Find The Best Soda Maker and All You Can Do With It

There are a few things we all enjoy after a day in the sun, or perhaps when watching a movie, and having a good soda is one of them. It can be difficult to drink soda nowadays though, because as we move to healthier foods, we have discovered that some of our favorites drinks are filled with awful chemicals.

​I ask myself then, should I give up on soda entirely? Maybe, maybe not. I have come to discover the beauty of soda makers. Today, I will tell you all about the best soda maker in the market and what soda maker reviews you should have into account before you buy one for yourself.

What Exactly Is a Soda Maker?

​Soda makers work by turning your tap water into a carbonated drink by using a CO2 carbonator. These devices work based on the amount of carbonation you desire, as most of them usually have levels of carbonation you can use to guide you when making your own soda.

​Usually, these soda makers will take about 30 seconds to turn your water into a delicious carbonated drink in the reusable bottle that comes with it. So you can save money on soda cans or bottles, but also save the environment and even save some leftover soda in your fridge.

​What About the Flavor?

​Soda makers usually have their own brand of syrup used for flavoring. The really good thing about making your own soda is that you can also make your own flavor, whether you go with the store-bought options or you decide to make your own syrup, the options are limitless.

If you do decide to go with the store-bought flavors, you can try classic flavors like cola, cream, root beer or orange. However, there are also healthier options for your soda, such as grapefruit, kiwi, apple and more, which don’t have any artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners.​

It’s also important to note that most brands come with “diet” or “light” alternatives, so you can also save some calories when you choose to make your own soda.​

Is It a Hard Process?​

Not at all! When you make your own soda you are saving on a lot of things, including your own time. Think about how long it takes you to open a can or a bottle and serve, this is about the amount of time it takes to create your own soda.

Your soda maker will also fit almost everywhere. It really only takes a little bit of space on your countertop.

And most importantly, the sodamix bottle is about the size of one can, but it’s the drink equivalent of 33 cans. On the other hand, the reusable carbonating bottles are the equivalent of 60 liters.​

You’re saving space from bulky cans or bottles, and you can make as much soda as you like without going to the store constantly. Check this video to know how to use it. It’s super easy!​

OK, So Easy to Use and Fun Flavors… Any Other Thing I Can Do With a Soda Maker?

Yes, in fact. There are many ways in which your new soda maker can help out in the house. By making your own soda water, you’re also saving on cleaning devices and products.​

Because soda water–also referred to as seltzer water–is more acidic than regular water, it can dissolve stains and clean dirt more easily. Here are some ways in which your new homemade soda water can help clean around your house:​

  • Soda water and a cloth, preferably microfiber, to clean and shine steel and porcelain around your home.
  • Soda water to dissolve coffee stains and other stains such as wine. If your clothes get dirty, apply some soda water on them and they will go away easier when washed.
  • Soda water to remove any dirt or stains from your jewerly. Simply soak them in a cup full of soda water.

Soda Water to the Rescue!

Aside from helping around your house and being delicious, soda water is actually good for you. If you are considering the health benefits of soda water, consider drinking it without any flavors and you’ll be hydrating more than you thought.​

Soda Maker Reviews

If you have a thing for flavors, then you may want to add lime or mint to you soda water to make it more appealing. The truth is by drinking soda water you’re hydrating your body, which may sound silly, but most times we are dehydrated and don’t even know.​

It has also been proved that drinking soda water could aid your digestion, especially if you suffer from gallstone formations and impaired digestion.

What Are My Options and How to Pick the Best Soda Maker?​


+   Larger carbonator

+   Reusable bottle

+   Modern look

+   Trade-in carbonation canister


–   Harder to screw in carbonator

–  Not dishwasher safe

  • This soda maker is one of the newest from the Sodastream brand and it comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure you’re always happy with your new acquisition. This new design is sleeker and modern, which can make it blend well with your kitchen or bar.
  • The LX refers to the 130L CO2 carbonators, which means that unlike other models, this one uses bigger carbonation canisters and thus makes around 130L of soda. As with other models, the Dynamo LX works with a plastic bottle. It is not safe to wash in dishwasher or with hot water.
  • Because of this larger model, your 130L will last longer, so this is an overall advantage for you if you like having the ability to make your own soda and also not have to refill the canister as often.

You may also want to keep in mind that screwing in the carbonation canister requires a bit of strength, as it has to be tightly screwed in. This specific model might be better for you if you have a large family or plan to use it several times a day. Otherwise, maybe a smaller model works better.


+ Affordable

+ Reusable bottle

+ Light weight

+ Trade-in carbonation canister


– Less potency

– Less carbonation capacity

– Not dishwasher safe

  • This Fountain Jet Soda Maker has the capability of around 60L carbonation and comes with a BPA bottle. The bottle will last about 3 years but it isn’t dishwasher safe and shouldn’t be washed with hot water.
  • The starter kit is a great way to start your venture into the world of homemade soda. Make sure you watch out for the expiration date on the carbonation canister and find out where you can trade in your old one for a new one and save even more money.
  • Though this is a cheaper option, it is also harder to work with. While not difficult, the mechanism to carbonate and put in your bottle may be harder to do than the other more complex models.
  • If you want to give your water a touch of sparkling, then this model will suffice. If you’re more into really fizzy sodas, you should try it out first and then make a decision.


+ Affordable

+ Mobile

+ Easy to use


– Less potency

– Single-use CO2 carbonators

– Not dishwasher safe

  • Unlike its SodaStream competitor, the SodaSparkle uses fully recyclable and easy-to-dispose CO2 carbonators. This model is a great way to save space on your counter, as it can be stored easily and is completely portable.
  • This Easy-to-Use model comes with 5 CO2 soda chargers and a 1L bottle. When using this home soda maker you will find that all you have to do is put the CO2 charger on the top device, twist the bottle in and your tap water will be bubbly in seconds.
  • If you do decide to go with this option, you should know that one CO2 carbonator--or charger--makes one 1L bottle, which means you will have to stack up on these if you are constantly making soda.
  • Though not widely specified, it is said that you can adapt this home soda maker with cheaper “off the market” CO2 carbonators. Don’t take this as set in stone, it may better to ask around and maybe try this before you step up to a bigger soda maker, if this is something you’re considering.
  • Overall, this option is good if only a couple of people--or maybe just you--want to make some occasional soda, but if it’s a multiple-times-a-day sort of scenario, then you may want to go with another choice.


+   Somewhat affordable

+   Option to upgrade CO2 canister

+  Reusable trade-in CO2 canister


–   Smaller starter CO2 canister

–  Mail-in rebate for CO2 trade-in

–   Not dishwasher safe

  • The Genesis Sparkling Water Maker is different from all your other options because it is just that: a sparkling water maker. Unlike other options in the market, this one creates a sparkling taste for your tap water that is not the same taste as a soda.
  • This option comes with a 4-ounce starter CO2 carbonator, but it can be exchanged later for a full 60L one. How? Through mail-in rebate, which means you bring the empty CO2 container to an authorized retailer and swap it for a 60L one, you then receive $15 cash back by submitting a mail-in form.
  • When you buy the SodaStream Genesis, you will find that the small CO2 canister may not be enough for your needs.
  • However, if you are more inclined to try the taste out first, or you enjoy 1 or 2 cups of sparkling water a day, then this may fulfill your needs just well!
  • Also, like the other SodaStream options, with this Sparkling Water Maker, you can use all the SodaStream brand and non-brand syrups you like.

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+   No need to use plastic bottle

+  Free cocktail recipe book

+   Dishwasher safe

+   Affordable


–   Hard to tighten handle

–   Doesn’t have levels guide for carbonation

–   CO2 chargers not included

  • This Innovee Soda Siphon is a very distinct choice. In contrast to SodaStream and SodaSparkle the Soda Siphon doesn’t use a bottle and directly create fizzy water from your cup.
  • So, how does it work? The Siphon also uses a CO2 charger, which by the way, isn’t included in the package. Once you have the CO2 charger, all you have to do is press the handle and air CO2 into your glass or cup of tap water.
  • Once you buy the CO2 chargers, you will have to slip it into a tube that doubles as the handle. However, you have to turn this handle very tightly. Keep this in mind as it may too much of a hassle for you to tighten it.
  • When you get this model you will also receive a free cocktail recipes book. A good thing since you may want to go with this option if you are thinking of using it more in a “bar setting”. You will get a 1L size siphon to create as many fizzy/sparkling drinks as you want.
  • Though it sounds harder to use, it comes with detailed instructions and may actually end up being easier to use than any of the other options--it just depends on your taste and needs!

I Need a Soda Now, What Should I Choose?

In my opinion, all these options are good for their own reasons. However, I believe that the best option is the SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker. I recommend starting out with this choice, the flavor of the carbonation is less potent, but it’s also good enough for healthy soda alternatives.

If you are a complete soda lover, then my second choice is the SodaStream Dynamo LX. This one is the pro of soda makers in my view, and it will satisfy your needs and your entire family’s. The extra large canister is worth it!

Ready to make some soda? Try out your own syrup recipes, or a cool cocktail, and let me know how it turned out! Do you know more of these soda makers? Also let me know what you think about it!

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