, as you won’t have to worry about the sides or the back of the stove and oven. Some gas ranges do have the self-cleaning function, which will make it even much easier!

More cooking modes

Since slide-ins are a bit more expensive, they are also a bit more complex, which means they have more cooking modes for the oven and stove than other ranges.

Why Buying The Best Slide In Gas Range?

I like both electric and gas stovetops. In my opinion, both of them are good and worth it, but for a slide-in range, I recommend going with gas. Here are some reasons why:

Temperature control

Because gas responds more or less quickly, it is easier to manage temperature. When cooking specific dishes at fixed temperatures, having a gas slide-in range allows you to have more control on the fire.

Cooking style

While you already have the advantage of an easier cleanup, having a gas slide-in range allows you to have more variability in cooking methods. For example with gas you can char, toast, and flambe among some.

Cooking ware

Some of the best cookware may not be suitable for electric stovetops. With gas, almost all of them are suitable, even copper cookware.

Time To Decide: What Is The Best 30-inch Slide In Gas Range?

Here are my favorite list for the best 30-inch gas range and some of the reasons why the could or couldn’t suit all your needs. Take a look!

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+ 2 burner ranges

+ Infrared broiler

+ Electric ignition with auto re-igniter


– No downdraft ventilation

– Relatively small oven

  • The Thor Kitchen stainless steel gas range has a professional handle with adjustable heavy-duty legs.
  • With this gas range you will get two 15,000 BTU burners and two 12,000 BTU burners with a 16,500 BTU infrared broiler. The oven is 4.2 cubic ft with a 22,000 BTU convection oven.
  • With the different ranges in burners, you will be able to cook a variety of food, and you won’t even have to worry about leftover food on the sides and back of your range.
  • Though this oven doesn’t self-clean, it is very easy to disarm the burners and clean inside the oven as well.
  • If you usually cook with a lot of smoke and live in an apartment or have a small, closed off kitchen, you may want to keep in mind that this oven doesn’t have a ventilating unit. If you want to vent, you can install an overhead range hood for venting.
  • Though this oven is gas-operated, it does have an electronic ignition that must be in place for the burners and oven to start. This same igniter turns the burners back on if they suddenly go off. If you cook often and make big dinners, this oven may work well for you and your household.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+   4 burners with different ranges

+   Easy to clean

+   Bigger oven

+   Electric ignition with auto re-igniter

+   2-year warranty


–   Small ventilating unit

–   Hard to tell when oven is fully heated

  • This freestanding, but also slide-in, Thor Kitchen 30” gas range comes with a 4.2 cubic ft oven capacity so you can cook multiple dishes in a 22,000 BTU convection oven.
  • This Thor range also has four burners: one 18,000 BTU, one 15,000 BTU, and two 12,000 BTU twin burners.
  • Though also not self-cleaning, this range is stainless steel and easy to disassemble as well.
  • You can take apart the burners and clean without worry, and the oven is also readily accessible, plus it has a light for checking your meals, but it can also help when cleaning.
  • As with the other Thor models, you can count on the electric ignition system to start your burners, but also to restart them when they accidentally turn off. The inside of the oven is blue and has two lights inside as well as a fan, which keeps it cool and helps cook your meal.
  • You have a small ventilating unit in the back, but it may not be enough when you cook several meals at a time or plan to smoke meats. Otherwise, it may suffice your cooking needs. Also, you receive a 2-year warranty on this unit for parts and labor.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+ 5 burners

+ Big convection oven

+ Self-cleaning system

+ Touch panel on the front


– Needs ventilating unit

– Delicate

  • The Bosch 30” stainless steel slide-in range comes with five sealed burners, and the center one is 18,000 BTU. You will also get a 4.6 cubic ft convection oven--a very spacious size for cooking several meals at once.
  • This range is, in fact, self-cleaning with a pyrolytic mode, which means that the interior of the oven has an enamel coat that makes it easier to clean dirt after it is reduced to ash by the 1,000-degree heat of the 2-4 hour self-cleaning cycle.
  • In the front of this modern gas range is a touch panel that lights up and helps control temperature quickly, you will also find an opening button for the warming door.
  • This range can withstand a large family meal and more, which may do more than you need. However, for ventilation you will need to install an overhead venting hood or microwave unit.
  • While you may find this slide-in Bosch range modern and complete, keep in mind it is also more delicate. You can install it yourself, but make sure you can plug in the electric igniter and gas line too.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+ 5 burners

+ Spacious convection oven

+ Safety controls

+ Lighted control panel


–   Needs ventilating unit

–   Delicate

–   Self-cleaning doesn’t work properly at all times

  • This Samsung slide-in 30” range also has five burners and a 5.8 cubic ft convection oven capacity.
  • You also get guiding lights in the control panel up front to manage temperature and ignition, and it has other controls for safety, like an oven lock to prevent kids from opening it.
  • Like the Bosch, this range is also self-cleaning at high temperatures, but it may not be well-integrated yet as the controls tend to go blank during this process.
  • This Samsung range also needs an external ventilation unit, whether an overhead hood or a microwave unit.
  • While you can certainly start this range manually in case power is out, you won’t be able to use the control panel nor the re-ignition system.
  • Though supposedly stainless steel, this range is delicate and can scratch easily, so you may want to consider this depending on your cooking style.
  • There is a 1-year warranty when you buy this range, but mostly for manufacturing issues. Keep in mind that this range is good if you do typical family meals, but for big cooking events and occasions that need several hours and clean-up, this range may not hold up to expectations.

Copper Chef 5-Piece Deep 9.5-Inch Square Pan Set



+ 4 burners

+ Electronic ignition with auto re-igniter


– No touch or electronic panel

– No self-cleaning

  • The Kucht gas range comes with four top burners: one 18,000 BTU burner, one 15,000 BTU dual burner, and two 12,000 BTU burners.
  • It also has a 22,000 BTU convection oven and a 15,000 BTU tube burner broiler. The oven is 4.2 cubic ft and has blue porcelain interior.
  • For all your cooking needs, this range has heavy duty, cast-iron cooking grates, as well as an electronic ignition with auto-ignition. You will need to clean this range yourself, but it is easy to disassemble the burners.
  • There is no warming drawer, but the oven does have a broiler built inside. This range doesn’t have an electronic, or touch panel, but does come with a LED clock.
  • Overall, this gas range works well for families and in small households, but it doesn’t have all the built-in extras that other ranges like the Samsung and Bosch have.
  • While this is a good option, consider the lack of extras for the prices, and consider the oven size, as it isn’t too big either.

Get Your Dream Slide-In Gas Range For Your Dream Kitchen

I know buying a 30” gas range is no joke, that’s why I put together these best slide in gas range reviews. Personally, I’d go with the Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range – Convection. This is an expensive option, but a long-lasting one and definitely worth it.
The Bosch offers built-in extras like a self-cleaning option, a control panel, and the oven is spacious enough for your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Go with this one, and you’ll still love it 10 years from now!
What do you think? Let me know!

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