Best Stainless-Steel Pans And Pots Buying Guide


Shopping for a stainless-steel cookware set is not always easy. The range of stainless steel pans and pots is enormous, and the number of cookware styles and brands seems to be growing every single day.  Pots and pans are available in different materials, from copper to aluminum and cast iron and stainless steel, among other elements. All these can really confuse you when choosing and buying a cookware set.

How then do you ensure that you are choosing and purchasing the right cooking set without having to spend more than you should?

One of the best ways to do this is to know what features of a good cooking set. Know precisely the features you should look for before purchasing any item for your kitchen. Simply put, you should be informed about the attributes that make cookware set the best for you, depending on your needs. To help you make an informed choice when buying your next set of best stainless steel pans and pots, we have highlighted for you some of the top features you should look for in a product.

The durability of a cookware set

You don’t want to spend money on a cookware set that will last for only a while. This is why you should determine whether the cookware is made of quality material before buying it. You should basically look at what types of metal are used to make the product. An excellent example of high quality and durable cookware set is an 18/10 stainless steel cookware set that contains 10% nickel and 18% chromium. This set is considered very sturdy and will last for a lifetime. Chromium protects stainless steel against rust and stains. Nickel makes the chromium more effective. Nickel also gives your pans and pots a very glossy shine.

It is important to note that the higher these numbers, the more a cookware set is resistant to corrosion.

Heat conductivity

This is where the material the cookware set is made of matters. Some metals will conduct heat better than others. Copper, for example, conducts heat better than other metals like aluminum and other common metals used to make cookware. What this actually means, especially when it comes to cookware simply is that the better the material in terms of heat conductivity, the more evenly and better the food is going to cook in it. Also, heat conductivity means that when you turn the heat down or up, the cookware made of copper is going to react quicker and faster than the cookware made of stainless steel. Copper cookware reacts faster to the changes in temperature.

Even though stainless-steel cookware doesn’t conduct heat as fast as copper cookware, they tend to be the favorite of many because they don’t react quickly to the changes in temperature. So, as you look for cookware that conducts heat evenly, also consider how reactive it can be to temperature changes.

Durable handles

Another vital feature to look for when buying cookware is the handle. Sturdy handles are as important as the general quality of the metal that the cookware is made of.

Cookware may have easy-to-grip and cool-touch handles. However, you may still need to consider if the handles that are strong and durable. The handles should be able to go stovetop and to oven without melting. Besides durability, the stems should be strategically placed for easy holding when carrying the cookware and when stirring the food when cooking.


Lids should be part of every cookware set. Makes sure the cookware set comes with well-fixed lids. Lids are essential because many recipes often require them. Without them, the food may not cook properly. The lids should be durable as well. They should also be relatively heavy so they may stay in place during cooking.

Aluminum core

Another thing to look for, especially in a stainless-steel cookware set is whether it incorporates an aluminum core. Granted, pure stainless still does not corrode. Besides, it is also very durable. However, it is known for not being able to retain the heat very well. This also means that pure stainless steel may cook the food unevenly. This is where aluminum comes in. Stainless steel cookware sets often feature copper and aluminum core in the sidewalls and base of every pan to solve the problem of uneven distribution or conduction of heat.

Oven safe

Determine whether the cookware set is oven safe. Usually, all pans and pots can resist high temperatures of up to about 400ºF. However, most handles and lids can withstand such high heat. Buying a cooking set that is not oven safe may end in disaster, destroying the new stems as they may melt inside the oven.

Find a cookware set that includes the right pans and pots for your preferred recipes.

Apart from the qualities we have mentioned above, you should also find out whether the cookware set you are about to purchase includes the pans and pots that you can use for the recipes you consider to be your favorite.

You might find it tempting sometimes to purchase a cookware set coming with the most pieces because that sounds like you will be getting the value for your investment. But still, you will want to buy a set that that comes with the most useful pieces depending on what you will want to use. In more often than not, any standard stainless-steel cookware set usually comes with a skillet or a sauté for cooking vegetables and meat, a stockpot for pasta and soup, and a saucepan for sauces and soups. Before you buy or place an order, be sure to determine what extra pieces you will want to use.

In Conclusion

As you look for the qualities, we have mentioned here, also ensure you are buying a cooking set that best suits your needs.

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