How Long Should a Gas Grill Last?

Like all things, grills also fall victim to wear and tear. Yard Trend recommends performing regular maintenance to prolong a gas grill’s life. Still, even the highest-quality ones eventually succumb to the constant exposure to roaring heat and other elements, particularly when they’re placed outdoors.

Plus, their once-powerful flames that could grill anything might later only have the strength to cause something akin to candle burns. When exactly do these things happen? Do they signal the end of your beloved gas grill? As we take a look at how long gas grills last, let’s explore the answers to both these questions and more.

Is It Fixable, or Should You Get Rid of It?

If you’re a first-time buyer of a gas grill, you’re probably wondering how long these appliances last. Essentially, this knowledge should guide you towards its proper maintenance and help you determine when to repair or replace the grill.

Several signs could point towards your gas grill being repairable or being at the point of no return. Most often, the initial sign of damage comes in the form of poorly cooked food. Or, the food might not even be poorly cooked; it may simply not be cooked the way you typically expect your BBQ grill to cook it.

Another indication of wear and tear is the flame’s deterioration. From powerful and roaring, your grill’s flame could turn tiny and be barely able to cook. It is definitely an issue you should ask an expert to have a look at. Then, there are other signs that could signal the need for a repair or replacement, such as:

  • Flame is low
  • Grill does not light
  • Orange- or yellow-colored flame
  • Busted regulator
  • Excessive smoke
  • Unevenly distributed heat
  • Severe damage to the exterior
  • Burner issues
  • Low temperature
  • Cracked hoses or fuel lines

These performance-centered problems are an indication that your grill is, in fact, damaged and that it’s time to assess that damage. Sometimes, all you need is to replace a part or two. Other times, the grill would need to be replaced entirely.

Also, even if it is a relatively fixable issue, if it’s past the grill’s warranty timeline, the best course of action would be to purchase a new one.

The Lasting Power of Grills

Before you have that grill shipped, it’s best to have an estimate of how many valuable years you will have with it. This should help determine the number of repairs your grill can undergo before it finally turns in the towel.

The average gas grill usually gets thrown out after three years. However, these are generally poorly maintained grills, since they should last way longer than that when cared for properly.

A gas grill should last anywhere between five to 15 years with regular maintenance. The more careful you are with it, the longer a grill should last. Cleaning after every grill session, storing the grill away from the elements, and replacing parts before they break completely also go a long way towards preserving the grill.

Replace or Repair?

Even with excellent grill maintenance, there is a point when wear and tear take too much of a toll on your grill. Your grill will then unlikely be in a condition to satisfy your needs. It might still work, but it won’t deliver the performance you’ve gotten used to from it.

When the time comes, should you repair or replace the grill? Here are a few things to think about before making that decision:

Weighing the Costs

What are the estimated repair costs, and how long would the repairs take? If these answers spell too much trouble and outweigh the cost of purchasing a new grill, the best solution would be the latter. Besides, the warranty doesn’t usually cover the majority of the replacement parts, so the money has to come directly from your pocket.

Knowing the Parts That Need Replacement

Some parts break down faster than others, such as the ignition, grates, burners, and ceramic briquettes. As for the other parts, they may seem a little more complex, but they shouldn’t be too hard to figure out if you make an effort.

If part replacement or repair is still an option, make sure to pick a replacement part that matches the grill brand and model. You also have to know the part’s dimensions and opt for the high-quality, low-cost options of the following:

  • Grill grates
  • Ceramic briquettes
  • Ignitor and burners

How Many Useful Years Do You Have With Your Gas Grill?

Take care of your grill properly, and there is a good chance it will last you a little over 10 years. The brand and model number should also play a part in the equation, seeing as these factors determine the accessibility of the grill’s parts. More than anything, being able to replace a part before it breaks completely can go a long way towards grill preservation.

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