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Blenders – What are the Different Styles and What to Look For in Each Type

Blenders are one of the most versatile appliances that you can have in your kitchen. They can drastically reduce the time spent in the kitchen whipping out delicious drinks and dishes. This single appliance can assist you in creating food and drinks with different textures and consistency and also makes it possible for you to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet like never before.

What Type of Blender do You need?

So, if you are planning on getting a blender to make your culinary life simpler, this article discusses all the different styles of blenders that are available in the market and what features and functionalities you should be looking out for in each one of them.

1. Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are more suitable for carrying out lighter tasks in the kitchen, like whipping and whisking. They have a smaller range and are equipped with less powerful motors. Their parts are more durable, affordable and generally come with different functions like a turbo button and several speed limits. If you want a blender that can be easily stored and help you in the kitchen without causing too much fuss, then this might be your culinary best friend.

Features to Look for in a Hand Blender

• A comfortable grip is important as you are generally left with painful wrists if you have been whisking or blending for a while.

• A good hand blender comes with well-made and durable parts. Make sure your blender has strong whisks and not just thin wire.

• There must be multiple speed settings to meet different requirements.

• The wattage is another important feature. Blenders with higher watt ratings will take on more task. They will be doing more of the work and not your wrist.

2. Smoothie Blender

If you are into smoothies and other fancy drinks, a smoothie blender is definitely going to be your best friend in the kitchen. Smoothie blenders are extremely powerful if you get a well-made one. It will be slightly expensive but will give you smooth results irrespective of the ingredients that you have thrown in. Many of them come with additional products like extra accessories as well.

Features to Look for in Smoothie Blenders

• A good smoothie blender will be capable of crushing ice perfectly to make those iced drinks that you yearn for on a hot summer afternoon.

• There must be a spigot that helps you easily dispense the smoothie that you made.

• A stirring stick in the lid that helps stir the ingredients in the jar for proper blending.

3. Small Blenders

Many people prefer small or personal blenders as they are small, user-friendly, easy to clean, relatively cheap and the small size makes it possible for you to carry it with you when you are heading off to work or travelling. In some of them, the jar in which you carried out the blending, also doubles up as a cup so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of using another vessel.

Features to Look for in Small Blenders

• They are available with containers of varying capacities so that you can manage different serving sizes.

• It must be dishwasher safe and easy to clean so that you spend less time in cleaning it and more in coming up with delicious drinks.

• Generally, they are accompanied with a blending cookbook to help you get more creative with your cooking

• Should offer the users plenty of power to help liquidize almost anything from food to ice in a matter of just a few seconds.

4. Professional Blenders

Although they are identified as professional blenders, they can be used at home as well. They are more expensive compared to the others, but that also means that the buyers get the advantage of more power, stronger performance and extended warranty periods with their purchase. They will generally give you fast and perfect results no matter what you throw at them. They have direct drive motors to improve the speed HP while the strong and sturdy blades can touch several thousands of RPMs.

Features to Look for in Professional Blenders

​• Ice crushing, blending, grinding, pureeing and controlled processing - it must carry out all of these functions easily.

• The high power and sleek design make it an asset in any household.

• They must be dishwasher safe, durable since they are meant for high-intensity use and the controls must be easy-to-use.

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