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What Goes Good With Hot Chocolate?

There are many delectable sweet treats that pair perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate, from cookies and pastries to hearty scones and slices of tea bread. Salty snacks pair perfectly with hot chocolate, such as roasted nuts or popcorn. A homemade whipped cream recipe can also easily be found online, adding an indulgent creaminess […]

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How to Tell If Sour Cream Has Gone Bad

Sour cream is a highly perishable food that, similar to other dairy products, can quickly spoil when exposed to bacteria and fungi that grow on it. Sour cream may not exhibit obvious signs of spoiling when fresh, but can still become inedible with improper storage or conditions. Smell Sour cream may have a longer shelf […]

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What is Couverture Chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is used by chocolatiers to dip, coat, and shape fine chocolates found behind glass in gourmet chocolate shops. Couverture’s primary feature is its superior tempering qualities; however, its creamy and irresistibly delicious taste make it irresistible as well. Standard for couverture chocolate vary depending on its country of origin; generally though, it must […]

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How Do You Know If Sour Cream is Bad?

According to Weill Cornell Medical College, sour cream can remain safe to consume up to two weeks past its “sell by” date when stored in an airtight container in the fridge. But left at room temperature or exposed to air and light sources can rapidly spoil. Spoilage in sour cream can be easily detected through […]

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