Can You Freeze Coleslaw: A Quick Guide On Its Proper Storage

Coleslaw is one of the most common sides that will be tasty with any main dish. It can even be eaten on its own as a quick snack. From the taste to the texture, it is sure to be a treat. In most cases, we tend to make more than what we can actually consume. With this, it is common for most people to ask this question – can you freeze coleslaw?

Freezing is one thing that is commonly done to prolong the shelf life of any food. Nonetheless, keep in mind that there are some that will not respond well compared to others. You have to pay attention to the ingredients that are used. Read this article and I will let you know if freezing coleslaw is a good idea.​

Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Yes, freezing coleslaw is totally acceptable. You can make a large batch today and just freeze it for future consumption. This also means that if you have leftovers from a party you have just hosted, there is no need to throw it in the bin. Store it in the freezer to make it last longer.

However, you should also keep in mind that freezing coleslaw will depend on the ingredients that are used. If it is mayonnaise-based, do not attempt to have it frozen. Freezing temperature can cause the mayonnaise to separate. This will make the texture rough and it can be harder than the usual. Also, the flavor will probably end up being bland.

If you want to freeze coleslaw, you might want to choose other dressings. In this case, vinegar is one of the top choices. It is as flavorful, but it is better because it does not separate from the other ingredients. Also, the texture and flavor will not be affected that much.

How To Freeze Coleslaw​

The key to maintaining the freshness of coleslaw is to be sure that you freeze it the right way. By following the tips in this section, your coleslaw will end up with optimal texture and flavor, even after several days of being frozen.

Among others, one of the things you need to do is to separate the dressing. This is especially true if you are using mayonnaise. You will add the dressing only when you are ready to eat the coleslaw after it has thawed.

If you have vinegar-based coleslaw, you can freeze it without any worries. You have to keep it in a container with an airtight seal, which will help in the prevention of the penetration of external elements.

For just the dry ingredients, on the other hand, you can keep them in a freezer-safe plastic bag or a container that comes with an airtight seal. Be sure to remove any excess moisture. Place it in the freezer, away from heavier objects that could deform the ingredients.

Also, it will be good to put a label on the container or plastic. Write the date on when you had it frozen. This will make it easy for you to monitor the freshness of the coleslaw. As much as possible, do not store it more than a month. The longer it is frozen, the higher the likelihood that it will end up being watery is.​

How To Thaw Coleslaw

After freezing, do not consume coleslaw immediately. Be sure to let it thaw first. In this case, do not just leave it at room temperature as it will be prone to bacterial infestation. It is best to keep it overnight in the fridge. The temperature is lower than the freezer and this will be more than enough for the coleslaw to thaw.

By the time it has thawed, expect that there will be alternations on its flavor and texture. It can be watery and no longer as tasty. With this, it will be a good idea to add bell pepper and seasoning to still make it flavorful.

To make sure that coleslaw will taste good even after freezing and thawing, you have to pay attention to how it is made.

How To Know If Coleslaw Has Gone Bad

Freezing coleslaw is not a guarantee that it will be free from spoilage. It is not going to make the shelf life indefinite. Perform a quick visual inspection. If there is discoloration or appearance of mold, these are some of the most common signs that you should just throw it away. It may also appear watery.

Try smelling the coleslaw as well. Ingredients such as mayonnaise and vinegar will be too rancid once they have spoiled. Also, do not be afraid to taste even just a small portion of the coleslaw. If the taste is off, do not attempt to eat the entire portion.


So, can you freeze coleslaw? Now that you have reached the end of this post, I hope that your question has already been answered. Below is a quick summary of some of the most important things that we have discussed above:

  • Yes, you can freeze coleslaw. However, this will depend on the type of dressing that is used. If you used mayonnaise, freezing is a big no as it will separate. If you want to freeze coleslaw, the best choice for an ingredient is vinegar.
  • When freezing coleslaw, it will be good to separate the dry ingredients from the dressing, especially if there is mayonnaise. Also, keep it in a plastic or container with an airtight seal. Label it from the outside and consume within one month, as much as possible.
  • Before serving coleslaw, thaw it in the fridge. Because flavor might be blander than the original, you can consider adding bell pepper and seasoning to restore its taste.
  • Once coleslaw has gone off, it will discolor, turn watery, or molds will appear. The smell and taste will also be rancid or off.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Did you try freezing coleslaw before? Any recommendations on how to do it right? Do not hesitate to write a comment below.

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