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How Long to Smoke Pork Shoulder at 275 Degrees?

Attaining optimal results when smoking pork shoulder requires using the optimal temperature; for optimal results 275 degrees should be set as the ideal cooking temperature. High temperatures of cooking can result in the meat becoming dry and overdone, so using a meat thermometer is critical for reaching an ideal internal temperature for pork shoulder. Seasoning […]

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How to Tell If a Sweet Potato is Bad

Sweet potatoes are an incredibly nutritious vegetable, but when they begin to rot they may no longer be fit for consumption. Rotted sweet potatoes often emit an unpleasant odor and contain bacteria which could potentially lead to illness. Brown or black spots on a sweet potato may indicate spoilage and soft or mushy textures, while […]

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How Long Are Oysters Good For?

No matter if they’re whole or shucked, oysters should always taste fresh when served to you for consumption. Their meat should be tight, without an unpleasant stench of rotten fish or cloudiness on its appearance. Unwrap a thick kitchen towel around your hand and place an oyster upside-down between its folds. Refrigeration Oysters can last […]

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How to Freeze Lima Beans

Lima beans are one of the simplest vegetables to freeze, whether you’re short on time or simply want to stock up for winter. No matter why you decide to save them, freezing them is definitely worth the effort! Blanching them is a quick heat treatment that destroys the enzymes necessary for bacterial growth. After that, […]

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