The Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Reviewed

Stainless steel rice cookers are amazing appliances because they ensure your food is free of harmful chemicals and cooks evenly. They are better than the conventional aluminum coated pots because they don’t absorb light or odor or react to acids in the food. They offer a quicker and healthier way of cooking rice. However, depending on the demand of each user, you can choose a model which is more suitable made from stainless steel. If you are a lover of canned food, consider a pressure cooker for canning, for example.

The best stainless steel rice cooker is one that doesn’t rust, tarnish, pit, or peel and lets you cook amazing rice each time. Take a look at our review of the top five stainless steel rice cookers in the market. Read on till the end to find out our top pick.​

Things To Consider Before Buying A Rice- Cooker

Before we jump into the reviews, let’s take a look at all the things you should consider before choosing and buying a rice- cooker:


Electric rice cookers use two different kinds of technologies to cook perfect rice:

  • Thermal Convection: This is the standard technology used in most electric rice cookers whereby heated air passes through the stainless steel pot, raising the temperature enough to cook the rice. Cookers using this technology usually have an automatic thermal sensor that switches to warming mode as soon as the rice is cooked.
  • Heat Induction: This comparatively new technology allows you to cook rice faster whereby an electromagnetic current passes through the steel pan making it hot enough to cook the rice. This technology ensures consistent cooking. However, rice cookers that use heat induction tend to be more expensive.

While cookers that use thermal technology are just as good at cooking rice, cookers with heat induction technology offer consistency and longevity. Both these qualities make for a great rice cooking experience. While choosing the best cooker, bear in mind that heat induction technology is a little bit more expensive and the cookers that use this technology are more high-tech than others.

Design And Size

While the size of the cooker depends upon the volume of rice you need to cook at one time, the design is something you need to pay special attention to. Usually, rice cookers are bulky and big. So if you have a small kitchen, you need to choose a cooker that will fit in there easily. Also, if you have an open kitchen, look for stylish rice cookers that look great displayed on the counter. Make sure that the appliance comes with a retractable or removable chord for easy storage. You can also use the cooker for serving if the chord comes off.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Since rice cookers are electric devices, most of them aren’t dishwasher safe. This means you will have to wash your rice cooker by hand. Make sure you pick a model that lets you pull the steel pot out to clean. Stainless-steel cookers tend to be easier to clean, so you should be able to wash them with water, soap, and a sponge.

A rice cooker is only as good as its use. Choose a model that is easy to use and doesn’t come with a bunch of complicated instructions. Models that boast a multitude of features are usually difficult to operate, so buy a rice cooker that is straight-forward.

Features And Functions


Electric rice cookers usually come packed with a ton of features and functions. While you need to focus on models that cook rice perfectly, you can look for some other features as well. For example, cookers with a “keep warm” feature will keep your rice warm for up to 12 hours. Cookers that have a “quick cook” mode will allow you to cook rice in little time. Delay start features can help you save energy. Choose cookers that come packed with some of these convenient features to add to your rice cooking experience.

You can also look for cookers that come packed with extra accessories like a spatula, steaming tray, glass lid, and rice measuring cup. Some rice cookers also come with a cook or recipe book. These extra features add to the overall value of the cooker.

Top 5 Stainless Steel Rice Cookers

Choosing the best stainless steel rice cooker depends on a number of factors. In our mission to find the best rice cooker, we considered all the factors mentioned above and some more to make sure we end up with a rice cooker that is functional and durable. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Rice Cooker and Warmer


When it comes to rice cooking technology, no one does it better than a Japanese rice cooker like the Japanese brand Zojirushi. The company that is well-known for their high tech cooking machines and the NP-HCC10XH is no different. This rice cooker uses induction technology to cook amazing rice quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, it is a stylish piece of equipment to have in your kitchen.

The rice cooker comes packed with tons of innovative features including a two-setting delay feature so you can have your rice steaming hot every time. There is also a feature that lets you choose if you want your rice to be softer and mushy or harder and sturdy. This is a multi-use cooker so you can steam vegetables in it and even cook porridge if you like.


  • It features induction heating technology that ensures you get perfectly cooked rice every time. It is also a stylish appliance
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty and features multi-menu cooking functions
  • It comes in 5.5 and 10 cup sizes and has a feature to keep rice warm for up to 12 hours
  • It has a sturdy construction and is easy to clean


  • It doesn’t come with a retractable chord which seems to be a hassle
  • It doesn’t have a slow cooking feature
  • The lid isn’t the easiest to open or close and may get stuck sometimes as well
  • This is an expensive cooker

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Rice Cooker and Food Steamer


There are a number of rice cookers offered by Aroma and we tried most of them before deciding to pick the ARC-914SBD. The reason we chose this model is because this one has a full stain-less steel body and comes with an added steaming feature. This feature allows you to steam vegetables and meat while your rice gets ready.

This cooker is easy to use and comes packed with a steam tray, measuring cup, spatula, and a mini recipe book. The cooker has digital programmable controls and an automatic keep warm function that activates as soon as the rice is cooked.


  • Aroma Housewares incredibly easy to use and cooks perfect rice every time
  • The rice cooker has a delay timer up to 15 hours
  • The non-stick inner cooking bowl is removable for easy cleaning, in fact, this cooker is dishwasher friendly
  • This is a sturdy cooker that can cook both brown and white rice


  • The measuring cup included with this cooker is smaller than the standard US cup, which means the capacity of this cooker is less than actually advertised
  • The steaming tray included can only hold very small quantities of vegetables or meat which means you don’t really use this feature a lot
  • This cooker takes a little longer to cook rice and is prone to breakdowns

3. Tiger JAX-T10U-K Rice Cooker with Food Steamer & Slow Cooker


The JAX-T10U-K is a rice cooker that has it all; it comes packed with a food steamer and has a slow cooking feature as well. It is a sleek, stylish cooker that is perfect for smaller kitchens. It is a fully programmable cooker that lets you cook many different types of rice.

The slow cooking feature allows you to cook rice just the way you like and the synchro-cooking feature lets you steam vegetables while your rice cooks. This cooker comes packed with a cookbook and a cooking plate. It comes in 5.5 and 10 cup capacities.


  • This cooker boasts 4-in-1 cooking functions and has a ten programmable cooking function settings
  • It is sleek and compact and weighs only 9 pounds which make it a convenient cooker to place in small kitchens
  • It can keep rice warm for up to 12 hours and has a 1.5mm thick, non-stick inner pan that is easy to clean
  • The inner lid and steamer cap are removable, this makes for easier cleaning


  • This rice cooker doesn’t have a condensation collector, this means that your rice gets soaked in water droplets if you let it sit in the cooker after it is cooked. This is really inconvenient
  • The cooker doesn’t have a retractable chord
  • The instructions that come with this cooker are a little difficult to grasp
  • The synchro-cooking feature takes more time to get your dish ready

4. Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81


If you’re looking for a no-frills, basic rice cooker than the ME81 may just be what you’re looking for. This simple rice cooker has a stainless steel cooking bowl and steaming tray, both of which are sturdy and safe to use. This rice cooker can cook up to 8 cups of rice and has a pretty straight-forward user interface.

The cooker has a glass lid so you can see the rice as it cooks. It comes packed with a measuring cup and a rice paddle. The cooker also has an automatic warming feature that activates as soon as the rice is done cooking.


  • Miracle Stainless is easy to use and dependable
  • It cooks rice quickly and is easy to clean
  • The stainless steel components make sure no chemicals are transferred to your food
  • It is a reasonably priced appliance


  • This cooker doesn’t have a power switch. The cooker turns on as soon as you plug it in and you have to actually take out its switch to turn it off
  • The rice tends to overcook in the warming mode so you have to make sure to turn the cooker off as soon as the rice is done cooking
  • Rice is prone to sticking at the bottom especially when used frequently

5. Instant Pot IP-DUO50 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker


Leave it to Instant Pot to design a rice cooker that does everything. This multifaceted appliance takes care of all aspects of cooking including making dessert. But for the purpose of this review, we will only focus on its rice cooking qualities. The IP-DUO50 is an amazing rice cooker especially if you’re looking to cook large quantities of rice at one time.

This Canadian cooker comes in 5; 6; and 8-quart sizes and has 14 microprocessor controls. It also has dual pressure settings; one keeps your food warm and the other saves up to 70% energy by delaying cooking for up to 24 hours.


  • Instant Pot IP-DUO50 is multifunctional and energy efficient
  • It has a sturdy stainless steel body and is ULC and UL certified
  • It has ten safety mechanisms which ensure that there are no accidents due to loose lids
  • It is a reasonably priced appliance


  • The instructions aren’t easy to understand and you need trial and error to get used to cooking with this appliance
  • This is a huge appliance that takes up a lot of space and it doesn’t have a removable chord
  • This cooker has a longer pre-heating time and may take more time to cook rice

Our Top Pick

Choosing the best stainless steel rice cooker out of the ones mentioned above came down to a choice between quantity and quality. While rice cookers like Instant Pot and Tiger Jax offered tons of features and allow you to cook and steam other food items as well, they tended to be inconsistent when it came to the quality of steamed rice produced. This is the reason why our top pick is the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Rice Cooker and Warmer. It may be a bit expensive but this rice cooker is worth the price. It uses state-of-the-art heat induction technology to steam rice in record time. This Japanese rice cooker upholds its standard of steaming each time you cook rice and is a stylish appliance as well. It also lets you steam all kinds of rice and other food items too.

Do you agree with our assessment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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