The Best Water Cooler Is Out There, But Read This Before You Buy It!

I’m big on always drinking water. It’s not just the only drink that really calms my thirst, but it’s also necessary for a good, healthy life. It wasn’t a surprise then when I started researching for the best water cooler

Though I’m confident you can get past with a simple filter for your tap water, I have always dreamed of having a water dispenser that can serve all my family’s needs. It’s tough to know what to buy, which is why I always go with the best water dispenser reviews.

Also, it’s a good way to make other drinks around the house, such as sparkling water, or soda, and even cocktails. When using a water cooler, I don’t have to worry about the taste of my water or what may be in it.

Firstly, Are Water Coolers and Water Dispensers The Same?

No, though most people tend to use--myself included--the term water “cooler” or “dispenser” interchangeably, they are in fact a bit different.

A water dispenser is any machine that pulls liquid from a storage tank and dispenses it via a tap. It could refer to the dispenser in your refrigerator, or a big unit that holds a water bottle. Yet, not all water dispensers are coolers.

On the other side, a water cooler is similar to a dispenser because it also pulls water from a source, but they also contain a compressor that is designed to chill the water.

These are the main differences, but for the sake of this article. I will refer to water coolers and water dispensers interchangeably, as all of the ones I refer here are also coolers.

Why Should I Buy a Water Dispenser?

While a water cooler may be something you see at offices, or gyms, but why not at your home? There are many reasons why, but it is certainly an item that can benefit you and your entire family.

Here are important reasons why you should buy the best water cooler out there, from size to clean water, to ease of use, here are some of the benefits of getting your own water dispenser:

  • Portable: those water coolers that don’t require plumbing can be moved easily, which means you can set it up anywhere, and simply attach the water jug to use right away. Some of these water dispensers are even over-the-counter, which means you can move it without too much hassle.
  • Hot and Cold Water: most water dispensers come with the option of hot and cold water. This is an advantage as you will be able to cool off, but also get hot drinks right away. And if your water cooler is portable and small, you can even take it with you to camping trips, and have potable water.
  • Less Use of Plastic and Money: if you buy a big water dispenser, or even a regular sized one, you can also save money, and save the planet by not buying as many bottled waters.
  • Easy Maintenance: water coolers are easy to put apart and clean, which you only have to do about once a month. Most of these units have a guarantee, and these should cover most of the issues should you experience anything.

Different Uses For Your Water Cooler

Believe it or not, your water dispenser isn’t just meant to be used for drinking water. That’s right, there are many uses for this machine that will save you time and trouble. Here are some ideas on what your water cooler can do for you:

Cleaning: use the hot water to get rid of sticky messes, especially with leftover food on tables, or floors.​

Removing labels: because stickers and labels are so hard to take off, you can use the hot water from your dispenser to slowly peel off the glue and paper.

Cooking: with the hot water from you water dispenser, you can make soup, broth, boil water, and speed up the cooking process. Of course you can also use the water to make delicious smoothies, or morning drinks.​

Oatmeal: if you are running low on time in the morning but still want to get breakfast, simply pour some hot water onto your instant oatmeal and you’ll have a meal in seconds.​

Open lids: when you are trying to open jars, or containers, place the lid directly under the hot water from your dispenser, and keep it there for 45 seconds. The jar should open easily after. Keep doing it for a few more times if it doesn’t immediately open.

Polish silverware and jewelry: wash your silverware for a few seconds under hot water from your dispenser, and you’ll save money and time on polishing. Same with your jewelry, but in this case, immerse them in hot water and ammonia for about 30 minutes.​

Make jell-o: your kids will love this idea, simply add the instant jell-o, and use hot and cold water from your water cooler. Let it set for about 30 minutes and keep it cold in the fridge.​

Scoop ice cream: serving ice cream can be tedious and hard, simply run hot water on top of the scoop for about a minute, and then serve your ice cream, it will come out much easily.​

Slice hard cheese: as with the ice cream, hard cheese is hard to cut. Immerse the knife under hot water for about 5 minutes, and then cut the cheese.​

Lower heart rate: if you suffer from abnormal or fast high rate, simply soak a towel under cold water, put it on your forehead and close your eyes. This trick will calm you down and lower your heart speed.​

Relieve joint and muscle aches: when you are in pain, dip a towel in hot water and use it as a compress for your muscles and joints.

Improve digestion: it’s proven that drinking hot water after meals improves digestion and helps your stomach and intestines break down fat. Use your hot water dispenser and have a glass after meals, or if you prefer, make some herbal hot tea as well.​

Bottled Water Dispensers vs. Point-of-Use Water Dispenser

Bottled water dispensers are the usual choice for offices, gyms, and doctor’s offices. They use 2, 3, and 5 gallon water bottles. Replacing the water bottle is not hard, but does require some knowledge. Here are the pros and cons of these coolers:


  • Require little maintenance
  • High variety in models
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to place and plug in
  • Refill service usually available
  • Warm and cold water options


  • Always require bottled water
  • Hard to recycle/not environmentally friendly
  • Constant investment in replacing bottled water
  • Can be loud

On the other hand, point-of-use water dispensers don’t require bottled water. These are instead hooked up directly to an existing water line, or the main water supply. Here are the pros and cons for this system:


  • More convenient access to water supply
  • No need to carry and change heavy bottles of water
  • Filter system is superior and provides better smelling and tasting water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Easy to use


  • Require regular maintenance and change of filters
  • Maintenance is usually up to the owner no service provided
  • Very loud
  • Depends on access to water line

Overall, it’s up to you and your needs which water dispenses is best. This is why it is important to check out the best water dispenser reviews and know exactly what you need.

Clean Water At All Times

You can trust your filter, and most times it may work just fine, but having a water dispenser will definitely fulfill your need for clean water. When you use your own point-of-use (POU) bottleless water dispenser, you are guaranteed to have filtered water by connecting it directly from an existing water line.

By employing a sealed, airtight bottleless system, a water cooler reduces the risk of water contamination by human contact. These same water dispensers use a filter method that uses high density polypropylene to protect and shield the water from all elements.

Choosing the Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Time to pick out your next best investment, but first, you have to consider your options and why they work for you. Here are the best products I found and why they work or don’t for you:


Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler with LED Indicators

via: Amazon.com


+ Self cleaning technology

+ LED water quality indicators

+ Bottom-loading

+ 1 year warranty


– Large

– Louder

  • This stainless steel water cooler comes with the 6th Sense Self Cleaning technology that uses unstable oxygen to break down bacteria and viruses.
  • This dispenser uses LED indicators to let you know that the Self-Cleaning is running, as well as the hot and cold water are at the perfect temperature.
  • The Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler also ensures a one-year warranty from the manufacturer from the date of purchase. Technical support is also available over the phone.
  • If you decide to buy this cooler, you may want to check the shape of the bottle, as it usually comes with a specific 5-gallon bottle.
  • Because this water dispenser is bottom-loading, changing your water bottle is easier and you won’t have to lift up anything heavy. The hot water unit can also be turned off should you want to have room temperature water available.
  • Overall, the unit is portable and fits most kitchens, but it may be too big for a small one.
  • If you do decide to go with this modern choice, it’s important that you know how big it is. The LED lights are always on as well, which may be inconvenient in some places.

Elkay EZS8L ADA Compliant Barrier Free Water Cooler

via: Amazon.com


+ Long lasting

+ Wheelchair accessible

+ Lead-free


– Mounted wall installation is more work

– No hot water

  • This wall-mounted water cooler offers easy touch pushbar to dispense cold water. If you are looking for an office, gym, or public space water cooler, this option may be the right one. However, this water dispenser doesn’t offer any hot water options, and is more so for individual uses.
  • If you or someone else in your family, office, or any of your clients, needs special accommodations, such as wheelchair, this water fountain is a good choice. It also comes with 1 or 4 years warranty for service.
  • Be careful if you go with this option, you may want to check what materials you need to install it. The filter system also needs to be replaced after a while, but there are instructions for you to be able to do it on your own.
  • When using the Elkay EZS8L you may want to check what your needs are. If you want cold water at all times, high pressure, and easiness, this choice may not be adequate, but it can work for small children, gyms, and other public places.

Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler with LED Indicators, Ice Chilled Water, Steaming Hot, Total Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

via: Aamzon.com


+ Stainless steel and nickel-plated

+ 6th Sense Self Cleaning technology

+ LED water quality indicators

+ Bottom-loading


– Loud

– Big

  • This Whirlpool bottom-loading water cooler also comes with 6th Sense Self Cleaning technology that uses oxygen to break down viruses and bacteria in water.
  • As well as with the first option, you can check the LED lights to see whether the water is clean and at the right temperature.
  • Stainless steel and nickel-plated front and sides make this a beautiful addition to your home or office space. Because it is a bottom-loading choice, this water cooler uses a powerful water pump and a water siphon that sucks up remaining water.
  • When you buy this dispenser, you may also get colder water than usual, by at least 9 degrees F. You also have the option of steaming hot water. If you choose this option, you need to check whether it is compatible with 5 and 3 gallon water bottles.
  • Consider this a good choice if you have a big family, if you use your water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning. But definitely as well if you don’t mind the LED lights being on at all times.

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold & Room Water, Durable Stainless Steel Cabinet, NSF Certified Filter- UL/Energy Star Approved

via: Amazon.com


+ Bottleless

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Easy to use

+ Easy to install


– Needs access to direct water line

– Filter needs replacement every 3 months

  • The Avalon Bottleless water dispenser comes with 3 different temperature settings. Instead of having to turn off the hot water option, you can now use the 3 settings to get hot, room temperature, and cold water at all times.
  • Because it needs no water bottles, this water cooler is a great choice for you if you care about the environment, and also saving time and money. However, you also have a 3 month/750 gallon filter that needs to be replaced every 3 months.
  • When you buy the Avalon water dispenser you need to have access to a direct water source, which can be tricky in certainly places, but it may be a great way to serve your house needs. Also because this is a waterless dispenser, it doesn’t make as much noise.
  • If you want an easy to use and install cooler, this may be the perfect one. It comes with all materials needed and a filter included. It also has a light for pouring water in the dark, and lights in the back to let you know how the water is running.

Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold & Room Water, Durable Stainless Steel Construction, Bottom Loading - UL/Energy Star Approved

via: Amazon.com


+ Smaller

+ Child lock for hot water

+ 3 temperatures

+ Self cleaning technology

+ LED bottle replacement lights


– Loud

– Heavy

  • This limited edition Avalon water cooler also comes with 3 temperature settings: hot, room temperature, and cold. It als has a self-cleaning ozone features that sanitizes and purifies the dispenser.
  • If you want this water cooler for your house, this is a perfect choice, as it comes with a built-in nightlight, as well as a light indicator that your bottle needs to be replaced.
  • Also, because this is a bottom-loading water dispenser, you won’t have to carry anything heavy either.
  • As with many things, you may worry about the safety of your children. With this cooler, you have the option of a child lock for the hot water, preventing your kids from accidentally spilling it or getting burned.
  • Unlike the bottleless Avalon water dispenser, this water cooler doesn’t require a filter. This dispenser is also a bit smaller than others so it may fit your kitchen easier and blend in more. If you like having various temperature options, you should definitely consider this choice.

Clover B9A Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser

via: Amazon.com


+ Small

+ Portable

+ Easy to clean

+ Thermostat for cold water

+ Energy efficient


– Not as modern-looking

– No thermostat for hot water

  • If you want a water dispenser that fits right on your kitchen counter, or desk at the office, this may be the perfect choice.
  • The Clover B9A comes with both hot and cold water options, and the tank is built with a hygienic stainless steel material that prevents bacterial growth.
  • Because it has an adjustable thermostat, you can also play around with the cold water temperature to your taste; it can be changed between 35.6°F-53.6°F. However, the hot water can reach a 185°F temperature but it is managed automatically.
  • If you want to watch out energy consumption and care about the environment, then check out this choice because it is Energy Star rate, which means it has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S Department of Energy.
  • Also, since this water cooler is smaller, it’s easier to clean, and it is highly movable, which may be an advantage if you live in a more confined place. Yet, as it is supposed to be more efficient, this cooler is not as elegant or “nice” looking as other options.

Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser - Hot & Cold Water, Child Safety Lock, Holds 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

via: Amazon.com


+ Affordable

+ Portable

+ Easy to clean

+ Easy to install

+ Child lock safety


– Fan-cooling based

– Less strong

– Mild plastic water taste

  • The Nutrichef countertop water cooler is probably the most affordable option in this list. It comes with a hot and cold water options, and can hold 3 or 5-gallon bottles. The cold water is usually between 40-45°F, and the hot water is maintained between 170-175°F.
  • Since it operates with an automatic electric plug-in water system, it cools down water fast, but it’s also more quiet. It’s small structure makes it much more portable than any of the other options, you can easily transport it from room to room, and set it up quickly.
  • If you are buying a cooler for your family, the Nutrichef dispenser may be an excellent option, as it also comes with a child safety lock for the hot water spout to prevent spilling and getting burned.
  • Be careful though, if you want a very cold water option, this one may not be the best choice, as it uses a fan operated system that will never keep water refrigerated or extra cold. It is, however, energy efficient.

Time To Hydrate!

Are you ready to make this big, yet completely useful, purchase? I know it’s hard to make the decision, that is why I decided to choose the best water cooler according to me.

Of these reviews and options, the Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser. This water dispenser seems superior to me because it not only saves you money on energy and plastic water bottles, but it is also efficient and has 3 temperature options.

Though it may look big, this Avalon water cooler is easy to move around and use. I’m always one for saving the environment, so I’m willing to replace a filter every once in awhile. However, if you don’t mind the bottles, or you want this for an office setting, then perhaps a bottom-loading water dispenser is a good option for you.

What do you think? Let me know if you have a specific cooler you prefer, or what you use your water for! I’m always looking for the next big thing and would love to hear your opinion.

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