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How to Arrange Flowers: 5 DIY Floral Arrangements 

Flower arrangements are about more than just putting a bunch of pretty flowers together – not that there’s anything wrong with that approach. But if you want to really make your floral decorations stand out, and if you want to make a lasting impression on any guests you’re having over. 

Good news is that if you follow a few simple rules and stay creative, you’ll be able to come up with some truly stunning pieces. Keep reading to know more about the rules of flower arrangement, and some striking DIY floral arrangement ideas. 

The Rules of Floral Arrangement 

There are certain rules and best practices when it comes to floral arrangements – let’s talk about them. 

  • Use Fresh Flowers: There’s no point in a flower arrangement that won’t be able to last as long as it possibly can. This is why you need to either look for farm-fresh flowers for sale at your local farmer’s market, or grow them yourself. You can also arrange flowers from a seller near you, but make sure they’re as fresh as they can possibly be. 
  • Change the Water in the Vase: If you change the water that you’re keeping your flowers in everyday, the flowers will be able to last longer. 
  • Buy Seasonal Blooms: Make sure all of the flowers you’re buying are locally grown and are in season. Summer flowers that are sold in flower shops during the winter are most likely imported, and carry a huge carbon footprint. 
  • Balance: Make sure the flowers in your arrangement are balanced, not only technically but visually too. This means having the right amount of variety of texture, size, and colors in there that the flowers seem natural and not too jarring to the eye. You need to have a dominant element in your arrangement, sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t complement it with other touches and variety. 
  • Consider the Size: Smaller, simpler arrangements are better if you’re using a lot of them or are going to place them on a small table. On the other hand, if you want to place a show stopping piece in the middle of a giant dining table on Thanksgiving, you can go all out. You can also use smaller arrangements and simple, minimal designs to decorate your home with flowers

Now that we’ve talked about some of the basic things you need to look out for, let’s take a look at some amazing flower arrangements that will wow your guests. 

Tropical Themed Arrangement 

Tropical themes are all about bright colors and green, wide leaves. This is why any arrangement in this theme will need to incorporate those wide leaves, preferably providing the perfect flare to brightly colored flowers in shades of yellow, pink, blue, and purple. 

These are all colors that would remind you of the sunset, of days spent on the beach and of those Hawaiian button down shirts you’d love to wear on such a day. 

Keeping it Simple 

Your flower arrangement doesn’t have to be a mishmash of all kinds of flowers, buds, and other elements. Sometimes a simple collection of blooms of the same kind, all tastefully arranged in the right way leaves a huge impact. 

Take a look at this simple white arrangement, for example. The glass vase allows just the right amount of green to shine through so the white looks striking, and the whole arrangement stands out in the best way against the neutral backdrop without looking out of place. 

Bright Colors 

Expanding on the last point, you can choose to make an arrangement out of the same kinds of flowers but in different colors. This will allow for an amazing variety and give the eyes something beautiful to look at, all while requiring minimal effort from you. 

Flowers like roses and tulips come in a whole range of colors and shades, which is perfect for this kind of arrangement. 

Minimalism in Flower Arrangements 

A lot of times you need something simple and stylish for your coffee table or your office desk. Grand arrangements made of dozens of flowers are rarely ever the best option in this case, but you can go for something simple like a small vase and a handful of simple blooms with long stems. 

You can even go as far as putting a single flower in a tasteful vase. With the right background and setting, the effect is going to be stunning. These arrangements are low effort and are even great if you want to make your kitchen feel cozy, or even your living room or bedroom. 

Bold Bursts 

If you want something that takes up a lot of space and still looks great, consider a  flower arrangement with a lot of twigs, leaves, stems, and flower buds. Put in just the right amount of flowers in the middle of this arrangement, or even strategically place them within the leaves for a nice, wide, and beautiful arrangement. 

Keep the flowers the same color, or avoid bright blooms for a sober and elegant look, or put in bright busts of color in there for a more lively occasion like a party. 

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