Dining Table Set Up Inspiration

For a family, breakfast is usually a fast-paced, in a hurry activity. Family members were eating quickly because they gotta be somewhere else; work, school, meetings, etc. Lunch is rarely done in the house; oftenly in cafes, restaurants, or eating lunchboxes in the office. While dinner, on the other hand, is different. It is a relaxed activity, where the father has just gotten back from work, the kids have been refreshed after taking a bath, the mother got a lot of time to prepare the dinner, then they will sit together to enjoy their dinner while talking about their day. As it is a kind of “refreshing activity”, one must enjoy their dinner as best as they can. There are many things that can make dinner unenjoyable: bad tables, uncomfy chairs, a napkin which is not made of linen napkins, and worse lighting. Here we will show you how to experience the best dinner, by setting your dinner table the right way.

A Formal Dinner Setup

A formal dinner setup is good for a family dinner table environment. The most important thing in this setup is the position of the tableware. The flatware is usually positioned at the outside right and left and put towards the plate as the meal is being made and delivered. Forks are placed next left of the bowl or plate, while at the same time also putting the knives as well as the spoons to the right position . Stemware is usually being set above and to the right of the plate for dinner; while plates for bread-and-butter have to be put right above the fork and the spoon, right to the left.

The flatware itself should be aligned in the bottom part of  a large plate. It usually can be moved right after people put the napkin on their lap. The water glass will have to stand right above the dinner knife.

A Good Napkin

A napkin is useful for making our eating experience far cleaner. Hence, it is necessary to use a good material for a napkin. For a good napkin, a linen fabric is perfect. Linen fabric can absorb moisture nicely, so you do not have to worry anything you spill will soak into your clothing. It is also not hot, so you will not have to worry about any heat in your napkins. Go get yours here.

Other Way to Experience your Dinner

One way is to choose silverware, by choosing a silverware that suits your house, table, and personality, no wonder a simple meal will feel like a luxury dinner to you. Second, choose a table and chair with banquet tablecloths that suits how you like it. Too soft, or too hard materials are important for this. Chairs comfortably are important as this is where we sit and hence we can enjoy our time as long as we want. A table’s set is important as well, and depends on the amount of people in a dinner; whether it is a round or square table.  Too square can make dinner chats become hard to do, and too round can make the placement of the food plate hard; hence choose carefully. The last thing is the environment. You can put a “supporter” around your dinner setup. For example, a painting if your theme is classic, a plant if your theme is minimalistic, or a showcase of your personal collection like action figures, or books, to show your personality dominance. In conclusion, many factors are important to make your dinner more enjoyable, the one things you should remember is: show off your personality.

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