5 Great Substitutes For Goat Cheese Reviewed

Goat cheese, as the name suggests, is made from goat’s milk and comes in many varieties. Goat cheese varieties range from strong and pungent in flavor to mild and delicate in taste. While some love it for its assortment, others fawn over its taste. However, there are many people who care for neither.

​The most common reason people give for not liking goat cheese is that they think it smells and tastes like ‘goat’. Though this cheese is available in a number of shapes and tastes, those who dislike it, don’t like any variety. But goat cheese is a principal ingredient in so many dishes that, unless you want to swear off all of them, you need a good goat cheese substitute to fill the void. We have done our research and come up with a list of some amazing goat cheese substitutes that can easily replace the cheese in your favorite dishes.

​Goat Cheese Substitutes

​Here is a list of food items that you can use in place of goat cheese and still retain some of its flavor and texture:

​1. Cream Cheese

  • Cream cheese is an amazing substitute for Goat cheese in terms of texture. While it may not have the same tangy taste as Goat cheese, you can easily remedy that by adding in a bit of fresh yogurt to cream cheese.
  • Cream cheese has a mild, slightly buttery taste that makes it perfect for spreading on breads, cakes, and other baked items. It goes well with almost all types of foods, but is usually used in making appetizers, snacks, and desserts. In fact, it isn’t just an added ingredient but features prominently in many appetizers like Crab Rangoon which is typically served in Chinese restaurants.
  • ​Cream cheese is probably most famous for its use as a central ingredient in making a cheesecake. This creamy, buttery cheese is mixed with cream and lemon juice to create just the right balance of sweet and tangy that we so love. Here is our favorite Philly Cheesecake recipe.
  • ​Cream cheese is also a great substitute for goat cheese because it is readily available in different flavors in the market. However, for best results we recommend making your own cream cheese at home. Here is an easy recipe for making your own cream cheese. Once you make this at home, you will never buy it at the store.

2. Feta Cheese

  • Feta is probably the best substitute for Goat cheese in terms of both taste and texture. This curdy, grainy cheese is made from sheep’s milk and has a tangy taste mimicking that of goat cheese.
  • Feta cheese is largely used as a table cheese or in salads, but some dishes also use this cheese as an accompaniment. Feta’s tangy, salty flavor makes it a favorite to be paired with wine and snacked on by itself. It is available in both hard and soft forms. The soft form is easily spreadable and is used in conjunction with baked items. The hard variety is considered to be of higher quality and is used in salads and dishes. Here is a recipe for a delicious salad that is perfect for every occasion.
  • Feta cheese doesn’t just taste amazing, it also has many health benefits. In addition to supporting bone health and boosting the immune system, this cheese also helps prevent cancer. Here is a full list of benefits you can get by eating more feta cheese.
  • Feta cheese is also used extensively as a side to many proteins like chicken and vegetables. Be it breakfast, lunch, tea time, or dinner, feta cheese is a crowd favorite. Speaking of breakfast, here is an exotic omelet roll recipe for you to enjoy.

3. Cottage Cheese

  • Cottage cheese is another substitute for Goat cheese in terms of texture and variety of uses. Processed cottage cheese is generally mild tasting and curdy but there are some creamier varieties available that are easily spreadable.
  • Cottage cheese as such doesn’t match the flavor profile of goat cheese, but processing it a little bit, even at home, can get you that tangy flavor goat cheese is famous for. It isn’t a very easy method but it gets great results, here is a recipe for Dry Curd cottage cheese. Dry curd cheese, also known as Farmer cheese or Baker’s cheese is basically the curds left behind when milk is cultured and heated slowly.
  • If you don’t really care much for the taste of goat’s cheese and just want something that is similar in texture, then untreated cottage cheese is the way to go. It is such a versatile cheese; it is used in salads, main dishes, as a substitute for mayonnaise, with fruits, nuts, granola, cinnamon, and in desserts. Here is a recipe for the most divine Spinach and Cottage Cheese Casserole.
  • Just like Feta, cottage cheese also has many health benefits. It doesn’t just help you lose weight but is also great for building muscle strength. Read about how eating cottage cheese is good for your health here.

4. Ricotta Cheese

  • Ricotta is a whey cheese that is made from sheep, cow, or goat milk. It is creamy white in appearance and has a mild taste with sweet undertones. It resembles Goat’s cheese in texture and can be made just as tangy by adding in yogurt or lemon juice.
  • Ricotta is famous for its use in the Italian cuisine, where it is used in salads, main dishes, and desserts. It is also used to make many snacks and can be eaten as such after being flavored with salt and pepper. Try this recipe for a flavorful veggie supper to gauge the flavor profile of this cheese.
  • Ricotta is basically a fresh cheese so it doesn’t have a very long shelf life. Even though some manufacturers process this cheese to make it last longer, the best tasting Ricotta is freshly made. Try your hand at making this amazing cheese at home using this recipe and enjoy this delicious cheese whenever you want.

5. Manchego Cheese

  • All the other Goat cheese substitutes mentioned above are for soft goat cheese. Manchego cheese is a good substitute for hard goat cheese. This Spanish cheese is made from unpasteurized sheep's milk and has a distinctive zigzag outer covering.
  • Manchego cheese has a very versatile flavor; it is equal parts sweet and tangy with fruity and nutty undertones. The dominant flavor of this cheese depends on the ageing period it is left for. The different types of Manchego cheese include: Semi Curado (fruity and tangy), Curado (Caramel, Nutty), and Viejo (Sweet).
  • Manchego cheese doesn’t just have a distinctive flavor, but it is also made from grass molds that give it a very pleasing outer rind. Though inedible, the rind gives this cheese a nice appearance. Manchego’s flavor and texture make it an ideal cheese to pair with Sherry.
  • Manchego cheese can be used in main dishes like this lamb dish that is finger-licking delicious. It also pairs well with figs in this tasty snack that is healthy as well. Or if you are in the mood for something sweet, Manchego and Parmesan pair up in this wonderful scone recipe.

The Last Word

Goat cheese is probably the most controversial of all cheeses. While most people simply don’t like the taste and texture, others don’t like the idea of eating something that ‘smells like goat’. Though we don’t mind goat cheese, we made this list of substitutes for everyone who does. 

Did you like this list or do you think we missed out on some other substitutes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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