Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginer Chef

Cooking is an art and every chef wants to master it. With the new innovation combined with technology made it even easier to create their best recipe for professional chefs and even for the home cooks. If you are a newbie to the cooking world, then in this blog we are mentioning the kitchen essentials along with the recommended products and some tips and tricks to build your mini shack from scratch.

Now let’s just begin with the electronic gadgets as essentials in the kitchen.

Coffee Burr Grinder

To kick start the day, many of us take morning coffee. We found it compulsory to be added to the kitchen essentials.

A Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill is recommended as the best coffee burr grinder. This burr grinder has a rubber slip to maintain its balance with a container of 100g that can make approximately 4 coffee cups. It weighs less but works efficiently. Divided into two parts that i.e. top container having the granulating arm and the base area. That makes it easy to clean.


While planning a steak party, for a perfect medium-rare steak, the right amount of heat is required to prevent it from over and undercooking. A thermometer, at that time is a must-have to not only cook the steak but also every kind of meat.

We recommend Lavatools PT12 Meat thermometer. This is not only budget-friendly but also become part of the list because of its accuracy. Don’t go with the name as it is capable of reading the temperatures of any food including coffee, sugar and oil for deep frying. It can easily detect the temperature within 3-4 seconds with maximum accuracy.

Kitchen Scale

Baking require precise measurements as any less or more can ruin the whole effort and recipe. A kitchen scale helps you provide you exact reading for your ingredients.

The American Weigh Scales manufactures the perfect and compact-sized kitchen scales making it easy to store. For measuring you will get to a long lasting bowl that can hold up the ingredients for measuring. The backlight lit LCD display is easily readable.

A juicer blender

There comes another important electronic appliance which is a food blender that can process your food in no time. And to everybody’s surprise, the list of the BEST JUICER UNDER $150 is not a short one.

However, for a higher-end recommendation in blenders, we suggest Vitamix 5300 Blender. This comes with the speed control rotatable variation. Its container is capable of carrying 64 ounces and can placed easily in any cabinet. the stainless steel blades can chop within no time. Within 30 to 60 seconds the 2.2 Hp motor can easily clean itself so you don’t have to worry about it if anything gets stuck in the motor area.


Another time-efficient gadget that we would like to mention includes a microwave. This innovation has made life very easy for the people who are in a rush.

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave is our personal recommendation. The pre-programmed sensors allow the optimum heating with the rated voltage of 120V- 60Hz. This microwave oven comes with 1100 watts with 10 different power settings along with the clock and a kitchen timer. The digital display makes it easy to read the timer and other functions.

Well, these all are the electronic gadgets that we think are large contributor in a new kitchen. Now let’s see what else we need in terms of culinary.

Chef knives

Talking about chefs and forget to mention the chef knives injustice. Generally, we take one knife and use it for every purpose. Most of the people are unaware of the fact different knives are made for a different purposes.

Victorinox Fibrox pro knife with 8- inches blade. This knife has been proved to be perfect for both professional chefs and for the home cooks. The sharp stainless steel blade can cut whatever comes under it efficiently. It is capable of slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping with the perfect grip with the handle from thermoplastic elastomer for a non-slipping grip.

Cutting board

Mentioning the knife and not pairing it with the good cutting board would seem to be incomplete. Most of the professional chefs recommend wooden cutting board as the plastic cutting boards are prone to harm your health.

For cutting board, we recommend TeakHaus by Proteak Edge. This superior quality teak wood cutting board got its inspiration by the social kitchen certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This moisture resistant cutting board has a dimension of 20 x 15 x 1.5. you can easily clean it with regular dishwashing soap.

Stainless Skillet Pan

A quality cooking skillet pan can prevent your food from overcooking. A stainless or a non-sticking pan could be durable with a perfect sear depending upon the size of the pan.

Calphalon classic 10 inches is our recommended product for the pan this pan comes with the dual layered non-stick for releasing the food and cleans up so fast. To protect the food, it comes with a tempered glass lid. The build involves hard anodized aluminum construction. You can even use it to cook in oven as it is oven safe up to 450 degrees. Spending your bucks in this would not go waste.

These are the main things that we have found compulsory to be a part of your kitchen as this blog was written to provide assistance to new cooks and for building the new kitchen.

How to get which product is perfect?

Although, we have added our recommended product to this but still after reading this you might wonder to explore more and the question arises which product to buy? Well, when you look around you won’t get the clear image as everything seems to be perfect. To get to know about the true and unbiased review, visit

Still, for your assistance we are mentioning few easy tips from your that will be helpful for you. These tips include

  • Cooking Experts: Well, when we begin with the learning process, we start to follow someone as a mentor or guide. So, who ever kitchen expert you are following, note the products they recommend as a first step.
  • Brands: Many of the cooking shows are sponsored by the brands where they are food related or other. Try to research and dig in the sponsored product so you can review it yourself too.
  • Blogs: Blogs are nowadays have become one important source of providing information regarding products. Follow the page of top brands for the product on social accounts where you will stay updated with the latest features new products.
  • Comparing products: In case you have decided to get your required kitchen accessory, select and finalize the item after comparing it with at least 3-4 products available in the market. This will give you the idea to know about the variety, specifications and latest features. Most importantly, you will also see which will be in your budget.

 These simple tips will definitely be a good help for making a new advanced and high quality kitchen.


These minimal looking things have made their way in our daily life. These are light on the pocket and most importantly with them you can save plenty of your time. We have assembled this article by going through some quality products to get the one perfect recommendation for your ease.

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