Cheap vs Expensive Espresso Machine, Does That Make a Real Difference in Taste?

Drinking coffee is not just a simple routine you do. It tells a story that one can only relate when indulging in the same aroma-filled cup any time of the day. As a coffee connoisseur, a coffee maker is considered a significant investment. Whether you’re on a tight budget or going extravagant over your brewing machine, it’s essential to know what features should you include for the best coffee experience every single time.

At one point, you may have wanted to invest with the most expensive espresso machine. However, cheaper devices are also a great candidate. What sets a ‘good’ coffee maker, and would the two have different tastes compared to each other?

Besides, a coffee maker with added features compared to traditional ones and comes with innovative settings is pricey. Most coffee machine manufacturers add new programs to meet our fast-changing lifestyle. While this is beneficial for us, the price value of the coffee maker adds up too.

You’ll never want to compromise that great-tasting aroma-filled cup of piping java for a few bucks, right? On the contrary, there are affordable espresso makers you can invest in that guarantee high-end coffee quality without breaking the bank. Nonetheless, knowing which essential features should help you find one that perfectly fits your kitchen countertops and impresses your guests or indulge yourself.

What Features Does A Good Espresso Machine Have?

With a list of essential features and factors you need to consider, you’ll be one step closer to finding a coffee machine, cheap or expensive, that provides the best tasting coffee in town, right at the comfort of your home.

  •  Easy to use. Regardless of your brewer’s price tag, if it’s complicated to operate, it’s not worth it.
  • Size and design. Aside from cool aesthetics, you need to consider the space your brewer will occupy.
  • Cup capacity. Find a brewer with multiple cup capacities to satisfy your coffee cravings.
  • Coffee preference. With a variety of settings, hot or cold and specialty drinks are a plus. Programmable settings. No matter what type of browser you have, if it offers convenience, grad that one too.
  • Maintenance and cleaning. Self-cleaning features or one that allows you to refill water reservoirs easily.
  • Burr grinder. Nothing beats a freshly brewed coffee from grounds to your favorite cup.
  • Brew control. With the perfect control options, including strength and temperature.
  • Pause & serve. One that allows you to pause and enjoy a coffee and resume the cycle in one.
  • Compatibility and full control. Regardless of what coffee type, as long as the machine simplifies your life, you’re good with it.
  • Milk frother. It allows you to create multiple drinks and enables multifunctional features.
  • Stainless steel manufacture. They are heavy-duty and last longer.
  • Water filter. A water filter and a portafilter are a great combination in putting some rich-aroma feeling straight to your cup.

Types Of Coffee Machines

Drip machine, French Press, or Espresso machines all offer excellent coffee flavors to satisfy that coffee lover in you. There will be a lot of coffee machines with stunning features, all of which guarantee coffee satisfaction.

Nonetheless, with different types of coffee makers, which one fits your budget will surely add flavor to your lifestyle.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of coffee machines:

  • Single-Serve Pod Coffee Machines
  • Drip Coffee Makers
  • Cold-Brew Coffee Maker
  • 2-in-1-Drip Machines

Whether you have a cheap or expensive coffee maker, the truth is no difference when you have the right process of infusing and extracting the flavors from your coffee grounds to your cup. There are no distinct differences in how these machines brew your coffee as long as they use the same process required for a great coffee.


Whether you’re using a manual lever, electric pump, semi-automatic espresso machine, automatic, or super-automatic, these allow you to savor the same flavorful coffee to satisfy your demands. What sets a perfect brewing machine is using the right procedure of extracting that flavor you’ve long been longing for.

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