Farm Sink: Learn A Thing Or Two About The Perfect Companion For Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, most homeowners prefer to play safe with their choices, except for a few who love experimentation. They fear what will happen if something they chose with utmost confidence goes out of trend within a few years of use. Well, it’s a legitimate concern. But it would help if everyone knew that certain features could be both trendy and classic in their own right. Hence, there is nothing to bother about them so much. For instance, you can pick a farmhouse sink. Most modern kitchens nowadays flaunt this style, making it one of the trendy things.

These sinks enjoy instant attention from everyone because of their oversize and visual appeal. Besides, they tend to be extremely practical as you can fit them with any traditional countertops also to make additional space for soaking and rinsing bulky pots and pans. In essence, those who use farm sink feel that it can give anyone the bang for their buck if chosen correctly. If you were wondering whether apron front or farmhouse sink can be an ideal consort for your cooking place as well, then read a few insights about this style here and make your decision.

A most coveted item for different types of kitchen themes

The classic-looking farmhouse sinks have been in trend for so many years and are still going strong, thanks to their timelessness, beauty, and spaciousness. You can have it added to any kitchen theme to give it a distinct flair. It can effortlessly match your overall décor and help enhance the ambiance a bit more. You can say that it has the power to draw the attention of anyone who visits your kitchen and make him admire its stylish appearance.

So whether you have a modern or industrial kitchen setting, you can bring 30 inch farm sink to accentuate its charm. With stylish designs, the stainless-steel farm sinks look the best. Their sleek appearance makes a perfect match with the clean and fuss-free modern lines. However, for the industrial-inspired theme, you can choose fireclay or granite material.

Choice of configurations as per daily kitchen habits

Some farmhouse sinks come with a single basin and some with a double. If you have been using a dual basin system for a long time, then you would probably want to stick with that only. After all, when you grow comfortable with something, it doesn’t feel natural to let it go. And then, there is no need to do that. You can order an apron front kitchen sink with two bowl system.  People who use double bowl kitchen sink have personal reasons behind such a choice. With two bowls, they get the liberty to clean their dishes in one side while cleaning food items in the other. They choose this pattern for its versatile and multitasking nature.

Single bowl sinks find preference with those who use heavy pots and utensils for cooking. Since apron front sinks already have great width and depth, it becomes easy to handle cleaning and rinsing work. You can fill water in the sink and dip pots in it to allow all the dirt and grime to loosen out and leave the place. As a result, when you clean it, you don’t have to apply much physical force from your end. Just scrub it with soapy water gently, and the dishes will look shiny.

So, you need to determine whether you need a single bowl or double bowl apron front sink in your kitchen. If you are sure about what can give you more comfort, then deciding between these two basic models will not be difficult.

Undermount or top-mount installation methods

Just like its material and configuration, you also have to know how you want to install it. You can mainly look at two choices when it comes to installation – undermount and top mount. Undermount sink can be a seamless addition to your countertop, making it a bit more spacious. And since there doesn’t exist any gap between the countertop and the sink, you can clean the counter easily. But it can be a slightly expensive choice.

The drop-in or top-mounted option, on the other hand, is comparatively cheaper. However, the overlapping of the sink lip with the countertop can obstruct your cleaning job. The residue can get stuck in the gap and cause bacterial build-up.

It is essential to note that both of these have specific pros and cons. So, you need to identify what works best for you first before signing up for a particular style. If saving money is your priority, then the top mount can be an ideal choice. However, if you want more freedom with the cleaning job, then undermount can be the right pick for you.

Regardless of what you choose eventually, you can explore the full range of farm sink by Kraus. From materials to configurations to installation, you can come across many exciting choices there.

An interesting point

If you are aware, the farmhouse sinks are not a new or innovative phenomenon. These have been in use since the 17th century in Ireland and Great Britain when saving water used to be the topmost priority. People needed large sinks that could hold water collected from wells near their houses. Today, the availability of running water may have changed the way how people use these sinks today. But one thing is undeniable that it can still help you save precious drops of water by enabling you to make use of it smartly. You can pile up all the dishes and soak them in the water stored in it for quick cleaning. As a result, your dishwashing job will become smooth, and you would be able to save some water too.

So, if you redo your kitchen or plan to replace a sink, then consider getting a farmhouse kitchen sink for your home. It is a unique, timeless trendy commodity that can give you a company for many years to come. Just make sure you take its proper care, though.

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