Shopping Guide For The Best Water Dispenser Reviews

Water dispensers are an inspired solution to getting cold or hot clean water whenever you want conveniently. Today, water dispensers don’t just give you cold and hot water but have additional features like the ability to dispense water at room temperature, a refrigerating unit, and the ability to filter water as well. These new features make water dispensers an essential in every household.

​Here we have outlined the different types of dispensers found on the market, the features you should be looking for in the best water dispenser, and reviews of our favorite picks.

​All about Water Dispensers

Water dispensers come in all shapes and sizes. Here is what you should know about the kinds of water dispensers out there and their features to make an informed decision.

Types of Water Dispensers​

There are typically two types of water dispensers; floor units and tabletop units. Floor units are mounted on the floor and stand at least 3 feet high. Tabletop units are small enough in size to fit on any table or desk. While both types of units perform the same function, floor units can dispense a greater volume of water than tabletops. However, table tops take less space than floor units do.

​Mounting Water Containers


While tabletop units don’t have a variety of mounting options, floor units do. With floor units you can mount water containers in two ways: top-mounting and bottom-mounting. In top-mounting structures, the water bottle has to be lifted and tilted on the top of the water dispenser and put in place for the water to flow freely. In bottom-mounting structures, the water bottle is usually connected to the bottom of a water dispenser and put in place by connecting the lip of the bottle to a nozzle on the dispenser.

Water Holding Capacity

Generally, water dispensers can hold bottles containing 3-5 gallons of water. Smaller units carry less water and bottles have to be replaced more frequently. Bigger units can hold more water and hence bottles don’t have to be replaced as frequently.

​Composition of Structure

Units made from steel are more sturdy and durable. They also look sleek, presentable and are easy to wipe clean. However, their heavy weight makes them difficult to move around and they are expensive. Plastic units are more commonly found and are more affordable. They are also easier to move around. However, they aren’t as durable and may be difficult to wipe clean. Also, they sometimes dispense plastic tasting water.

Ceramic is another material used to make water dispensers. Here are the advantages of going down that route.

Things to Consider before choosing a Water Dispenser​

​Now that you have an idea of what’s available in the market, let’s narrow down your research by looking at some points you should consider when selecting the best water dispenser:

  • The frequency of use: The size and type of water dispenser you buy depend on the frequency of its use. Offices, for example, need larger dispensers so as to conveniently cater to a larger audience. Small families can make do with a smaller tabletop dispenser
  • Space Available: Floor units take more space than table-tops. But there is also a variety in sizes in a particular category. Choose a dispenser that fits in your space perfectly
  • Price Point: Your budget is also a viable consideration when choosing the right dispenser. Smaller and plastic dispensers cost less but aren’t that durable, while larger and steel dispensers are the opposite
  • Water Temperature Requirement: Water dispensers usually come with a hot and cold temperature feature but there are some that just dispense one or the other. There are also dispensers that have an added feature of dispensing water at room temperature
  • Size of nozzle and dispensing area: Some units have small nozzles with a narrow dispensing area. These units are usually smaller and are made for using with plastic cups or smaller glasses. If you want to fill larger glasses or mugs you will need to look for a dispenser with larger nozzles and a wider dispensing area
  • Filtration system: Dispensers, in general, don’t come with an in-built filtration system. However, there are many dispensers that offer filtration as well as dispensing features. These dispensers are usually larger and cost more
  • Added features: Some dispensers come packed with extra features like a refrigerating unit, a storage unit, and child lock facility on hot water nozzle. If you require any of these features be sure to check that they are included in your water dispenser

The best way to prolong the life of your water dispenser is to keep it clean. Take a look at this method to clean your water dispenser.

​Top 5 Water Dispensers Reviewed

Here are our picks of the best water dispensers on the market.

1. Clover B14A Water Dispenser

Via: Amazon


  • Though it is made from steel, the structure weighs only 32 lbs.
  • The structure is very sturdy
  • You can control the cold water settings
  • It has a child safety lock on the hot water nozzle
  • It has Energy Star rating and a switch to turn on/off the hot water


  • Though it is made from steel, the structure weighs only 32 lbs.
  • The structure is very sturdy
  • You can control the cold water settings
  • It has a child safety lock on the hot water nozzle
  • It has Energy Star rating and a switch to turn on/off the hot water

This is a top-loader water dispenser that looks as good as its functions. The steel structure makes sure the water remains pure and hygienic. Its thermostat settings allow you to adjust the temperature of water according to your requirement. This dispenser is perfect for office use but can be used at home as well.


  • Both hot and cold water tanks are made of stainless steel
  • The thermostat lets you control the temperature of cold water from 35° to 53° F
  • The dispenser requires little maintenance, you just have to remove the drip tray for cleaning
  • It has a power switch for the hot water feature which helps you conserve electricity
  • It has an Energy Star rating, which means it is energy efficient according to the guidelines set by EPA and U.S. Department of Energy

2. NewAir WAT40B Water Dispenser


  • This is BPA certified so water is never contaminated
  • Has a light switch that indicates when water bottle needs to be replaced
  • Its size makes it easier to use for children
  • Has child safety lock on hot water nozzle
  • Comes packed with a warranty


  • This dispenser is noisy. It generates a humming noise when the compressor is running to produce hot or cold water
  • There are no hot and cold water temperature variations
  • This is a relatively new model in the market so its durability is yet to be checked

This bottom-loader dispenser is perfect for home use, especially since replacing the water bottle is no hassle and can be done by anyone. The dispenser is made for BPA free plastic and is NSF certified. The black exterior is stylish and it's reasonable size makes it a unit that can fit even in a small home. This dispenser is also child-friendly as its size and features make it easier and safer for children to use as well.


  • The dispenser is Energy Star qualified
  • Dispenses cold water at 39° F and hot water at 185° F
  • The dispenser weighs 35 lbs and stands at 41"
  • Comes with indicator lights
  • It has a powerful and energy efficient compressor

3. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser


  • This dispenser is fairly easy to use and dispenses cold water at 47° F and hot water at 167° F
  • The hot water temperature is perfect for quick brewing and making instant soups
  • The dispenser weighs only 37 pounds and is easy to move
  • This is a large size dispenser that holds 3-5 gallons of water but doesn’t take much space
  • Many supermarkets refill the water bottles this dispenser uses so you save money
  • This is an affordable water dispenser


  • As with all top-loading water dispensers it takes a lot of effort to haul the heavy water bottle and invert it on top of the dispenser
  • The nozzles on this dispenser are small which means that the water flow isn’t fast
  • The water dispensing area is also narrow so big glasses or mugs can’t fit into the area and present a problem to fill

The Avalon Top Loading water dispenser is made to be used in compact spaces. It is built to be used at home but small offices can house this as well. The plastic body is lightweight and easy to wipe clean. It has both hot and cold water nozzles that dispense water at just the right temperature.


  • The dispenser is UL/Energy Star approved
  • It has a child safety lock on the hot water nozzle, making it safe for children to use
  • The dispenser’s white color makes it perfect for blending into homes, offices, schools, and doctor’s offices
  • The compressor works fast and produces hot and cold water within minutes

4. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dispenser


  • The machine has a LED light that lets you know when the dispenser is self-cleaning and also when the water is at its hottest and coldest
  • The water gets as cold as 9° F which is colder than most water coolers
  • The dispenser is really sturdy and considering it is the fifth generation water dispenser made by this company, you know it is a quality product


  • For a state of the art water dispenser, this doesn’t offer a variety of water temperatures. The water dispensed is either really cold or really hot
  • The stainless steel exterior stains easily and needs to be wiped clean often
  • This is an expensive water dispenser

If you are looking for a super sleek, high-tech water dispenser, then this amazing model from Whirlpool is the answer to your prayers. This stainless steel bottom loading dispenser has 6th sense technology that uses unstable oxygen to kill bacteria and any other virus that contaminates water making this a self-cleaning dispenser. This deluxe looking dispenser screams luxury.


  • The structure is made from stainless steel and curved at the edges to increase aesthetic appeal
  • Uses a powerful loading water pump that sucks in all the water from the bottle and is durable
  • The water is cooled by a large piece of ice that keeps it colder for longer
  • The compressor is strong and doesn’t use much power
  • The dispenser weighs 300 lbs.

5. Honeywell Tabletop Water Cooler Dispenser


  • This water dispenser doesn’t take up much space and is light-weight
  • You don’t need to buy or lift any bottles to fill this dispenser, it has its own removable filter that can be filled with tap water
  • Its filtration system is designed to reduce chlorine, particulates, regulate taste and odor
  • The life of this filter is up to 132 gallons and the water dispenser has a one year warranty


  • The water dispenser comes with incomplete instructions, due to which the dispenser and filter may be incorrectly connected. This causes leakages
  • This dispenser can only dispense around 6 cups of hot water before it needs to reheat for more
  • This isn’t very affordable

The Honeywell Tabletop water cooler dispenser is a must-have for every small office and home. This half-plastic, half steel dispenser has a removable filter that can be filled with tap water. The dispenser comes with a filtration system which means you can use tap water without any worry. You can get both cold and hot water efficiently.


  • This dispenser is made of 42% plastic, 33% stainless steel, 9% carbon, 7% copper, 7% aluminum, and 5% resin
  • The dispenser is ETL certified and has easy to use mechanical levers
  • The 21" water dispenser has a 4-gallon filtration system that has been tested and certified by WQA

Our Top Pick:

Though it’s on the pricey side, our top pick is the Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dispenser because simply it offers great value for the money.

It isn’t just an amazing looking unit but the state of the art technology helps you get cold and hot water without using a lot of power. The intelligent compressor runs in cycles, so you save on electricity.

It is sturdy, smart, and self-cleaning and perfect for both home and office use. This water dispenser is truly an investment you won’t regret.

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