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How Much Do Personal Chefs Make: Is It A Financially-Rewarding Job?

For many people who love cooking, there is an abundance of culinary jobs that can prove to be promising. You will have the opportunity to practice one thing that you are passionate about while also enjoying a stable income. Your earnings, however, will depend on your specific job.

If you are wondering how much do personal chefs make? we hope that the rest of this article will be able to answer your question. It will give you an idea of how much to expect from such a job and help you decide as well if this is a good career route. Or even if you are simply curious about their salary, read this guide and be informed.​

How Much Do Personal Chefs Make

There is no universal answer to this question. At the end of the day, there are different factors that would come into play.This would depend on the location and the client. Famous celebrities, for instance, are known for paying ridiculous amounts for the services of the best personal chefs.

If you consult with Payscale.com, a website that is known for providing information about basic salary in different jobs, it says that the average pay for a personal chef is $20.68 per hour, although it should be noted that this is in the United States. For those who are in Canada, on the other hand, it is C$22.75 per hour on average. Lastly, in the UK, average hourly pay is £15.62.

There are personal chefs who choose to be paid by the hour, especially those who work only on an as-needed basis. Some, on the other hand, are fully-employed by their clients, which is why the fee is usually at a fixed rate.

What Factors Affect The Rates For Personal

Aside from the country where you are working, there are other factors that will inevitably affect the fees for personal chefs. One of the most common is people you will be serving. Are you cooking for a single person or for the whole family? Is it for a special celebration? Are there kids and people with special dietary needs or food requirements?

Of course, your experience as a personal chef will also matter. Like in the case of other jobs, if you have a more extensive experience and if you have already built a reputation as one of the best, you can command a higher fee and clients will not hesitate to request for your services even if you are more expensive than others.

The complexity of the food that will be prepared also affect your rate. If it is just simple food for everyday meals, the fee will be lower compared to cooking international cuisine or any food that is meant for special occasions.

The frequency of the service will also be a critical factor. There are some who hire chefs only when they need their services, such as when they have guests coming over or when they have a small party. Others, meanwhile, hire full-time chefs who need to be there all the time, even to the point of living in the homes of their clients.

How To Earn More As A Personal Chef​

To command a higher price for your services as a personal chef, the most important is perhaps training and experience. It is not enough that you have a degree in culinary arts. You should invest in work experiences and attend training programs, which will be an excellent way to nourish what you already know.

Networking is also necessary. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to other people. Word of mouth will be highly effective. Your friends and their friends can recommend your services to others if you are really a great personal chef.

To earn more as a chef, you can also consider taking overseas job opportunities. For instance, there are many available chef abroad jobs on Jooble you can apply for. Apart from earning a decent income you can also visit new places and broaden your horizons.

You must also know how to advertise your services. you need to showcase yourself and make your clients believe that you are the best in your location. Using the social media is perhaps one of the easiest ways to let other people know what you do and look for prospects.

Also, be sure to know your worth. Especially if you are just starting out in the business, do not charge too much. You need to build your client base first and once you have gained their loyalty, you will be in the position to demand higher prices, especially if they are satisfied with your services.

In the same way, also avoid charging rate that is too low, to the point that it seems like you are doing charity work and you are not gaining profitability from your job. Also, a super cheap rate may also make people believe that you are not a good chef.


So, how much do personal chefs make? It varies – this is the logical answer to the question. Your country of origin, among others, is one factor that will have a significant impact on how much you will be paid. Here is a rundown of the things we have discussed above.

  • In the United States, the average hourly fee for a personal chef is $20.68. On the other hand, it is C$22.75 per hour in Canada and £15.62 in the United Kingdom. While there are some who get paid on a per hour basis, some charge a fixed rate for their service.
  • Aside from location, there are other factors that will have an effect on how much a personal chef gets paid, such as the frequency of the service, the complexity of the job, and the number of people for whom the chef needs to cook.
  • If you want to have a higher salary as a personal chef, you should know how to price your services right, constantly be involved in networking, take advantage of novel approaches in marketing your services, and invest in training to nurture your knowledge.

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