Commercial Cleaning Hacks to Boost Your Restaurant Business

The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. The success, as well as the failure of the restaurant, depends on the kitchen. Monitoring and operating the kitchen does not always mean to keep tabs on different dishes being cooked and different recipes being tried. Rather, it also includes how better you take care of the hygiene of your kitchen.

Keeping the kitchen of your restaurant clean is your first and foremost responsibility if you don’t want the poor hygiene to kill your business. Speaking of which, many create an LLC for setting up a safe, profitable business structure. Moving on, here are some magical hacks commercial kitchens cleaning

  1. Clean the kitchen’s floor of the restaurant properly:

Unfortunately, most of the cleaners don’t know how they can clean the floor of the kitchen. Cleaning the flood is not as simple as one might think. Usually, when the floor of the kitchen is washed, it is left with grease on it. This grease should be removed after cleaning the floor. Proper chemicals should be used for this purpose. Some people use mops to clean the grease. These mops spread the grease around. If you cannot do this on your own, get assistance with commercial kitchen cleaners.

  1. Disinfects the areas where food is prepared:

Some parts of the kitchen need more effort than cleaning. For example, the areas where the food is prepared is the most sensitive area and it needs to be cleaned more thoroughly since it can be a house of many harmful bacteria, germs and viruses.

Disinfecting the prep surfaces of the kitchen can make you prevent all the harmful microorganisms and other insects from entering your food.

  1. Wipe down electronic equipment:

A kitchen usually has several electronic machines for a variety of purposes. Juices, blender, coffee-makers, microwave oven, baking oven, and lots of other appliances are in the kitchen to perform day to day activities. These appliances cannot be washed. Therefore, they should be wiped down well with a clean piece of cloth and a good-quality disinfectant.

  1. Wash walls and ceilings of the kitchen:

We all notice the grease on the walls and ceilings of the kitchen after a few weeks or months of cleaning. This grease really ruins the look of the kitchen and also affects the overall hygiene of the kitchen. Household kitchen’s walls and ceilings don’t get greasy as quickly as the walls and ceilings of commercial kitchens. Therefore, cleaning them twice a month is recommended.

You can use a good quality detergent to clean these walls. A brush with a long stick can be used for cleaning the ceilings of the kitchen

  1. Sanitize refrigerator:

Commercial refrigerators & freezers are the main part of your kitchen. A restaurant’s kitchen cannot operate without having a refrigerator. Since refrigerator stores food, it is important to ensure that the refrigerator is clean and free from all bacteria. For this purpose, you must keep sanitizing the refrigerator regularly every three days

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