How Many Calories in a Caffe Latte?

Let’s be honest, for most of us, our day is never complete until we’ve savored our favorite coffee brew. But this doesn’t mean that we are not health-conscious enough to be cautious of the adverse effects of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee. In fact, most of us know quite well that calorie consciousness in our diets is a part of healthy living, especially when it comes to coffee consumption.

Take a latte for example: Whenever we try a new caffè latte recipe, one of the first things we watch out for is the number of calories it contains. To that end, I have written this piece to enlighten you about the number of calories you should expect in a caffe latte.

Calories in a Caffe Latte

Where exactly do the calories start counting?

Espresso. Of course, we know quite well that espresso is totally unavoidable when it comes to making a latte. However, espresso contains some calories itself, making it impossible for your drink to miss out on a significant number of calories. If you prefer to brew a single espresso shot of 30ml, your drink should be closing in on measurably 2 calories. On the other hand, you get 4 calories for a double shot of 60ml

Also, a latte is never complete without milk which is the major source of the large chunk of calories in a latte. Now, since milk brands differ in calories you need to find out the number of calories in the brand you opt for. To do this, sum up the amount of protein, carbs, and fats as indicated by the manufacturer on the brand’s bottle or sachet.

In light of that, for small-sized latte cups, according to most recipes, one espresso shot is enough, with minimally 100ml frothed milk. And as far as milk size is concerned, an average of 100 calories are locked in it. So if you add 100 calories to an already-existing 2-caloried espresso, that makes an estimated 102-105 calories in a small cup.

And for a large latte with two espresso shots and about 200-300ml of frothed milk with about 160 calories, you’ll have about 162-165 calories there.

And there you have it. If you’d rather beat down the number of calories in your caffe latte, continue reading to discover how to.

Trimming Calories in your Latte

Now that you have identified the estimated number of calories in your latte, it is vital to know how to lessen the effect of your daily drinks for health’s sake. To that effect, here are some recommended tips:

  • Reduce your sugar intake if you drink more flavored cups. You could alternatively use spices like cocoa powder, honey, or cinnamon.
  • Lessen your cup size too. As written, it matters if you want to lay off some calories.
  • You can consider coconut milk as a replacement for your whole milk. As confirmed by researchers, it takes fewer calories and is vital for weight loss.


Compared with other coffee types, lattes are more flavored, and as such, it takes more quantities of steamed milk. So, this explains the reason it contains more calorie levels than other drinks with lesser milk proportions. Except for that, your latte consumption could offer more nutritional value as long as more milk is consumed. By the way, if you enjoy protein shakes and would like to know whether it’s healthy or not to add vanilla extract to your dose, find out here.

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