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How Do You Know If Sour Cream is Bad?

According to Weill Cornell Medical College, sour cream can remain safe to consume up to two weeks past its “sell by” date when stored in an airtight container in the fridge. But left at room temperature or exposed to air and light sources can rapidly spoil. Spoilage in sour cream can be easily detected through […]

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How Much Does a Cup of Strawberries Weigh?

Knowing the weight of one cup of strawberries is invaluable when measuring for recipes or converting between different measurements of volume to weight measurements. Strawberries are an extremely popular summertime fruit. Packed with vitamin C to strengthen immunity and fight diseases like cancer, these sweet berries make an easy addition to a nutritious diet plan. […]

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How to Store Mochi

No matter if you are serving mochi as dessert or simply enjoying it as a snack, knowing how to store this Japanese delicacy is crucial. Fresh mochi should always be kept in the freezer because it hardens quickly at room temperature or refrigerator temperatures, and is susceptible to retrogradation (a process where starch molecules combine […]

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How Long Does Mochi Last?

Mochi is an irresistibly tasty Japanese dessert made from sticky rice that can be enjoyed steamed, grilled or pounded into thin discs stuffed with various sweet fillings. Mochi should never be stored in the fridge or freezer as this can allow mold growth. For optimal results, consume it as soon as possible after making. Fresh […]

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