How to Choose an Auto Mechanic

You and your vehicle will inevitably have to visit an auto mechanic at some point during its lifecycle, especially if you take it in for regular maintenance. Since we’ve all heard horror stories about mechanics overcharging and finding extra issues with your car, it’s vital to choose a dependable, talented, and honest one. This article will look at some steps you can take to find the best auto mechanic for you.  

Dealership or No Dealership?

You’re on the hunt for a reliable and trustworthy auto mechanic, but where should you bring in your car? Do you want to use a dealership or a smaller shop? A dealership focuses on your specific car’s brand and employs mechanics who are manufacturer-trained and experts on your type of vehicle. If your car is under warranty, the dealership will take care of the bill. They also tend to use OEM components and parts. The downside is if your car isn’t covered by a warranty, it can be very pricey, and people have often complained about terrible customer service at larger dealerships.

A smaller repair shop usually has local mechanics on staff. They don’t specialize in specific brands like their dealership counterpart or utilize OEM pieces. However, they can concentrate more on fantastic customer service and offer good deals on repairs. If your vehicle isn’t covered any longer by a warranty, taking it to an independent mechanic might be a way to save some money.

Referrals and Reviews

Ask family, coworkers, and friends about where they take their vehicles for repairs or regular maintenance. You can also check out reviews online about mechanics or repair shops. It’s always great to get other people’s opinions and hear about their experiences (good or bad). If you do get referred by someone let the mechanic know. Hearing about successful word of mouth is beneficial to the business and they might reward your friend or family member for being so loyal.

Training and Experience

If you choose to visit an actual repair shop, try and observe any certifications or diplomas on the wall. Most likely, a proud and trained mechanic will display his education and certificates for everyone to see. These kinds of documents ensure that they are well-equipped to handle your car’s problems. You can even confirm if the shop is licensed legally in your State. Whether you own a luxury vehicle or not, you want a skilled mechanic who tackles any issues that might occur as well as is familiar with a vehicle’s technological advances. Newer vehicles have more electronic and mechanical parts to contend with. A good mechanic should be up to date on all the car’s components.

Don’t be afraid to talk to the mechanic or owner. Ask a lot of questions. Have you repaired my car’s brand before? Do you offer warranties? May I pick the replacement parts for my car? Can you tell me about the repairs that are needed? How long will the repairs take? After all, it’s your car and money and a truthful mechanic won’t mind explaining everything in detail. It’s a good learning experience about your car and you can find out if there are underlying problems with it.

Get it in Writing

A reputable business or mechanic won’t have a problem giving you a written estimate for your vehicle. A terrible auto mechanic will inflate their prices and add on repairs that aren’t needed. The written estimate will tell you exactly how much everything is going to cost and what needs to be repaired. If you aren’t satisfied, get an estimate at another repair shop. You can also reach out to the people in your life and get their take on the subject. Better yet, talk to a car expert if you can.

Other Considerations

People tend to like an auto repair shop or mechanic that isn’t too far away from their home. Flexible hours are also a plus when it comes to finding a great mechanic. This is especially true if your car needs to be towed, or you want something local and close while your car is being fixed.

If you are bringing your car in for regular maintenance, watch if your mechanic checks the brakes, tires, and wipers. These are crucial safety items, If your potential mechanic does this, you are more likely to trust them with larger problems or repairs in the future. If the so-called professional auto mechanic ignores these parts, it might be best to seek another mechanic or shop.

When you take your vehicle to an auto mechanic or auto dealership service department, they are likely to complete a full inspection of the vehicle using a multi-point inspection form checklist. This process helps to provide customers with the peace of mind that their vehicle is in good running order and helps to generate additional business for the automotive repair company. If you operate an Auto Repair Shop or Auto Dealership Service Department and are looking to purchase Multi Point Inspection Forms, check out MBR Marketing at:

Customer satisfaction when it comes to auto repair shops often hinges on things like wait times and how well the vehicle was repaired. You want to avoid terrible mechanics and find a reputable one before your car breaks down or needs extensive repairs. Overall, you want someone who is on your side when it comes to an auto mechanic. Some cars aren’t worth being repaired. You need an honest professional to let you know that the repairs will exceed the vehicle’s value. If a mechanic is willing to be that honest when it comes to the price of repairs, you need to keep them. If a potential vehicle professional suggests high-cost repairs, that’s not the one for you. Look for another mechanic immediately.

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