The Eyewear Trends You Cannot Miss Out In 2022

The days when eyewear was thick lenses with ugly frames are gone. Your eyes say a lot about you, and to make yourself presentable and impressive, the right frame can do wonders. Apart from providing you with the correct vision and saving your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, the right glasses or sunglasses could completely change the way you look and how you want to present yourself.

Whether it is vintage, uber chic, or bold, look perfect with the right type of glasses for women. Not just one, try different frames for different occasions, and to help you stay on the trend, here are the top eyewear trends from street style to runways that one should not miss out on in 2022.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Does this really need an introduction anymore? A global trend in eyewear, this style is here to stay. First ushered in the 60s, Audrey Hepburn was among the many firsts who made cat-eye gain popularity when she wore them in her superhit marvelous movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ Since then, this design has been all the rage. While this design has revolutionized a bit, with the lenses becoming smaller and the edges a bit pointier, this is a classic style you cannot miss out on.

Several supermodels and stars have been found wearing this style, including Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and others. Make sure to get one for yourself because this style will look good on almost everyone.

Extended Rectangle Glasses

If you are aiming for an uber-chic look that you could flaunt every day, then this would be a perfect style. Yep, this is another 90s-inspired look that would make eyes turn. This chic and minimalistic style could be your go-to glasses for all occasions.

However, the frame being a bit smaller compared to the others, they will not offer enough sun protection but is a style statement you must get your hands on. Channel your chic personality and feel like a model by going for all-black extended rectangle eyewear.

Shield Glasses

If you want to stand out but prefer privacy above everything else, this style is meant for you. They are extremely flattering, protect you from the harsh rays, and can be worn during every season.

The large frames come with a futuristic as well as a mysterious look which makes them stand out. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham as well as Karl Lagerfeld all have been observed wearing this style.

Half Rim Frames

This is one of the most common styles and is here to stay, just like cat-eye frames. If you do not want out-of-the-box chunky frames, you can definitely go for half-rim frames that give you a minimalist and classy look. Make sure to add tinted glasses with this kind of frame to add a pop of color to it, making you stand out yet look simple.

Square Frames

Square frames glasses will never go out of fashion. This is a great combination of runway and street style fashion that will turn eyes wherever you go. These glasses are a great investment, and you must go for one if you wear glasses all the time as you could wear them all year round with all kinds of outfits. Get yourself a pair and channel your inner fashionista right away.

Oval Frame Glasses

Oval frames are huge this year, and you would be missing out if you did not add this one to your collection. They are simple and classy yet give you a glamorous touch, making them perfect for every outfit and every occasion. You could either go for modern minimalistic frames or go for ones that offer you a vintage, retro vibe.

Classic Round Frames

This one is a timeless style statement that everyone could wear, made iconic by various actors and celebrities through generations. This style is versatile; channel your inner comfort and peace by going for these Harry Potter-style frames.

Wrapping up, these are the latest trends you will get to see in the year 2022. Different frames go well with different face shapes, so determine yours and add to your collection the latest designs and inspire others. Remember to get expert help if you feel overwhelmed while exploring options.

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