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How Long to Cook Sausage on The Grill- How To Make Magic in 35 Minutes

Is there anything better than grilling a couple of sausages on a lovely summer’s day?

Just feeling the sun on your face and hearing that wonderful sizzling sound, combined with that mouthwatering aroma is enough to fill you with bliss. But, how about making that even better? How about making the perfect grilled sausage, making the texture and taste juuust right?

how long to cook sausage on the grill

We all hate it when it’s undercooked, and we all know that person who simply doesn’t understand that well done and charcoal are not the same thing. Just read on and be ready to make the best grilled sausages possible!


Before you start, you should keep a little of things in mind. First of all, the choice of sausages. You can have a regular kind and the emulsified. The emulsified variant has the texture and consistency of a hotdog. It’s finely ground and is similar to some German sausages.

Now, as far as the regular kind is concerned, keep in mind that you should never buy pre-cooked ones. They tend to be overcooked, and have little to no seasoning. I suggest you buy raw, fresh sausages from your local online butchers. The optimal consistency of a sausage should have somewhere between 20 to 40 percent fat.

Now, keep in mind, before you start grilling the sausages, you should let them warm up just a bit, to be slightly close to room temperature. This will save them from bursting, and from the skin to break. By doing this, you avoid letting the fat and juices to seep out.

Timing Is Everything!

There are two major segment to be followed during this procedure. Execute them properly and everything will go without a hitch!

  • Preparation – 15 minutes
  • Cooking – 20 minutes

How To Prepare Everything Right

how long to cook sausage on grill

The preparation process is commonly overlooked, but timing these activities is as important as grilling those sausages. First of all, you’ll need to fire up the burners for 10 to 15 minutes. This way, the grill will deliver the optimal temperature for what’s about to happen next.

If you prefer an old-school charcoal grill, simply light up that chimney starter filled with charcoal, then wait until it’s covered with the ash to pour in two piles on the charcoal grate’s sides. Finally, place the drip pan onto the charcoal grate and you’re ready to go!

How Long To Cook The Sausage

Once the preparation is complete, the ideal results are reached by cooking the sausage evenly for 15 minutes at the temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It seems quite simple, and in theory, this is all there is to it. But as always, there’s more, so read on for extra details on how to become the sausage master!

The Mistakes You Can Make

First of all, don’t make the regular mistake of having the heat too high. This will either make the outside of the sausage burnt, or will leave the insides raw. The skin not breaking is very important, as the sausage is actually cooked both by the outside heat and by the fat being heated up. Also, if the fat seeps out, the sausage will not be as tasty as it could be.

On the other hand, having the heat to low will make the sausage shriveled, and the juices will evaporate, which will make it dry and tasteless. Thus, I recommend always cooking the on low to medium heat. Getting the right temperature is imperative for the perfect sausage.

Try not to poke and cut the sausages, for the same reasons. While they may cook more evenly, they will lose its fat and juices. Avoid puncturing them with a knife or fork and don’t butterfly (open them up) if they are fresh. You can open them up if they’re pre-cooked or smoked.

I suggest a gas grill, as it helps you regulate the temperature with more ease. Greasing the grill is always a good idea, though I suggest avoiding sprays, and using bacon fat and grease. Another option, if the sausages are in high fat, or coated in a high fat sauce, you may not need anything more.

Crucial Timing Tip

Keep your eye on the food! The length of the cooking process determines the taste of the sausage, and as we all know it, your personal taste depends on your preferences. Therefore, experiment and see just how much cooking is your ideal match!

The Next Level: Poaching

If you wish to really bring your sausages on a higher level, I highly advise poaching. Poaching is not the same as boiling, it’s putting your sausages in a liquid and letting it simmer a bit. This will soften them up, and make them juicy, all the while cooking them slightly.

how long do you cook sausage on the grill

After you poach them, put them on the grill and follow the aforementioned advice. As an extra tip, you can put them in wine or beer, and put whatever spices and seasoning you wish to give them that extra kick. You shouldn’t boil them as the spices both in the liquid and in the sausages may lose their flavor.

Another tip is not crowding the sausages, but leaving some room between them, so they will be grilled evenly. The sausages should be eaten after a maximum of three days, otherwise, they can spoil.

Remember that char is not seasoning. Learn the difference between charring and caramelization. The sausage should be a deep brown, try avoiding making them black as much as you can. Also remember that poultry based sausages should be cooked at slightly higher temperatures, and a bit longer, than pork or beef based ones. Better be safe than sorry!


So there you have it, folks. Don’t forget to let the sausages heat up a little, don’t let the skin break, don’t puncture them with a fork, poach the sausages first, and, above all, always buy them fresh. Keep the heat low to medium and don’t be afraid to experiment with the poaching.

All your sausage grilling needs and questions should have been answered. If there is anything else you would like to know, please leave a comment bellow.

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