How Many Chicken Breasts in A Cup? It’s Simpler Than You Think!

When it comes to chicken, this is long overdue. We were bound to come to this. Hello, it's chicken!

It's the primary staple food in most of your diet, isn't it? Well, same here. We all know how it's kind of hard to make an estimate of the quantity of chicken that we want while cooking.

Most of the time, you will end up either overestimating the amount of chicken or underestimating it, but on most occasions, it's the former, right? Then you wonder to yourself, how many chicken breasts in a cup? The urge to have a consistent quantity brings us to this article and like always, I am here to sort you out.

What Are Chicken Breasts Anyway?

We all know that the chicken is edible but may not know much about chicken breast so let’s learn together. The chicken breast is the bottom area of chicken when it is on its feet. It’s usually the most expensive part of the chicken.

When getting meat for a recipe, the chicken breast is usually sliced into half and used as one-half as opposed to all of it. Sometimes, while cutting the chicken breast, the back or thigh meat may be included.

Important Things To Note About Chicken Breasts

The selling of these chicken breasts can be while it has skin on or skin is off. It is also done with the breast either with bones or boneless. These conditions mean that you will have to pay extra for the service of making the meat perfectly edible.

Regardless of all the effort to remove the skin, the quality of the cooked chicken breast will be affected. Removing all the skin means that the breast may become what's referred to as ‘chewy and dry.' Being chewy and dry is not something you want to have after spending a few extra bucks!

When it comes to boneless chicken breasts, some argue that it tastes like tofu. Think about it, though, even for people (some being chefs) who see money as no object end up buying chicken breasts with bones. The idea behind it is the flavor that the skin and bones add to your chicken breast.

How Do You Prepare The Chicken Breasts?

Having the best knives that even the best chefs in the world use, don't guarantee to make thin slices of chicken breast. Cutting it can be tricky. Knowing how to cut thin slices of chicken breasts for cooking is a skill you should try and cultivate as it helps during your cooking on weekdays when the schedule is tight.

Here are things to do to make thin slices of chicken breast:

  • Place the chicken breast in the freezer for roughly 15 minutes so that it can firm up
  • Take the frozen chicken breast and place it on a flat cutting surface.
  • To make the thin slices, place your hand on the chicken breast and make cuts horizontally.
  • After slicing it, you put it in a plastic bag tightly avoiding any wrinkles that may imprint on the meat.
  • Pound it to obtain an even thickness of the chicken breast.

So, How Many Chickens Breasts In A Cup?

The weight of every chicken breast varies depending on the chicken itself. Some may require more cups for the same number of chicken breasts than others. Therefore, stating a certain number of cups expressly for a particular number of chicken breasts would be inaccurate.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean we cannot make estimations to give you a rough idea of how many cups you might need for the chicken breasts. Boneless chicken breasts now days weigh about 5.25 ounces for one chicken breasts lobe. Therefore, both lobes are about 10.50 ounces. When it comes to chicken breast with bones, a full chicken breast weighs about 12 ounces.

In the 80's, farmers used to produce boneless chicken breast lobes that weigh about 4 ounces each. Farmers are producing chicken that is much heavier than those in the previous decades. That's a good thing, right?

Logic Behind The Number of Cups

According to Tuscan recipes, a cup weighs about 8 ounces for dry measurement. With this value, you can easily convert the weight of a chicken breast and know how much you may require. Therefore, for example, when taking chicken breast that has bones, which weighs about 12 ounces, this means you divide the weight of the chicken breast by the size of the cup and then obtain the number of cups. Let’s do some simple math:

(The weight of chicken breast)/(dry measure of cup) * 1 cup

The formula will give you the number of cups. So if you have 12 ounces of chicken breast:

(12ounces)/(8ounces)*1cup = 1.5 cups

Therefore if you want to use one cup, you will take 8 ounces out of the 12 ounces of chicken breast in one cup. It’s simple, right? You can get yourself dry measuring cups like these if you are thinking of buying some.


Make Easy Measurements Today!

  • I hope, just like me, you can finally make easy measurements of your chicken breasts after reading this article. Ensure that you have fun with chicken since there are so many recipes you can prepare with it!
  • When it comes to cooking, there are numerous ways of preparing the meat, but if you are new to it and are interested in learning how to make your thin cut slices, you can check out for some few tips on how to do it.

Do you have any questions? Let us know by leaving us your thoughts, comments and issues in our comment section and like always, share this article with your friends and loved ones so that they too can get enlightened. Cheerio!

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