How Many Oz Of Shredded Cheese In A Cup?

Shredded cheese in a cup can be of different ounces. This depends on the type of cheese you grate. And also on the size of the grating. Whether it’s coarsely-grated cheese or finely-grated cheese.

There are other factors that also do play a part in measuring how many oz of shredded cheese in a cup. In this article, I’ll walk you through all the important points.

How to Grate Cheese?

Almost every kitchen has a cheese grater. It’s an essential cooking tool. And it comes in handy for grating not only cheese. But also vegetables like carrots, cabbage, beets, and potatoes.

You can buy different types of cheese graters. And each will offer you different strings. By different strings, I mean different lengths and thicknesses of grated cheese. Here’s what you can expect from the five most common types of cheese graters.

Box Grater

A box grater is the most popular type of cheese grater there is. It’s sturdy and versatile. It has a super-fine grating surface. This means that for thicker and heavier cheese, it offers finely-grated cheese.

In terms of weight, finely-grated cheese is lighter than coarsely-grated cheese. And so in a cup, you have more quantity of finely-grated cheese than coarse.

Microplane Grater

This is a more handy and lightweight type of cheese grater. People use it to grate directly over foods like pasta, pizza (before baking), and even eggs. Microplane graters can handle only thin but hard cheese.

It’s difficult to grate soft cheese on a Microplane grater. Unless the cheese is cold and easy to grip over the surface. Parmesan cheese is most commonly used on a Microplane grater.

It also grates other ingredients such as nutmeg, garlic, ginger, and other zesting food.

Food Processor Grater

This is for the heavy-duty stuff. A food processor grater offers coarsely-grated cheese. It’s the ideal kitchen tool for grating thick cheese. It’s equipped and sturdy enough to handle other ingredients as well. Including coconuts, nuts, vegetables, etc.

A food processor grater can also handle grating soft and light cheese easily. Without making any mess, it can grate large amounts of cheese easily. And typically such graters are dishwasher-safe so you do not have to wash them by hand.

How Many Oz Of Shredded Cheese In A Cup?

Based on the type of cheese grater you have, you will have either one of two types of grated cheese.

A single cup of finely-grated shredded cheese is about 6 ounces. This is for soft and crumbly cheese that is also light.

Conversely, a single cup of coarsely-grated cheese is about 4 ounces. This is hard, heavy, and cold cheese.


When it comes to shredded cheese, there’s no need to be 100% accurate. You can always add some more cheese if you’re unsure about the measurements. A little more cheese will not make a big difference to the recipe.

Having said that, it’s better to add a little more cheese than a little less. And results will be just the perfect amount of cheese. Be it in pasta, pie, puffs, or on pizza! Who doesn’t like some extra cheese?

So if you have cheese stored in your refrigerator, you can make a variety of delicious recipes with shredded cheese. And with this article, you’ll know how much cheese you’re adding to it.

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