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How to Tell If Chicken Sausage is Cooked

An accurate way of testing whether sausage is fully cooked is with a meat thermometer, as this ensures it has reached a safe internal temperature and killed off any harmful bacteria that could potentially cause food poisoning. However, if you do not possess a meat thermometer there are other methods available to you for checking […]

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How Many Chicken Tenderloins Are in 4 Oz?

When preparing meals for yourself or your family, it’s essential that you use appropriate portion sizes. This ensures you remain healthy while maintaining a well-rounded diet. Knowledge is power! Knowing how many chicken tenderloins there are in 4 oz can help you make better choices when purchasing chicken from the store, and this article provides […]

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How to Rereheat Pulled Pork

Pulled pork can quickly dry out when reheated. To keep the meat moist and ensure maximum flavor, use liquid such as juice, broth or apple juice as a moisturizing agent. Reheat the pulled pork until its temperature reaches 165 degrees F in an oven that is lined with foil. Add any of the leftover juices […]

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How Long to Smoke Pork Shoulder at 275 Degrees?

Attaining optimal results when smoking pork shoulder requires using the optimal temperature; for optimal results 275 degrees should be set as the ideal cooking temperature. High temperatures of cooking can result in the meat becoming dry and overdone, so using a meat thermometer is critical for reaching an ideal internal temperature for pork shoulder. Seasoning […]

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How to Tell If a Sweet Potato is Bad

Sweet potatoes are an incredibly nutritious vegetable, but when they begin to rot they may no longer be fit for consumption. Rotted sweet potatoes often emit an unpleasant odor and contain bacteria which could potentially lead to illness. Brown or black spots on a sweet potato may indicate spoilage and soft or mushy textures, while […]

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