Clean Your Grill Now To Get The Most Out Of It This Winter

“There is no dark side of the moon and there is no true end of grilling season.”

Winter means Barbeque season; it’s time to fire up the grill to whip up some of your favorite grilled recipes. But, wait after keeping your grill ideal for so long, it may have become the storehouse of dust, debris, and gunk. So, take out the steam grill brush and begin the scraping session.

Want to extend the life of your grill and make mouthwatering dish every time you cook? Get all set to clean your grill. It doesn’t matter if you prefer gas or charcoal grill; this guide will give you a brief on how to clean the grill from top to bottom.

Cleaning Grill Before the BBQ Session is a Must, right?

Without any doubt, there is nothing worse than a crusty buildup on grill grates. The excess grease will cause flare-ups and build up creed will change the flavor of your favorite dish. And, what’s worse is that food will stick to your grill.  The feeling of sitting outside, enjoying the snow while relishing on the grilled fish can’t be expressed in words.  But along with this fantastic feeling comes the horror of cleaning the grill which is gutting wrenching. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced griller, you need a few tools to keep your grill clean and BBQ ready always.

To prepare your grill for the next BBQ party start each new grilling season with a thorough cleaning.  Good cleaning practice makes your grill Instagram perfect, providing a clean slate to show your cooking skills and create chef-inspired grilled dishes.

Want to see those beautiful grill marks on tender fish or get freedom from the perfectly seared burger from sticking to the grates; you need to regularly clean your grill.

Clean The Exterior Of Your Grill

Clean the exterior to remove any grease, dirt and debris. Use a solution of water containing dishwashing detergent. Now, use a sponge or a clean rag to wipe off all the surfaces using the solution. Avoid using abrasive brushes or sponges that could damage the surface. Next, wipe down the entire exterior with a clean and damp rag. Allow the grill to dry in the open air.

Clean The Cooking Grates

After using the grill, placing it out of your sight will cause damage to the cooking grates.  If you are using stainless steel grates, it will get hardened debris that you need to scrub off. Cast iron grates easily rust during winter.

To clean the grill, use steel wood and kosher salt, hardwire grill brush and scrapper also comes in handy. Whichever cleaning tool you are using make sure to get rid of the debris and rust to get a clean surface for cooking delicious grilled dishes.

If you don’t have kosher salt, use household dishwashing detergent and warm water. Next, rinse off the grates with clean water, before using the rag or paper towel. In case of stainless steel grates, use detergent, water and a wire brush.  For cast-iron grates, season to stay away from rust.

How To Season Cast Iron Grates To Make Most Of Your Winter BBQ Session?

After cleaning the dust and debris with a steam grill brush from your cast iron cooking grates, follow these simple seasoning tips to make the most of your grill.

  • Apply vegetable-based cooking oil to a rag.
  • Rub the oil and properly coat all the areas of the cooking grate to get that diamond-like shine.
  • Fire the grill to a medium-high temperature with the grates on.
  • Once the smoke starts to appear, decrease the temperature and open the hood.
  • Continue the process till grates stop producing smoke.

Easy Cleaning Hacks to Turn Homeowners into Grill Masters.

  • Steam: Take a regular metal tin from your kitchen with water and boil it on the grill. Now, push the tin to the side and begin scrapping with a bristle brush. With the Steam, grime will come right off.
  • Beer: Take half a bottle of beer; place it on the top of the greasy grates on a warm grill. The beer removes the oil and grease, which come right off on using a bristle brush.
  • Vinegar: Take regular, household vinegar into a spray bottle. Take vinegar and spray it all over the grill, use a balled-up piece of aluminum foil to scrape the dirt right off.
  • Onion: Cut the onion in half, with a fork rub it all over the grill grates then scrub it with a bristle brush. The enzymes from the onion help in removing the oil and grease.

Cover the Grill To Keep It Winter Ready

Bone-chilling cold temperature, snow-filled garden, calls for investing in an easy to use grill cover. If you keep your grill open, cracks will develop, which will disturb your BBQ session.

Winterize Your Grill

Coat the Metal Parts

Spray the burner and other metal parts with cooking oil and wrap the burner unit in a plastic bag. Before your grill gets covered with a foot of snow, pack your grill away.

Cover The Gas Line

Tape a plastic bag at the grill’s gas line opening to keep out spiders and insects.  For storing your grill in a safe place, all you need is

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cooking oil
  • Plastic bags
  • Tape

All set to create unique grilled delicacies this winter season. These cleaning tips will come to your rescue.  If you are all set to throw a BBQ party like never before, use proper cleaning equipment’s along with other grill accessories like a defrosting tray to create a restaurant like dishes.

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