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5 Fresh Mental Health Trends by UAB Kilo Grupe

 So, what are the 5 health tech innovations that can ease the strain on mental health and boost physical well-being, according to UAB Kilo Grupe experts? VR-assisted therapyAlthough it’s been used in mental health treatment since the 1990s, recent advances in technology and cost reduction are making VR-assisted therapy more available to the public.  Research published in […]

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How To Make Hasselback Potatoes

What is the hasselback technique? If you’ve ever wanted to dress up a dish, you may have heard of the Hasselback technique. This method involves thinly slicing a dish, leaving the bottom intact. The result is a more uniform flavored dish with extra texture. This technique is especially useful for vegetables, such as zucchini. It […]

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